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Release 4.10 fs/ext4/balloc.c

Directory: fs/ext4
 *  linux/fs/ext4/balloc.c
 * Copyright (C) 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995
 * Remy Card (
 * Laboratoire MASI - Institut Blaise Pascal
 * Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)
 *  Enhanced block allocation by Stephen Tweedie (, 1993
 *  Big-endian to little-endian byte-swapping/bitmaps by
 *        David S. Miller (, 1995

#include <linux/time.h>
#include <linux/capability.h>
#include <linux/fs.h>
#include <linux/quotaops.h>
#include <linux/buffer_head.h>
#include "ext4.h"
#include "ext4_jbd2.h"
#include "mballoc.h"

#include <trace/events/ext4.h>

static unsigned ext4_num_base_meta_clusters(struct super_block *sb,
					    ext4_group_t block_group);
 * balloc.c contains the blocks allocation and deallocation routines

 * Calculate block group number for a given block number

ext4_group_t ext4_get_group_number(struct super_block *sb, ext4_fsblk_t block) { ext4_group_t group; if (test_opt2(sb, STD_GROUP_SIZE)) group = (block - le32_to_cpu(EXT4_SB(sb)->s_es->s_first_data_block)) >> (EXT4_BLOCK_SIZE_BITS(sb) + EXT4_CLUSTER_BITS(sb) + 3); else ext4_get_group_no_and_offset(sb, block, &group, NULL); return group; }


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/* * Calculate the block group number and offset into the block/cluster * allocation bitmap, given a block number */
void ext4_get_group_no_and_offset(struct super_block *sb, ext4_fsblk_t blocknr, ext4_group_t *blockgrpp, ext4_grpblk_t *offsetp) { struct ext4_super_block *es = EXT4_SB(sb)->s_es; ext4_grpblk_t offset; blocknr = blocknr - le32_to_cpu(es->s_first_data_block); offset = do_div(blocknr, EXT4_BLOCKS_PER_GROUP(sb)) >> EXT4_SB(sb)->s_cluster_bits; if (offsetp) *offsetp = offset; if (blockgrpp) *blockgrpp = blocknr; }


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/* * Check whether the 'block' lives within the 'block_group'. Returns 1 if so * and 0 otherwise. */
static inline int ext4_block_in_group(struct super_block *sb, ext4_fsblk_t block, ext4_group_t block_group) { ext4_group_t actual_group; actual_group = ext4_get_group_number(sb, block); return (actual_group == block_group) ? 1 : 0; }


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/* Return the number of clusters used for file system metadata; this * represents the overhead needed by the file system. */
static unsigned ext4_num_overhead_clusters(struct super_block *sb, ext4_group_t block_group, struct ext4_group_desc *gdp) { unsigned num_clusters; int block_cluster = -1, inode_cluster = -1, itbl_cluster = -1, i, c; ext4_fsblk_t start = ext4_group_first_block_no(sb, block_group); ext4_fsblk_t itbl_blk; struct ext4_sb_info *sbi = EXT4_SB(sb); /* This is the number of clusters used by the superblock, * block group descriptors, and reserved block group * descriptor blocks */ num_clusters = ext4_num_base_meta_clusters(sb, block_group); /* * For the allocation bitmaps and inode table, we first need * to check to see if the block is in the block group. If it * is, then check to see if the cluster is already accounted * for in the clusters used for the base metadata cluster, or * if we can increment the base metadata cluster to include * that block. Otherwise, we will have to track the cluster * used for the allocation bitmap or inode table explicitly. * Normally all of these blocks are contiguous, so the special * case handling shouldn't be necessary except for *very* * unusual file system layouts. */ if (ext4_block_in_group(sb, ext4_block_bitmap(sb, gdp), block_group)) { block_cluster = EXT4_B2C(sbi, ext4_block_bitmap(sb, gdp) - start); if (block_cluster < num_clusters) block_cluster = -1; else if (block_cluster == num_clusters) { num_clusters++; block_cluster = -1; } } if (ext4_block_in_group(sb, ext4_inode_bitmap(sb, gdp), block_group)) { inode_cluster = EXT4_B2C(sbi, ext4_inode_bitmap(sb, gdp) - start); if (inode_cluster < num_clusters) inode_cluster = -1; else if (inode_cluster == num_clusters) { num_clusters++; inode_cluster = -1; } } itbl_blk = ext4_inode_table(sb, gdp); for (i = 0; i < sbi->s_itb_per_group; i++) { if (ext4_block_in_group(sb, itbl_blk + i, block_group)) { c = EXT4_B2C(sbi, itbl_blk + i - start); if ((c < num_clusters) || (c == inode_cluster) || (c == block_cluster) || (c == itbl_cluster)) continue; if (c == num_clusters) { num_clusters++; continue; } num_clusters++; itbl_cluster = c; } } if (block_cluster != -1) num_clusters++; if (inode_cluster != -1) num_clusters++; return num_clusters; }


