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Release 4.10 fs/f2fs/super.c

Directory: fs/f2fs
 * fs/f2fs/super.c
 * Copyright (c) 2012 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation.
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/fs.h>
#include <linux/statfs.h>
#include <linux/buffer_head.h>
#include <linux/backing-dev.h>
#include <linux/kthread.h>
#include <linux/parser.h>
#include <linux/mount.h>
#include <linux/seq_file.h>
#include <linux/proc_fs.h>
#include <linux/random.h>
#include <linux/exportfs.h>
#include <linux/blkdev.h>
#include <linux/f2fs_fs.h>
#include <linux/sysfs.h>

#include "f2fs.h"
#include "node.h"
#include "segment.h"
#include "xattr.h"
#include "gc.h"
#include "trace.h"

#include <trace/events/f2fs.h>

static struct proc_dir_entry *f2fs_proc_root;

static struct kmem_cache *f2fs_inode_cachep;

static struct kset *f2fs_kset;


char *fault_name[FAULT_MAX] = {
	[FAULT_KMALLOC]		= "kmalloc",
	[FAULT_PAGE_ALLOC]	= "page alloc",
	[FAULT_ALLOC_NID]	= "alloc nid",
	[FAULT_ORPHAN]		= "orphan",
	[FAULT_BLOCK]		= "no more block",
	[FAULT_DIR_DEPTH]	= "too big dir depth",
	[FAULT_EVICT_INODE]	= "evict_inode fail",
	[FAULT_IO]		= "IO error",
	[FAULT_CHECKPOINT]	= "checkpoint error",

static void f2fs_build_fault_attr(struct f2fs_sb_info *sbi, unsigned int rate) { struct f2fs_fault_info *ffi = &sbi->fault_info; if (rate) { atomic_set(&ffi->inject_ops, 0); ffi->inject_rate = rate; ffi->inject_type = (1 << FAULT_MAX) - 1; } else { memset(ffi, 0, sizeof(struct f2fs_fault_info)); } }


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#endif /* f2fs-wide shrinker description */ static struct shrinker f2fs_shrinker_info = { .scan_objects = f2fs_shrink_scan, .count_objects = f2fs_shrink_count, .seeks = DEFAULT_SEEKS, }; enum { Opt_gc_background, Opt_disable_roll_forward, Opt_norecovery, Opt_discard, Opt_nodiscard, Opt_noheap, Opt_user_xattr, Opt_nouser_xattr, Opt_acl, Opt_noacl, Opt_active_logs, Opt_disable_ext_identify, Opt_inline_xattr, Opt_inline_data, Opt_inline_dentry, Opt_noinline_dentry, Opt_flush_merge, Opt_noflush_merge, Opt_nobarrier, Opt_fastboot, Opt_extent_cache, Opt_noextent_cache, Opt_noinline_data, Opt_data_flush, Opt_mode, Opt_fault_injection, Opt_lazytime, Opt_nolazytime, Opt_err, }; static match_table_t f2fs_tokens = { {Opt_gc_background, "background_gc=%s"}, {Opt_disable_roll_forward, "disable_roll_forward"}, {Opt_norecovery, "norecovery"}, {Opt_discard, "discard"}, {Opt_nodiscard, "nodiscard"}, {Opt_noheap, "no_heap"}, {Opt_user_xattr, "user_xattr"}, {Opt_nouser_xattr, "nouser_xattr"}, {Opt_acl, "acl"}, {Opt_noacl, "noacl"}, {Opt_active_logs, "active_logs=%u"}, {Opt_disable_ext_identify, "disable_ext_identify"}, {Opt_inline_xattr, "inline_xattr"}, {Opt_inline_data, "inline_data"}, {Opt_inline_dentry, "inline_dentry"}, {Opt_noinline_dentry, "noinline_dentry"}, {Opt_flush_merge, "flush_merge"}, {Opt_noflush_merge, "noflush_merge"}, {Opt_nobarrier, "nobarrier"}, {Opt_fastboot, "fastboot"}, {Opt_extent_cache, "extent_cache"}, {Opt_noextent_cache, "noextent_cache"}, {Opt_noinline_data, "noinline_data"}, {Opt_data_flush, "data_flush"}, {Opt_mode, "mode=%s"}, {Opt_fault_injection, "fault_injection=%u"}, {Opt_lazytime, "lazytime"}, {Opt_nolazytime, "nolazytime"}, {Opt_err, NULL}, }; /* Sysfs support for f2fs */ enum { GC_THREAD, /* struct f2fs_gc_thread */ SM_INFO, /* struct f2fs_sm_info */ NM_INFO, /* struct f2fs_nm_info */ F2FS_SBI, /* struct f2fs_sb_info */ #ifdef CONFIG_F2FS_FAULT_INJECTION FAULT_INFO_RATE, /* struct f2fs_fault_info */ FAULT_INFO_TYPE, /* struct f2fs_fault_info */ #endif }; struct f2fs_attr { struct attribute attr; ssize_t (*show)(struct f2fs_attr *, struct f2fs_sb_info *, char *); ssize_t (*store)(struct f2fs_attr *, struct f2fs_sb_info *, const char *, size_t); int struct_type; int offset; };
static unsigned char *__struct_ptr(struct f2fs_sb_info *sbi, int struct_type) { if (struct_type == GC_THREAD) return (unsigned char *)sbi->gc_thread; else if (struct_type == SM_INFO) return (unsigned char *)SM_I(sbi); else if (struct_type == NM_INFO) return (unsigned char *)NM_I(sbi); else if (struct_type == F2FS_SBI) return (unsigned char *)sbi; #ifdef CONFIG_F2FS_FAULT_INJECTION else if (struct_type == FAULT_INFO_RATE || struct_type == FAULT_INFO_TYPE) return (unsigned char *)&sbi->fault_info; #endif return NULL; }


