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Release 4.10 fs/hfs/catalog.c

Directory: fs/hfs
 *  linux/fs/hfs/catalog.c
 * Copyright (C) 1995-1997  Paul H. Hargrove
 * (C) 2003 Ardis Technologies <>
 * This file may be distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
 * This file contains the functions related to the catalog B-tree.
 * Cache code shamelessly stolen from
 *     linux/fs/inode.c Copyright (C) 1991, 1992  Linus Torvalds
 *     re-shamelessly stolen Copyright (C) 1997 Linus Torvalds

#include "hfs_fs.h"
#include "btree.h"

 * hfs_cat_build_key()
 * Given the ID of the parent and the name build a search key.

void hfs_cat_build_key(struct super_block *sb, btree_key *key, u32 parent, const struct qstr *name) { key->cat.reserved = 0; key->cat.ParID = cpu_to_be32(parent); if (name) { hfs_asc2mac(sb, &key->cat.CName, name); key->key_len = 6 + key->cat.CName.len; } else { memset(&key->cat.CName, 0, sizeof(struct hfs_name)); key->key_len = 6; } }


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static int hfs_cat_build_record(hfs_cat_rec *rec, u32 cnid, struct inode *inode) { __be32 mtime = hfs_mtime(); memset(rec, 0, sizeof(*rec)); if (S_ISDIR(inode->i_mode)) { rec->type = HFS_CDR_DIR; rec->dir.DirID = cpu_to_be32(cnid); rec->dir.CrDat = mtime; rec->dir.MdDat = mtime; rec->dir.BkDat = 0; rec->dir.UsrInfo.frView = cpu_to_be16(0xff); return sizeof(struct hfs_cat_dir); } else { /* init some fields for the file record */ rec->type = HFS_CDR_FIL; rec->file.Flags = HFS_FIL_USED | HFS_FIL_THD; if (!(inode->i_mode & S_IWUSR)) rec->file.Flags |= HFS_FIL_LOCK; rec->file.FlNum = cpu_to_be32(cnid); rec->file.CrDat = mtime; rec->file.MdDat = mtime; rec->file.BkDat = 0; rec->file.UsrWds.fdType = HFS_SB(inode->i_sb)->s_type; rec->file.UsrWds.fdCreator = HFS_SB(inode->i_sb)->s_creator; return sizeof(struct hfs_cat_file); } }


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static int hfs_cat_build_thread(struct super_block *sb, hfs_cat_rec *rec, int type, u32 parentid, const struct qstr *name) { rec->type = type; memset(rec->thread.reserved, 0, sizeof(rec->thread.reserved)); rec->thread.ParID = cpu_to_be32(parentid); hfs_asc2mac(sb, &rec->thread.CName, name); return sizeof(struct hfs_cat_thread); }


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/* * create_entry() * * Add a new file or directory to the catalog B-tree and * return a (struct hfs_cat_entry) for it in '*result'. */
int hfs_cat_create(u32 cnid, struct inode *dir, const struct qstr *str, struct inode *inode) { struct hfs_find_data fd; struct super_block *sb; union hfs_cat_rec entry; int entry_size; int err; hfs_dbg(CAT_MOD, "create_cat: %s,%u(%d)\n", str->name, cnid, inode->i_nlink); if (dir->i_size >= HFS_MAX_VALENCE) return -ENOSPC; sb = dir->i_sb; err = hfs_find_init(HFS_SB(sb)->cat_tree, &fd); if (err) return err; hfs_cat_build_key(sb, fd.search_key, cnid, NULL); entry_size = hfs_cat_build_thread(sb, &entry, S_ISDIR(inode->i_mode) ? HFS_CDR_THD : HFS_CDR_FTH, dir->i_ino, str); err = hfs_brec_find(&fd); if (err != -ENOENT) { if (!err) err = -EEXIST; goto err2; } err = hfs_brec_insert(&fd, &entry, entry_size); if (err) goto err2; hfs_cat_build_key(sb, fd.search_key, dir->i_ino, str); entry_size = hfs_cat_build_record(&entry, cnid, inode); err = hfs_brec_find(&fd); if (err != -ENOENT) { /* panic? */ if (!err) err = -EEXIST; goto err1; } err = hfs_brec_insert(&fd, &entry, entry_size); if (err) goto err1; dir->i_size++; dir->i_mtime = dir->i_ctime = current_time(dir); mark_inode_dirty(dir); hfs_find_exit(&fd); return 0; err1: hfs_cat_build_key(sb, fd.search_key, cnid, NULL); if (!hfs_brec_find(&fd)) hfs_brec_remove(&fd); err2: hfs_find_exit(&fd); return err; }