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static unsigned int num_clusters_in_group(struct super_block *sb, ext4_group_t block_group) { unsigned int blocks; if (block_group == ext4_get_groups_count(sb) - 1) { /* * Even though mke2fs always initializes the first and * last group, just in case some other tool was used, * we need to make sure we calculate the right free * blocks. */ blocks = ext4_blocks_count(EXT4_SB(sb)->s_es) - ext4_group_first_block_no(sb, block_group); } else blocks = EXT4_BLOCKS_PER_GROUP(sb); return EXT4_NUM_B2C(EXT4_SB(sb), blocks); }


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/* Initializes an uninitialized block bitmap */
static int ext4_init_block_bitmap(struct super_block *sb, struct buffer_head *bh, ext4_group_t block_group, struct ext4_group_desc *gdp) { unsigned int bit, bit_max; struct ext4_sb_info *sbi = EXT4_SB(sb); ext4_fsblk_t start, tmp; int flex_bg = 0; struct ext4_group_info *grp; J_ASSERT_BH(bh, buffer_locked(bh)); /* If checksum is bad mark all blocks used to prevent allocation * essentially implementing a per-group read-only flag. */ if (!ext4_group_desc_csum_verify(sb, block_group, gdp)) { grp = ext4_get_group_info(sb, block_group); if (!EXT4_MB_GRP_BBITMAP_CORRUPT(grp)) percpu_counter_sub(&sbi->s_freeclusters_counter, grp->bb_free); set_bit(EXT4_GROUP_INFO_BBITMAP_CORRUPT_BIT, &grp->bb_state); if (!EXT4_MB_GRP_IBITMAP_CORRUPT(grp)) { int count; count = ext4_free_inodes_count(sb, gdp); percpu_counter_sub(&sbi->s_freeinodes_counter, count); } set_bit(EXT4_GROUP_INFO_IBITMAP_CORRUPT_BIT, &grp->bb_state); return -EFSBADCRC; } memset(bh->b_data, 0, sb->s_blocksize); bit_max = ext4_num_base_meta_clusters(sb, block_group); if ((bit_max >> 3) >= bh->b_size) return -EFSCORRUPTED; for (bit = 0; bit < bit_max; bit++) ext4_set_bit(bit, bh->b_data); start = ext4_group_first_block_no(sb, block_group); if (ext4_has_feature_flex_bg(sb)) flex_bg = 1; /* Set bits for block and inode bitmaps, and inode table */ tmp = ext4_block_bitmap(sb, gdp); if (!flex_bg || ext4_block_in_group(sb, tmp, block_group)) ext4_set_bit(EXT4_B2C(sbi, tmp - start), bh->b_data); tmp = ext4_inode_bitmap(sb, gdp); if (!flex_bg || ext4_block_in_group(sb, tmp, block_group)) ext4_set_bit(EXT4_B2C(sbi, tmp - start), bh->b_data); tmp = ext4_inode_table(sb, gdp); for (; tmp < ext4_inode_table(sb, gdp) + sbi->s_itb_per_group; tmp++) { if (!flex_bg || ext4_block_in_group(sb, tmp, block_group)) ext4_set_bit(EXT4_B2C(sbi, tmp - start), bh->b_data); } /* * Also if the number of blocks within the group is less than * the blocksize * 8 ( which is the size of bitmap ), set rest * of the block bitmap to 1 */ ext4_mark_bitmap_end(num_clusters_in_group(sb, block_group), sb->s_blocksize * 8, bh->b_data); ext4_block_bitmap_csum_set(sb, block_group, gdp, bh); ext4_group_desc_csum_set(sb, block_group, gdp); return 0; }


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/* Return the number of free blocks in a block group. It is used when * the block bitmap is uninitialized, so we can't just count the bits * in the bitmap. */
unsigned ext4_free_clusters_after_init(struct super_block *sb, ext4_group_t block_group, struct ext4_group_desc *gdp) { return num_clusters_in_group(sb, block_group) - ext4_num_overhead_clusters(sb, block_group, gdp); }