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static ssize_t lifetime_write_kbytes_show(struct f2fs_attr *a, struct f2fs_sb_info *sbi, char *buf) { struct super_block *sb = sbi->sb; if (!sb->s_bdev->bd_part) return snprintf(buf, PAGE_SIZE, "0\n"); return snprintf(buf, PAGE_SIZE, "%llu\n", (unsigned long long)(sbi->kbytes_written + BD_PART_WRITTEN(sbi))); }


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static ssize_t f2fs_sbi_show(struct f2fs_attr *a, struct f2fs_sb_info *sbi, char *buf) { unsigned char *ptr = NULL; unsigned int *ui; ptr = __struct_ptr(sbi, a->struct_type); if (!ptr) return -EINVAL; ui = (unsigned int *)(ptr + a->offset); return snprintf(buf, PAGE_SIZE, "%u\n", *ui); }


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static ssize_t f2fs_sbi_store(struct f2fs_attr *a, struct f2fs_sb_info *sbi, const char *buf, size_t count) { unsigned char *ptr; unsigned long t; unsigned int *ui; ssize_t ret; ptr = __struct_ptr(sbi, a->struct_type); if (!ptr) return -EINVAL; ui = (unsigned int *)(ptr + a->offset); ret = kstrtoul(skip_spaces(buf), 0, &t); if (ret < 0) return ret; #ifdef CONFIG_F2FS_FAULT_INJECTION if (a->struct_type == FAULT_INFO_TYPE && t >= (1 << FAULT_MAX)) return -EINVAL; #endif *ui = t; return count; }


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static ssize_t f2fs_attr_show(struct kobject *kobj, struct attribute *attr, char *buf) { struct f2fs_sb_info *sbi = container_of(kobj, struct f2fs_sb_info, s_kobj); struct f2fs_attr *a = container_of(attr, struct f2fs_attr, attr); return a->show ? a->show(a, sbi, buf) : 0; }


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static ssize_t f2fs_attr_store(struct kobject *kobj, struct attribute *attr, const char *buf, size_t len) { struct f2fs_sb_info *sbi = container_of(kobj, struct f2fs_sb_info, s_kobj); struct f2fs_attr *a = container_of(attr, struct f2fs_attr, attr); return a->store ? a->store(a, sbi, buf, len) : 0; }


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static void f2fs_sb_release(struct kobject *kobj) { struct f2fs_sb_info *sbi = container_of(kobj, struct f2fs_sb_info, s_kobj); complete(&sbi->s_kobj_unregister); }