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/* * hfs_cat_compare() * * Description: * This is the comparison function used for the catalog B-tree. In * comparing catalog B-tree entries, the parent id is the most * significant field (compared as unsigned ints). The name field is * the least significant (compared in "Macintosh lexical order", * see hfs_strcmp() in string.c) * Input Variable(s): * struct hfs_cat_key *key1: pointer to the first key to compare * struct hfs_cat_key *key2: pointer to the second key to compare * Output Variable(s): * NONE * Returns: * int: negative if key1<key2, positive if key1>key2, and 0 if key1==key2 * Preconditions: * key1 and key2 point to "valid" (struct hfs_cat_key)s. * Postconditions: * This function has no side-effects */
int hfs_cat_keycmp(const btree_key *key1, const btree_key *key2) { __be32 k1p, k2p; k1p = key1->cat.ParID; k2p = key2->cat.ParID; if (k1p != k2p) return be32_to_cpu(k1p) < be32_to_cpu(k2p) ? -1 : 1; return hfs_strcmp(key1->, key1->cat.CName.len, key2->, key2->cat.CName.len); }


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/* Try to get a catalog entry for given catalog id */ // move to read_super???
int hfs_cat_find_brec(struct super_block *sb, u32 cnid, struct hfs_find_data *fd) { hfs_cat_rec rec; int res, len, type; hfs_cat_build_key(sb, fd->search_key, cnid, NULL); res = hfs_brec_read(fd, &rec, sizeof(rec)); if (res) return res; type = rec.type; if (type != HFS_CDR_THD && type != HFS_CDR_FTH) { pr_err("found bad thread record in catalog\n"); return -EIO; } fd->search_key->cat.ParID = rec.thread.ParID; len = fd->search_key->cat.CName.len = rec.thread.CName.len; if (len > HFS_NAMELEN) { pr_err("bad catalog namelength\n"); return -EIO; } memcpy(fd->search_key->,, len); return hfs_brec_find(fd); }


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/* * hfs_cat_delete() * * Delete the indicated file or directory. * The associated thread is also removed unless ('with_thread'==0). */
int hfs_cat_delete(u32 cnid, struct inode *dir, const struct qstr *str) { struct super_block *sb; struct hfs_find_data fd; struct hfs_readdir_data *rd; int res, type; hfs_dbg(CAT_MOD, "delete_cat: %s,%u\n", str ? str->name : NULL, cnid); sb = dir->i_sb; res = hfs_find_init(HFS_SB(sb)->cat_tree, &fd); if (res) return res; hfs_cat_build_key(sb, fd.search_key, dir->i_ino, str); res = hfs_brec_find(&fd); if (res) goto out; type = hfs_bnode_read_u8(fd.bnode, fd.entryoffset); if (type == HFS_CDR_FIL) { struct hfs_cat_file file; hfs_bnode_read(fd.bnode, &file, fd.entryoffset, sizeof(file)); if (be32_to_cpu(file.FlNum) == cnid) { #if 0 hfs_free_fork(sb, &file, HFS_FK_DATA); #endif hfs_free_fork(sb, &file, HFS_FK_RSRC); } } /* we only need to take spinlock for exclusion with ->release() */ spin_lock(&HFS_I(dir)->open_dir_lock); list_for_each_entry(rd, &HFS_I(dir)->open_dir_list, list) { if (fd.tree->keycmp(fd.search_key, (void *)&rd->key) < 0) rd->file->f_pos--; } spin_unlock(&HFS_I(dir)->open_dir_lock); res = hfs_brec_remove(&fd); if (res) goto out; hfs_cat_build_key(sb, fd.search_key, cnid, NULL); res = hfs_brec_find(&fd); if (!res) { res = hfs_brec_remove(&fd); if (res) goto out; } dir->i_size--; dir->i_mtime = dir->i_ctime = current_time(dir); mark_inode_dirty(dir); res = 0; out: hfs_find_exit(&fd); return res; }