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/* * The free blocks are managed by bitmaps. A file system contains several * blocks groups. Each group contains 1 bitmap block for blocks, 1 bitmap * block for inodes, N blocks for the inode table and data blocks. * * The file system contains group descriptors which are located after the * super block. Each descriptor contains the number of the bitmap block and * the free blocks count in the block. The descriptors are loaded in memory * when a file system is mounted (see ext4_fill_super). */ /** * ext4_get_group_desc() -- load group descriptor from disk * @sb: super block * @block_group: given block group * @bh: pointer to the buffer head to store the block * group descriptor */
struct ext4_group_desc * ext4_get_group_desc(struct super_block *sb, ext4_group_t block_group, struct buffer_head **bh) { unsigned int group_desc; unsigned int offset; ext4_group_t ngroups = ext4_get_groups_count(sb); struct ext4_group_desc *desc; struct ext4_sb_info *sbi = EXT4_SB(sb); if (block_group >= ngroups) { ext4_error(sb, "block_group >= groups_count - block_group = %u," " groups_count = %u", block_group, ngroups); return NULL; } group_desc = block_group >> EXT4_DESC_PER_BLOCK_BITS(sb); offset = block_group & (EXT4_DESC_PER_BLOCK(sb) - 1); if (!sbi->s_group_desc[group_desc]) { ext4_error(sb, "Group descriptor not loaded - " "block_group = %u, group_desc = %u, desc = %u", block_group, group_desc, offset); return NULL; } desc = (struct ext4_group_desc *)( (__u8 *)sbi->s_group_desc[group_desc]->b_data + offset * EXT4_DESC_SIZE(sb)); if (bh) *bh = sbi->s_group_desc[group_desc]; return desc; }


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/* * Return the block number which was discovered to be invalid, or 0 if * the block bitmap is valid. */
static ext4_fsblk_t ext4_valid_block_bitmap(struct super_block *sb, struct ext4_group_desc *desc, ext4_group_t block_group, struct buffer_head *bh) { struct ext4_sb_info *sbi = EXT4_SB(sb); ext4_grpblk_t offset; ext4_grpblk_t next_zero_bit; ext4_fsblk_t blk; ext4_fsblk_t group_first_block; if (ext4_has_feature_flex_bg(sb)) { /* with FLEX_BG, the inode/block bitmaps and itable * blocks may not be in the group at all * so the bitmap validation will be skipped for those groups * or it has to also read the block group where the bitmaps * are located to verify they are set. */ return 0; } group_first_block = ext4_group_first_block_no(sb, block_group); /* check whether block bitmap block number is set */ blk = ext4_block_bitmap(sb, desc); offset = blk - group_first_block; if (!ext4_test_bit(EXT4_B2C(sbi, offset), bh->b_data)) /* bad block bitmap */ return blk; /* check whether the inode bitmap block number is set */ blk = ext4_inode_bitmap(sb, desc); offset = blk - group_first_block; if (!ext4_test_bit(EXT4_B2C(sbi, offset), bh->b_data)) /* bad block bitmap */ return blk; /* check whether the inode table block number is set */ blk = ext4_inode_table(sb, desc); offset = blk - group_first_block; next_zero_bit = ext4_find_next_zero_bit(bh->b_data, EXT4_B2C(sbi, offset + EXT4_SB(sb)->s_itb_per_group), EXT4_B2C(sbi, offset)); if (next_zero_bit < EXT4_B2C(sbi, offset + EXT4_SB(sb)->s_itb_per_group)) /* bad bitmap for inode tables */ return blk; return 0; }


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static int ext4_validate_block_bitmap(struct super_block *sb, struct ext4_group_desc *desc, ext4_group_t block_group, struct buffer_head *bh) { ext4_fsblk_t blk; struct ext4_group_info *grp = ext4_get_group_info(sb, block_group); struct ext4_sb_info *sbi = EXT4_SB(sb); if (buffer_verified(bh)) return 0; if (EXT4_MB_GRP_BBITMAP_CORRUPT(grp)) return -EFSCORRUPTED; ext4_lock_group(sb, block_group); if (unlikely(!ext4_block_bitmap_csum_verify(sb, block_group, desc, bh))) { ext4_unlock_group(sb, block_group); ext4_error(sb, "bg %u: bad block bitmap checksum", block_group); if (!EXT4_MB_GRP_BBITMAP_CORRUPT(grp)) percpu_counter_sub(&sbi->s_freeclusters_counter, grp->bb_free); set_bit(EXT4_GROUP_INFO_BBITMAP_CORRUPT_BIT, &grp->bb_state); return -EFSBADCRC; } blk = ext4_valid_block_bitmap(sb, desc, block_group, bh); if (unlikely(blk != 0)) { ext4_unlock_group(sb, block_group); ext4_error(sb, "bg %u: block %llu: invalid block bitmap", block_group, blk); if (!EXT4_MB_GRP_BBITMAP_CORRUPT(grp)) percpu_counter_sub(&sbi->s_freeclusters_counter, grp->bb_free); set_bit(EXT4_GROUP_INFO_BBITMAP_CORRUPT_BIT, &grp->bb_state); return -EFSCORRUPTED; } set_buffer_verified(bh); ext4_unlock_group(sb, block_group); return 0; }