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#define F2FS_ATTR_OFFSET(_struct_type, _name, _mode, _show, _store, _offset) \ static struct f2fs_attr f2fs_attr_##_name = { \ .attr = {.name = __stringify(_name), .mode = _mode }, \ .show = _show, \ .store = _store, \ .struct_type = _struct_type, \ .offset = _offset \ } #define F2FS_RW_ATTR(struct_type, struct_name, name, elname) \ F2FS_ATTR_OFFSET(struct_type, name, 0644, \ f2fs_sbi_show, f2fs_sbi_store, \ offsetof(struct struct_name, elname)) #define F2FS_GENERAL_RO_ATTR(name) \ static struct f2fs_attr f2fs_attr_##name = __ATTR(name, 0444, name##_show, NULL) F2FS_RW_ATTR(GC_THREAD, f2fs_gc_kthread, gc_min_sleep_time, min_sleep_time); F2FS_RW_ATTR(GC_THREAD, f2fs_gc_kthread, gc_max_sleep_time, max_sleep_time); F2FS_RW_ATTR(GC_THREAD, f2fs_gc_kthread, gc_no_gc_sleep_time, no_gc_sleep_time); F2FS_RW_ATTR(GC_THREAD, f2fs_gc_kthread, gc_idle, gc_idle); F2FS_RW_ATTR(SM_INFO, f2fs_sm_info, reclaim_segments, rec_prefree_segments); F2FS_RW_ATTR(SM_INFO, f2fs_sm_info, max_small_discards, max_discards); F2FS_RW_ATTR(SM_INFO, f2fs_sm_info, batched_trim_sections, trim_sections); F2FS_RW_ATTR(SM_INFO, f2fs_sm_info, ipu_policy, ipu_policy); F2FS_RW_ATTR(SM_INFO, f2fs_sm_info, min_ipu_util, min_ipu_util); F2FS_RW_ATTR(SM_INFO, f2fs_sm_info, min_fsync_blocks, min_fsync_blocks); F2FS_RW_ATTR(NM_INFO, f2fs_nm_info, ram_thresh, ram_thresh); F2FS_RW_ATTR(NM_INFO, f2fs_nm_info, ra_nid_pages, ra_nid_pages); F2FS_RW_ATTR(NM_INFO, f2fs_nm_info, dirty_nats_ratio, dirty_nats_ratio); F2FS_RW_ATTR(F2FS_SBI, f2fs_sb_info, max_victim_search, max_victim_search); F2FS_RW_ATTR(F2FS_SBI, f2fs_sb_info, dir_level, dir_level); F2FS_RW_ATTR(F2FS_SBI, f2fs_sb_info, cp_interval, interval_time[CP_TIME]); F2FS_RW_ATTR(F2FS_SBI, f2fs_sb_info, idle_interval, interval_time[REQ_TIME]); #ifdef CONFIG_F2FS_FAULT_INJECTION F2FS_RW_ATTR(FAULT_INFO_RATE, f2fs_fault_info, inject_rate, inject_rate); F2FS_RW_ATTR(FAULT_INFO_TYPE, f2fs_fault_info, inject_type, inject_type); #endif F2FS_GENERAL_RO_ATTR(lifetime_write_kbytes); #define ATTR_LIST(name) (&f2fs_attr_##name.attr) static struct attribute *f2fs_attrs[] = { ATTR_LIST(gc_min_sleep_time), ATTR_LIST(gc_max_sleep_time), ATTR_LIST(gc_no_gc_sleep_time), ATTR_LIST(gc_idle), ATTR_LIST(reclaim_segments), ATTR_LIST(max_small_discards), ATTR_LIST(batched_trim_sections), ATTR_LIST(ipu_policy), ATTR_LIST(min_ipu_util), ATTR_LIST(min_fsync_blocks), ATTR_LIST(max_victim_search), ATTR_LIST(dir_level), ATTR_LIST(ram_thresh), ATTR_LIST(ra_nid_pages), ATTR_LIST(dirty_nats_ratio), ATTR_LIST(cp_interval), ATTR_LIST(idle_interval), #ifdef CONFIG_F2FS_FAULT_INJECTION ATTR_LIST(inject_rate), ATTR_LIST(inject_type), #endif ATTR_LIST(lifetime_write_kbytes), NULL, }; static const struct sysfs_ops f2fs_attr_ops = { .show = f2fs_attr_show, .store = f2fs_attr_store, }; static struct kobj_type f2fs_ktype = { .default_attrs = f2fs_attrs, .sysfs_ops = &f2fs_attr_ops, .release = f2fs_sb_release, };
void f2fs_msg(struct super_block *sb, const char *level, const char *fmt, ...) { struct va_format vaf; va_list args; va_start(args, fmt); vaf.fmt = fmt; = &args; printk("%sF2FS-fs (%s): %pV\n", level, sb->s_id, &vaf); va_end(args); }


