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Release 4.10 fs/fscache/cache.c

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/* FS-Cache cache handling
 * Copyright (C) 2007 Red Hat, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
 * Written by David Howells (
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
 * 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include "internal.h"





static LIST_HEAD(fscache_cache_tag_list);

 * look up a cache tag

struct fscache_cache_tag *__fscache_lookup_cache_tag(const char *name) { struct fscache_cache_tag *tag, *xtag; /* firstly check for the existence of the tag under read lock */ down_read(&fscache_addremove_sem); list_for_each_entry(tag, &fscache_cache_tag_list, link) { if (strcmp(tag->name, name) == 0) { atomic_inc(&tag->usage); up_read(&fscache_addremove_sem); return tag; } } up_read(&fscache_addremove_sem); /* the tag does not exist - create a candidate */ xtag = kzalloc(sizeof(*xtag) + strlen(name) + 1, GFP_KERNEL); if (!xtag) /* return a dummy tag if out of memory */ return ERR_PTR(-ENOMEM); atomic_set(&xtag->usage, 1); strcpy(xtag->name, name); /* write lock, search again and add if still not present */ down_write(&fscache_addremove_sem); list_for_each_entry(tag, &fscache_cache_tag_list, link) { if (strcmp(tag->name, name) == 0) { atomic_inc(&tag->usage); up_write(&fscache_addremove_sem); kfree(xtag); return tag; } } list_add_tail(&xtag->link, &fscache_cache_tag_list); up_write(&fscache_addremove_sem); return xtag; }


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/* * release a reference to a cache tag */
void __fscache_release_cache_tag(struct fscache_cache_tag *tag) { if (tag != ERR_PTR(-ENOMEM)) { down_write(&fscache_addremove_sem); if (atomic_dec_and_test(&tag->usage)) list_del_init(&tag->link); else tag = NULL; up_write(&fscache_addremove_sem); kfree(tag); } }


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/* * select a cache in which to store an object * - the cache addremove semaphore must be at least read-locked by the caller * - the object will never be an index */
struct fscache_cache *fscache_select_cache_for_object( struct fscache_cookie *cookie) { struct fscache_cache_tag *tag; struct fscache_object *object; struct fscache_cache *cache; _enter(""); if (list_empty(&fscache_cache_list)) { _leave(" = NULL [no cache]"); return NULL; } /* we check the parent to determine the cache to use */ spin_lock(&cookie->lock); /* the first in the parent's backing list should be the preferred * cache */ if (!hlist_empty(&cookie->backing_objects)) { object = hlist_entry(cookie->backing_objects.first, struct fscache_object, cookie_link); cache = object->cache; if (fscache_object_is_dying(object) || test_bit(FSCACHE_IOERROR, &cache->flags)) cache = NULL; spin_unlock(&cookie->lock); _leave(" = %p [parent]", cache); return cache; } /* the parent is unbacked */ if (cookie->def->type != FSCACHE_COOKIE_TYPE_INDEX) { /* cookie not an index and is unbacked */ spin_unlock(&cookie->lock); _leave(" = NULL [cookie ub,ni]"); return NULL; } spin_unlock(&cookie->lock); if (!cookie->def->select_cache) goto no_preference; /* ask the netfs for its preference */ tag = cookie->def->select_cache(cookie->parent->netfs_data, cookie->netfs_data); if (!tag) goto no_preference; if (tag == ERR_PTR(-ENOMEM)) { _leave(" = NULL [nomem tag]"); return NULL; } if (!tag->cache) { _leave(" = NULL [unbacked tag]"); return NULL; } if (test_bit(FSCACHE_IOERROR, &tag->cache->flags)) return NULL; _leave(" = %p [specific]", tag->cache); return tag->cache; no_preference: /* netfs has no preference - just select first cache */ cache = list_entry(, struct fscache_cache, link); _leave(" = %p [first]", cache); return cache; }


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/** * fscache_init_cache - Initialise a cache record * @cache: The cache record to be initialised * @ops: The cache operations to be installed in that record * @idfmt: Format string to define identifier * @...: sprintf-style arguments * * Initialise a record of a cache and fill in the name. * * See Documentation/filesystems/caching/backend-api.txt for a complete * description. */
void fscache_init_cache(struct fscache_cache *cache, const struct fscache_cache_ops *ops, const char *idfmt, ...) { va_list va; memset(cache, 0, sizeof(*cache)); cache->ops = ops; va_start(va, idfmt); vsnprintf(cache->identifier, sizeof(cache->identifier), idfmt, va); va_end(va); INIT_WORK(&cache->op_gc, fscache_operation_gc); INIT_LIST_HEAD(&cache->link); INIT_LIST_HEAD(&cache->object_list); INIT_LIST_HEAD(&cache->op_gc_list); spin_lock_init(&cache->object_list_lock); spin_lock_init(&cache->op_gc_list_lock); }