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/** * ext4_read_block_bitmap_nowait() * @sb: super block * @block_group: given block group * * Read the bitmap for a given block_group,and validate the * bits for block/inode/inode tables are set in the bitmaps * * Return buffer_head on success or NULL in case of failure. */
struct buffer_head * ext4_read_block_bitmap_nowait(struct super_block *sb, ext4_group_t block_group) { struct ext4_group_desc *desc; struct buffer_head *bh; ext4_fsblk_t bitmap_blk; int err; desc = ext4_get_group_desc(sb, block_group, NULL); if (!desc) return ERR_PTR(-EFSCORRUPTED); bitmap_blk = ext4_block_bitmap(sb, desc); bh = sb_getblk(sb, bitmap_blk); if (unlikely(!bh)) { ext4_error(sb, "Cannot get buffer for block bitmap - " "block_group = %u, block_bitmap = %llu", block_group, bitmap_blk); return ERR_PTR(-ENOMEM); } if (bitmap_uptodate(bh)) goto verify; lock_buffer(bh); if (bitmap_uptodate(bh)) { unlock_buffer(bh); goto verify; } ext4_lock_group(sb, block_group); if (desc->bg_flags & cpu_to_le16(EXT4_BG_BLOCK_UNINIT)) { err = ext4_init_block_bitmap(sb, bh, block_group, desc); set_bitmap_uptodate(bh); set_buffer_uptodate(bh); ext4_unlock_group(sb, block_group); unlock_buffer(bh); if (err) { ext4_error(sb, "Failed to init block bitmap for group " "%u: %d", block_group, err); goto out; } goto verify; } ext4_unlock_group(sb, block_group); if (buffer_uptodate(bh)) { /* * if not uninit if bh is uptodate, * bitmap is also uptodate */ set_bitmap_uptodate(bh); unlock_buffer(bh); goto verify; } /* * submit the buffer_head for reading */ set_buffer_new(bh); trace_ext4_read_block_bitmap_load(sb, block_group); bh->b_end_io = ext4_end_bitmap_read; get_bh(bh); submit_bh(REQ_OP_READ, REQ_META | REQ_PRIO, bh); return bh; verify: err = ext4_validate_block_bitmap(sb, desc, block_group, bh); if (err) goto out; return bh; out: put_bh(bh); return ERR_PTR(err); }


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/* Returns 0 on success, 1 on error */
int ext4_wait_block_bitmap(struct super_block *sb, ext4_group_t block_group, struct buffer_head *bh) { struct ext4_group_desc *desc; if (!buffer_new(bh)) return 0; desc = ext4_get_group_desc(sb, block_group, NULL); if (!desc) return -EFSCORRUPTED; wait_on_buffer(bh); if (!buffer_uptodate(bh)) { ext4_error(sb, "Cannot read block bitmap - " "block_group = %u, block_bitmap = %llu", block_group, (unsigned long long) bh->b_blocknr); return -EIO; } clear_buffer_new(bh); /* Panic or remount fs read-only if block bitmap is invalid */ return ext4_validate_block_bitmap(sb, desc, block_group, bh); }


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struct buffer_head * ext4_read_block_bitmap(struct super_block *sb, ext4_group_t block_group) { struct buffer_head *bh; int err; bh = ext4_read_block_bitmap_nowait(sb, block_group); if (IS_ERR(bh)) return bh; err = ext4_wait_block_bitmap(sb, block_group, bh); if (err) { put_bh(bh); return ERR_PTR(err); } return bh; }