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static void init_once(void *foo) { struct f2fs_inode_info *fi = (struct f2fs_inode_info *) foo; inode_init_once(&fi->vfs_inode); }


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static int parse_options(struct super_block *sb, char *options) { struct f2fs_sb_info *sbi = F2FS_SB(sb); struct request_queue *q; substring_t args[MAX_OPT_ARGS]; char *p, *name; int arg = 0; if (!options) return 0; while ((p = strsep(&options, ",")) != NULL) { int token; if (!*p) continue; /* * Initialize args struct so we know whether arg was * found; some options take optional arguments. */ args[0].to = args[0].from = NULL; token = match_token(p, f2fs_tokens, args); switch (token) { case Opt_gc_background: name = match_strdup(&args[0]); if (!name) return -ENOMEM; if (strlen(name) == 2 && !strncmp(name, "on", 2)) { set_opt(sbi, BG_GC); clear_opt(sbi, FORCE_FG_GC); } else if (strlen(name) == 3 && !strncmp(name, "off", 3)) { clear_opt(sbi, BG_GC); clear_opt(sbi, FORCE_FG_GC); } else if (strlen(name) == 4 && !strncmp(name, "sync", 4)) { set_opt(sbi, BG_GC); set_opt(sbi, FORCE_FG_GC); } else { kfree(name); return -EINVAL; } kfree(name); break; case Opt_disable_roll_forward: set_opt(sbi, DISABLE_ROLL_FORWARD); break; case Opt_norecovery: /* this option mounts f2fs with ro */ set_opt(sbi, DISABLE_ROLL_FORWARD); if (!f2fs_readonly(sb)) return -EINVAL; break; case Opt_discard: q = bdev_get_queue(sb->s_bdev); if (blk_queue_discard(q)) { set_opt(sbi, DISCARD); } else if (!f2fs_sb_mounted_blkzoned(sb)) { f2fs_msg(sb, KERN_WARNING, "mounting with \"discard\" option, but " "the device does not support discard"); } break; case Opt_nodiscard: if (f2fs_sb_mounted_blkzoned(sb)) { f2fs_msg(sb, KERN_WARNING, "discard is required for zoned block devices"); return -EINVAL; } clear_opt(sbi, DISCARD); break; case Opt_noheap: set_opt(sbi, NOHEAP); break; #ifdef CONFIG_F2FS_FS_XATTR case Opt_user_xattr: set_opt(sbi, XATTR_USER); break; case Opt_nouser_xattr: clear_opt(sbi, XATTR_USER); break; case Opt_inline_xattr: set_opt(sbi, INLINE_XATTR); break; #else case Opt_user_xattr: f2fs_msg(sb, KERN_INFO, "user_xattr options not supported"); break; case Opt_nouser_xattr: f2fs_msg(sb, KERN_INFO, "nouser_xattr options not supported"); break; case Opt_inline_xattr: f2fs_msg(sb, KERN_INFO, "inline_xattr options not supported"); break; #endif #ifdef CONFIG_F2FS_FS_POSIX_ACL case Opt_acl: set_opt(sbi, POSIX_ACL); break; case Opt_noacl: clear_opt(sbi, POSIX_ACL); break; #else case Opt_acl: f2fs_msg(sb, KERN_INFO, "acl options not supported"); break; case Opt_noacl: f2fs_msg(sb, KERN_INFO, "noacl options not supported"); break; #endif case Opt_active_logs: if (args->from && match_int(args, &arg)) return -EINVAL; if (arg != 2 && arg != 4 && arg != NR_CURSEG_TYPE) return -EINVAL; sbi->active_logs = arg; break; case Opt_disable_ext_identify: set_opt(sbi, DISABLE_EXT_IDENTIFY); break; case Opt_inline_data: set_opt(sbi, INLINE_DATA); break; case Opt_inline_dentry: set_opt(sbi, INLINE_DENTRY); break; case Opt_noinline_dentry: clear_opt(sbi, INLINE_DENTRY); break; case Opt_flush_merge: set_opt(sbi, FLUSH_MERGE); break; case Opt_noflush_merge: clear_opt(sbi, FLUSH_MERGE); break; case Opt_nobarrier: set_opt(sbi, NOBARRIER); break; case Opt_fastboot: set_opt(sbi, FASTBOOT); break; case Opt_extent_cache: set_opt(sbi, EXTENT_CACHE); break; case Opt_noextent_cache: clear_opt(sbi, EXTENT_CACHE); break; case Opt_noinline_data: clear_opt(sbi, INLINE_DATA); break; case Opt_data_flush: set_opt(sbi, DATA_FLUSH); break; case Opt_mode: name = match_strdup(&args[0]); if (!name) return -ENOMEM; if (strlen(name) == 8 && !strncmp(name, "adaptive", 8)) { if (f2fs_sb_mounted_blkzoned(sb)) { f2fs_msg(sb, KERN_WARNING, "adaptive mode is not allowed with " "zoned block device feature"); kfree(name); return -EINVAL; } set_opt_mode(sbi, F2FS_MOUNT_ADAPTIVE); } else if (strlen(name) == 3 && !strncmp(name, "lfs", 3)) { set_opt_mode(sbi, F2FS_MOUNT_LFS); } else { kfree(name); return -EINVAL; } kfree(name); break; case Opt_fault_injection: if (args->from && match_int(args, &arg)) return -EINVAL; #ifdef CONFIG_F2FS_FAULT_INJECTION f2fs_build_fault_attr(sbi, arg); #else f2fs_msg(sb, KERN_INFO, "FAULT_INJECTION was not selected"); #endif break; case Opt_lazytime: sb->s_flags |= MS_LAZYTIME; break; case Opt_nolazytime: sb->s_flags &= ~MS_LAZYTIME; break; default: f2fs_msg(sb, KERN_ERR, "Unrecognized mount option \"%s\" or missing value", p); return -EINVAL; } } return 0; }