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EXPORT_SYMBOL(fscache_init_cache); /** * fscache_add_cache - Declare a cache as being open for business * @cache: The record describing the cache * @ifsdef: The record of the cache object describing the top-level index * @tagname: The tag describing this cache * * Add a cache to the system, making it available for netfs's to use. * * See Documentation/filesystems/caching/backend-api.txt for a complete * description. */
int fscache_add_cache(struct fscache_cache *cache, struct fscache_object *ifsdef, const char *tagname) { struct fscache_cache_tag *tag; BUG_ON(!cache->ops); BUG_ON(!ifsdef); cache->flags = 0; ifsdef->event_mask = ((1 << NR_FSCACHE_OBJECT_EVENTS) - 1) & ~(1 << FSCACHE_OBJECT_EV_CLEARED); __set_bit(FSCACHE_OBJECT_IS_AVAILABLE, &ifsdef->flags); if (!tagname) tagname = cache->identifier; BUG_ON(!tagname[0]); _enter("{%s.%s},,%s", cache->ops->name, cache->identifier, tagname); /* we use the cache tag to uniquely identify caches */ tag = __fscache_lookup_cache_tag(tagname); if (IS_ERR(tag)) goto nomem; if (test_and_set_bit(FSCACHE_TAG_RESERVED, &tag->flags)) goto tag_in_use; cache->kobj = kobject_create_and_add(tagname, fscache_root); if (!cache->kobj) goto error; ifsdef->cookie = &fscache_fsdef_index; ifsdef->cache = cache; cache->fsdef = ifsdef; down_write(&fscache_addremove_sem); tag->cache = cache; cache->tag = tag; /* add the cache to the list */ list_add(&cache->link, &fscache_cache_list); /* add the cache's netfs definition index object to the cache's * list */ spin_lock(&cache->object_list_lock); list_add_tail(&ifsdef->cache_link, &cache->object_list); spin_unlock(&cache->object_list_lock); fscache_objlist_add(ifsdef); /* add the cache's netfs definition index object to the top level index * cookie as a known backing object */ spin_lock(&fscache_fsdef_index.lock); hlist_add_head(&ifsdef->cookie_link, &fscache_fsdef_index.backing_objects); atomic_inc(&fscache_fsdef_index.usage); /* done */ spin_unlock(&fscache_fsdef_index.lock); up_write(&fscache_addremove_sem); pr_notice("Cache \"%s\" added (type %s)\n", cache->tag->name, cache->ops->name); kobject_uevent(cache->kobj, KOBJ_ADD); _leave(" = 0 [%s]", cache->identifier); return 0; tag_in_use: pr_err("Cache tag '%s' already in use\n", tagname); __fscache_release_cache_tag(tag); _leave(" = -EXIST"); return -EEXIST; error: __fscache_release_cache_tag(tag); _leave(" = -EINVAL"); return -EINVAL; nomem: _leave(" = -ENOMEM"); return -ENOMEM; }


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EXPORT_SYMBOL(fscache_add_cache); /** * fscache_io_error - Note a cache I/O error * @cache: The record describing the cache * * Note that an I/O error occurred in a cache and that it should no longer be * used for anything. This also reports the error into the kernel log. * * See Documentation/filesystems/caching/backend-api.txt for a complete * description. */
void fscache_io_error(struct fscache_cache *cache) { if (!test_and_set_bit(FSCACHE_IOERROR, &cache->flags)) pr_err("Cache '%s' stopped due to I/O error\n", cache->ops->name); }


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EXPORT_SYMBOL(fscache_io_error); /* * request withdrawal of all the objects in a cache * - all the objects being withdrawn are moved onto the supplied list */
static void fscache_withdraw_all_objects(struct fscache_cache *cache, struct list_head *dying_objects) { struct fscache_object *object; while (!list_empty(&cache->object_list)) { spin_lock(&cache->object_list_lock); if (!list_empty(&cache->object_list)) { object = list_entry(cache->, struct fscache_object, cache_link); list_move_tail(&object->cache_link, dying_objects); _debug("withdraw %p", object->cookie); /* This must be done under object_list_lock to prevent * a race with fscache_drop_object(). */ fscache_raise_event(object, FSCACHE_OBJECT_EV_KILL); } spin_unlock(&cache->object_list_lock); cond_resched(); } }


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/** * fscache_withdraw_cache - Withdraw a cache from the active service * @cache: The record describing the cache * * Withdraw a cache from service, unbinding all its cache objects from the * netfs cookies they're currently representing. * * See Documentation/filesystems/caching/backend-api.txt for a complete * description. */
void fscache_withdraw_cache(struct fscache_cache *cache) { LIST_HEAD(dying_objects); _enter(""); pr_notice("Withdrawing cache \"%s\"\n", cache->tag->name); /* make the cache unavailable for cookie acquisition */ if (test_and_set_bit(FSCACHE_CACHE_WITHDRAWN, &cache->flags)) BUG(); down_write(&fscache_addremove_sem); list_del_init(&cache->link); cache->tag->cache = NULL; up_write(&fscache_addremove_sem); /* make sure all pages pinned by operations on behalf of the netfs are * written to disk */ fscache_stat(&fscache_n_cop_sync_cache); cache->ops->sync_cache(cache); fscache_stat_d(&fscache_n_cop_sync_cache); /* dissociate all the netfs pages backed by this cache from the block * mappings in the cache */ fscache_stat(&fscache_n_cop_dissociate_pages); cache->ops->dissociate_pages(cache); fscache_stat_d(&fscache_n_cop_dissociate_pages); /* we now have to destroy all the active objects pertaining to this * cache - which we do by passing them off to thread pool to be * disposed of */ _debug("destroy"); fscache_withdraw_all_objects(cache, &dying_objects); /* wait for all extant objects to finish their outstanding operations * and go away */ _debug("wait for finish"); wait_event(fscache_cache_cleared_wq, atomic_read(&cache->object_count) == 0); _debug("wait for clearance"); wait_event(fscache_cache_cleared_wq, list_empty(&cache->object_list)); _debug("cleared"); ASSERT(list_empty(&dying_objects)); kobject_put(cache->kobj); clear_bit(FSCACHE_TAG_RESERVED, &cache->tag->flags); fscache_release_cache_tag(cache->tag); cache->tag = NULL; _leave(""); }


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