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/** * ext4_has_free_clusters() * @sbi: in-core super block structure. * @nclusters: number of needed blocks * @flags: flags from ext4_mb_new_blocks() * * Check if filesystem has nclusters free & available for allocation. * On success return 1, return 0 on failure. */
static int ext4_has_free_clusters(struct ext4_sb_info *sbi, s64 nclusters, unsigned int flags) { s64 free_clusters, dirty_clusters, rsv, resv_clusters; struct percpu_counter *fcc = &sbi->s_freeclusters_counter; struct percpu_counter *dcc = &sbi->s_dirtyclusters_counter; free_clusters = percpu_counter_read_positive(fcc); dirty_clusters = percpu_counter_read_positive(dcc); resv_clusters = atomic64_read(&sbi->s_resv_clusters); /* * r_blocks_count should always be multiple of the cluster ratio so * we are safe to do a plane bit shift only. */ rsv = (ext4_r_blocks_count(sbi->s_es) >> sbi->s_cluster_bits) + resv_clusters; if (free_clusters - (nclusters + rsv + dirty_clusters) < EXT4_FREECLUSTERS_WATERMARK) { free_clusters = percpu_counter_sum_positive(fcc); dirty_clusters = percpu_counter_sum_positive(dcc); } /* Check whether we have space after accounting for current * dirty clusters & root reserved clusters. */ if (free_clusters >= (rsv + nclusters + dirty_clusters)) return 1; /* Hm, nope. Are (enough) root reserved clusters available? */ if (uid_eq(sbi->s_resuid, current_fsuid()) || (!gid_eq(sbi->s_resgid, GLOBAL_ROOT_GID) && in_group_p(sbi->s_resgid)) || capable(CAP_SYS_RESOURCE) || (flags & EXT4_MB_USE_ROOT_BLOCKS)) { if (free_clusters >= (nclusters + dirty_clusters + resv_clusters)) return 1; } /* No free blocks. Let's see if we can dip into reserved pool */ if (flags & EXT4_MB_USE_RESERVED) { if (free_clusters >= (nclusters + dirty_clusters)) return 1; } return 0; }


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int ext4_claim_free_clusters(struct ext4_sb_info *sbi, s64 nclusters, unsigned int flags) { if (ext4_has_free_clusters(sbi, nclusters, flags)) { percpu_counter_add(&sbi->s_dirtyclusters_counter, nclusters); return 0; } else return -ENOSPC; }


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/** * ext4_should_retry_alloc() * @sb: super block * @retries number of attemps has been made * * ext4_should_retry_alloc() is called when ENOSPC is returned, and if * it is profitable to retry the operation, this function will wait * for the current or committing transaction to complete, and then * return TRUE. * * if the total number of retries exceed three times, return FALSE. */
int ext4_should_retry_alloc(struct super_block *sb, int *retries) { if (!ext4_has_free_clusters(EXT4_SB(sb), 1, 0) || (*retries)++ > 3 || !EXT4_SB(sb)->s_journal) return 0; jbd_debug(1, "%s: retrying operation after ENOSPC\n", sb->s_id); smp_mb(); if (EXT4_SB(sb)->s_mb_free_pending) jbd2_journal_force_commit_nested(EXT4_SB(sb)->s_journal); return 1; }


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/* * ext4_new_meta_blocks() -- allocate block for meta data (indexing) blocks * * @handle: handle to this transaction * @inode: file inode * @goal: given target block(filesystem wide) * @count: pointer to total number of clusters needed * @errp: error code * * Return 1st allocated block number on success, *count stores total account * error stores in errp pointer */
ext4_fsblk_t ext4_new_meta_blocks(handle_t *handle, struct inode *inode, ext4_fsblk_t goal, unsigned int flags, unsigned long *count, int *errp) { struct ext4_allocation_request ar; ext4_fsblk_t ret; memset(&ar, 0, sizeof(ar)); /* Fill with neighbour allocated blocks */ ar.inode = inode; ar.goal = goal; ar.len = count ? *count : 1; ar.flags = flags; ret = ext4_mb_new_blocks(handle, &ar, errp); if (count) *count = ar.len; /* * Account for the allocated meta blocks. We will never * fail EDQUOT for metdata, but we do account for it. */ if (!(*errp) && (flags & EXT4_MB_DELALLOC_RESERVED)) { dquot_alloc_block_nofail(inode, EXT4_C2B(EXT4_SB(inode->i_sb), ar.len)); } return ret; }


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/** * ext4_count_free_clusters() -- count filesystem free clusters * @sb: superblock * * Adds up the number of free clusters from each block group. */
ext4_fsblk_t ext4_count_free_clusters(struct super_block *sb) { ext4_fsblk_t desc_count; struct ext4_group_desc *gdp; ext4_group_t i; ext4_group_t ngroups = ext4_get_groups_count(sb); struct ext4_group_info *grp; #ifdef EXT4FS_DEBUG struct ext4_super_block *es; ext4_fsblk_t bitmap_count; unsigned int x; struct buffer_head *bitmap_bh = NULL; es = EXT4_SB(sb)->s_es; desc_count = 0; bitmap_count = 0; gdp = NULL; for (i = 0; i < ngroups; i++) { gdp = ext4_get_group_desc(sb, i, NULL); if (!gdp) continue; grp = NULL; if (EXT4_SB(sb)->s_group_info) grp = ext4_get_group_info(sb, i); if (