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static struct inode *f2fs_alloc_inode(struct super_block *sb) { struct f2fs_inode_info *fi; fi = kmem_cache_alloc(f2fs_inode_cachep, GFP_F2FS_ZERO); if (!fi) return NULL; init_once((void *) fi); /* Initialize f2fs-specific inode info */ fi->vfs_inode.i_version = 1; atomic_set(&fi->dirty_pages, 0); fi->i_current_depth = 1; fi->i_advise = 0; init_rwsem(&fi->i_sem); INIT_LIST_HEAD(&fi->dirty_list); INIT_LIST_HEAD(&fi->gdirty_list); INIT_LIST_HEAD(&fi->inmem_pages); mutex_init(&fi->inmem_lock); init_rwsem(&fi->dio_rwsem[READ]); init_rwsem(&fi->dio_rwsem[WRITE]); /* Will be used by directory only */ fi->i_dir_level = F2FS_SB(sb)->dir_level; return &fi->vfs_inode; }


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static int f2fs_drop_inode(struct inode *inode) { /* * This is to avoid a deadlock condition like below. * writeback_single_inode(inode) * - f2fs_write_data_page * - f2fs_gc -> iput -> evict * - inode_wait_for_writeback(inode) */ if ((!inode_unhashed(inode) && inode->i_state & I_SYNC)) { if (!inode->i_nlink && !is_bad_inode(inode)) { /* to avoid evict_inode call simultaneously */ atomic_inc(&inode->i_count); spin_unlock(&inode->i_lock); /* some remained atomic pages should discarded */ if (f2fs_is_atomic_file(inode)) drop_inmem_pages(inode); /* should remain fi->extent_tree for writepage */ f2fs_destroy_extent_node(inode); sb_start_intwrite(inode->i_sb); f2fs_i_size_write(inode, 0); if (F2FS_HAS_BLOCKS(inode)) f2fs_truncate(inode); sb_end_intwrite(inode->i_sb); fscrypt_put_encryption_info(inode, NULL); spin_lock(&inode->i_lock); atomic_dec(&inode->i_count); } return 0; } return generic_drop_inode(inode); }


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int f2fs_inode_dirtied(struct inode *inode, bool sync) { struct f2fs_sb_info *sbi = F2FS_I_SB(inode); int ret = 0; spin_lock(&sbi->inode_lock[DIRTY_META]); if (is_inode_flag_set(inode, FI_DIRTY_INODE)) { ret