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/* * hfs_cat_move() * * Rename a file or directory, possibly to a new directory. * If the destination exists it is removed and a * (struct hfs_cat_entry) for it is returned in '*result'. */
int hfs_cat_move(u32 cnid, struct inode *src_dir, const struct qstr *src_name, struct inode *dst_dir, const struct qstr *dst_name) { struct super_block *sb; struct hfs_find_data src_fd, dst_fd; union hfs_cat_rec entry; int entry_size, type; int err; hfs_dbg(CAT_MOD, "rename_cat: %u - %lu,%s - %lu,%s\n", cnid, src_dir->i_ino, src_name->name, dst_dir->i_ino, dst_name->name); sb = src_dir->i_sb; err = hfs_find_init(HFS_SB(sb)->cat_tree, &src_fd); if (err) return err; dst_fd = src_fd; /* find the old dir entry and read the data */ hfs_cat_build_key(sb, src_fd.search_key, src_dir->i_ino, src_name); err = hfs_brec_find(&src_fd); if (err) goto out; if (src_fd.entrylength > sizeof(entry) || src_fd.entrylength < 0) { err = -EIO; goto out; } hfs_bnode_read(src_fd.bnode, &entry, src_fd.entryoffset, src_fd.entrylength); /* create new dir entry with the data from the old entry */ hfs_cat_build_key(sb, dst_fd.search_key, dst_dir->i_ino, dst_name); err = hfs_brec_find(&dst_fd); if (err != -ENOENT) { if (!err) err = -EEXIST; goto out; } err = hfs_brec_insert(&dst_fd, &entry, src_fd.entrylength); if (err) goto out; dst_dir->i_size++; dst_dir->i_mtime = dst_dir->i_ctime = current_time(dst_dir); mark_inode_dirty(dst_dir); /* finally remove the old entry */ hfs_cat_build_key(sb, src_fd.search_key, src_dir->i_ino, src_name); err = hfs_brec_find(&src_fd); if (err) goto out; err = hfs_brec_remove(&src_fd); if (err) goto out; src_dir->i_size--; src_dir->i_mtime = src_dir->i_ctime = current_time(src_dir); mark_inode_dirty(src_dir); type = entry.type; if (type == HFS_CDR_FIL && !(entry.file.Flags & HFS_FIL_THD)) goto out; /* remove old thread entry */ hfs_cat_build_key(sb, src_fd.search_key, cnid, NULL); err = hfs_brec_find(&src_fd); if (err) goto out; err = hfs_brec_remove(&src_fd); if (err) goto out; /* create new thread entry */ hfs_cat_build_key(sb, dst_fd.search_key, cnid, NULL); entry_size = hfs_cat_build_thread(sb, &entry, type == HFS_CDR_FIL ? HFS_CDR_FTH : HFS_CDR_THD, dst_dir->i_ino, dst_name); err = hfs_brec_find(&dst_fd); if (err != -ENOENT) { if (!err) err = -EEXIST; goto out; } err = hfs_brec_insert(&dst_fd, &entry, entry_size); out: hfs_bnode_put(dst_fd.bnode); hfs_find_exit(&src_fd); return err; }


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