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Release 4.10 fs/ncpfs/ncp_fs_sb.h

Directory: fs/ncpfs
 *  ncp_fs_sb.h
 *  Copyright (C) 1995, 1996 by Volker Lendecke

#ifndef _NCP_FS_SB

#define _NCP_FS_SB

#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/ncp_mount.h>
#include <linux/net.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/backing-dev.h>
#include <linux/workqueue.h>

/* 2 for packet signatures */

struct sock;

struct ncp_mount_data_kernel {
unsigned long    flags;		/* NCP_MOUNT_* flags */
unsigned int	 int_flags;	/* internal flags */

kuid_t		 mounted_uid;	/* Who may umount() this filesystem? */
struct pid      *wdog_pid;	/* Who cares for our watchdog packets? */
unsigned int     ncp_fd;	/* The socket to the ncp port */
unsigned int     time_out;	/* How long should I wait after
                                           sending a NCP request? */
unsigned int     retry_count;	/* And how often should I retry? */
unsigned char	 mounted_vol[NCP_VOLNAME_LEN + 1];
kuid_t		 uid;
kgid_t		 gid;
umode_t		 file_mode;
umode_t		 dir_mode;
int		 info_fd;

struct ncp_server {
struct rcu_head rcu;
struct ncp_mount_data_kernel m;	/* Nearly all of the mount data is of
                                           interest for us later, so we store
                                           it completely. */

__u8 name_space[NCP_NUMBER_OF_VOLUMES + 2];

struct socket *ncp_sock;/* ncp socket */
struct socket *info_sock;

u8 sequence;
u8 task;
u16 connection;		/* Remote connection number */

u8 completion;		/* Status message from server */
u8 conn_status;		/* Bit 4 = 1 ==> Server going down, no
                                   requests allowed anymore.
                                   Bit 0 = 1 ==> Server is down. */

int buffer_size;	/* Negotiated bufsize */

int reply_size;		/* Size of last reply */

int packet_size;
unsigned char *packet;	/* Here we prepare requests and
                                   receive replies */
unsigned char *txbuf;	/* Storage for current request */
unsigned char *rxbuf;	/* Storage for reply to current request */

int lock;		/* To prevent mismatch in protocols. */
struct mutex mutex;

int current_size;	/* for packet preparation */
int has_subfunction;
int ncp_reply_size;

int root_setuped;
struct mutex root_setup_lock;

	/* info for packet signing */
int sign_wanted;	/* 1=Server needs signed packets */
int sign_active;	/* 0=don't do signing, 1=do */
char sign_root[8];	/* generated from password and encr. key */
char sign_last[16];	

	/* Authentication info: NDS or BINDERY, username */
	struct {
int	auth_type;
size_t	object_name_len;
void*	object_name;
int	object_type;
	/* Password info */
	struct {
size_t	len;
void*	data;
struct rw_semaphore auth_rwsem;

	/* nls info: codepage for volume and charset for I/O */
struct nls_table *nls_vol;
struct nls_table *nls_io;

	/* maximum age in jiffies */
atomic_t dentry_ttl;

	/* miscellaneous */
unsigned int flags;

spinlock_t requests_lock;	/* Lock accesses to tx.requests, tx.creq and rcv.creq when STREAM mode */

void (*data_ready)(struct sock* sk);
void (*error_report)(struct sock* sk);
void (*write_space)(struct sock* sk);	/* STREAM mode only */
	struct {
struct work_struct tq;		/* STREAM/DGRAM: data/error ready */
struct ncp_request_reply* creq;	/* STREAM/DGRAM: awaiting reply from this request */
struct mutex creq_mutex;	/* DGRAM only: lock accesses to rcv.creq */

unsigned int state;		/* STREAM only: receiver state */
		struct {
__u32 magic __packed;
__u32 len __packed;
__u16 type __packed;
__u16 p1 __packed;
__u16 p2 __packed;
__u16 p3 __packed;
__u16 type2 __packed;
buf;				/* STREAM only: temporary buffer */
unsigned char* ptr;		/* STREAM only: pointer to data */
size_t len;			/* STREAM only: length of data to receive */
	struct {
struct list_head requests;	/* STREAM only: queued requests */
struct work_struct tq;		/* STREAM only: transmitter ready */
struct ncp_request_reply* creq;	/* STREAM only: currently transmitted entry */
struct timer_list timeout_tm;		/* DGRAM only: timeout timer */
struct work_struct timeout_tq;		/* DGRAM only: associated queue, we run timers from process context */
int timeout_last;			/* DGRAM only: current timeout length */
int timeout_retries;			/* DGRAM only: retries left */
	struct {
size_t len;
__u8 data[128];
struct backing_dev_info bdi;

extern void ncp_tcp_rcv_proc(struct work_struct *work);
extern void ncp_tcp_tx_proc(struct work_struct *work);
extern void ncpdgram_rcv_proc(struct work_struct *work);
extern void ncpdgram_timeout_proc(struct work_struct *work);
extern void ncpdgram_timeout_call(unsigned long server);
extern void ncp_tcp_data_ready(struct sock* sk);
extern void ncp_tcp_write_space(struct sock* sk);
extern void ncp_tcp_error_report(struct sock* sk);

#define NCP_FLAG_UTF8	1

#define NCP_CLR_FLAG(server, flag)	((server)->flags &= ~(flag))

#define NCP_SET_FLAG(server, flag)	((server)->flags |= (flag))

#define NCP_IS_FLAG(server, flag)	((server)->flags & (flag))

static inline int ncp_conn_valid(struct ncp_server *server) { return ((server->conn_status & 0x11) == 0); }



static inline void ncp_invalidate_conn(struct ncp_server *server) { server->conn_status |= 0x01; }




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