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Release 4.10 fs/ncpfs/getopt.c

Directory: fs/ncpfs
 * getopt.c

#define pr_fmt(fmt) KBUILD_MODNAME ": " fmt

#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/string.h>

#include <asm/errno.h>

#include "getopt.h"

 *      ncp_getopt - option parser
 *      @caller: name of the caller, for error messages
 *      @options: the options string
 *      @opts: an array of &struct option entries controlling parser operations
 *      @optopt: output; will contain the current option
 *      @optarg: output; will contain the value (if one exists)
 *      @value: output; may be NULL; will be overwritten with the integer value
 *              of the current argument.
 *      Helper to parse options on the format used by mount ("a=b,c=d,e,f").
 *      Returns opts->val if a matching entry in the 'opts' array is found,
 *      0 when no more tokens are found, -1 if an error is encountered.

int ncp_getopt(const char *caller, char **options, const struct ncp_option *opts, char **optopt, char **optarg, unsigned long *value) { char *token; char *val; do { if ((token = strsep(options, ",")) == NULL) return 0; } while (*token == '\0'); if (optopt) *optopt = token; if ((val = strchr (token, '=')) != NULL) { *val++ = 0; } *optarg = val; for (; opts->name; opts++) { if (!strcmp(opts->name, token)) { if (!val) { if (opts->has_arg & OPT_NOPARAM) { return opts->val; } pr_info("%s: the %s option requires an argument\n", caller, token); return -EINVAL; } if (opts->has_arg & OPT_INT) { int rc = kstrtoul(val, 0, value); if (rc) { pr_info("%s: invalid numeric value in %s=%s\n", caller, token, val); return rc; } return opts->val; } if (opts->has_arg & OPT_STRING) { return opts->val; } pr_info("%s: unexpected argument %s to the %s option\n", caller, val, token); return -EINVAL; } } pr_info("%s: Unrecognized mount option %s\n", caller, token); return -EOPNOTSUPP; }


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