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Release 4.10 fs/nfsd/current_stateid.h

Directory: fs/nfsd


#include "state.h"
#include "xdr4.h"

extern void clear_current_stateid(struct nfsd4_compound_state *cstate);
 * functions to set current state id
extern void nfsd4_set_opendowngradestateid(struct nfsd4_compound_state *cstate, struct nfsd4_open_downgrade *);
extern void nfsd4_set_openstateid(struct nfsd4_compound_state *, struct nfsd4_open *);
extern void nfsd4_set_lockstateid(struct nfsd4_compound_state *, struct nfsd4_lock *);
extern void nfsd4_set_closestateid(struct nfsd4_compound_state *, struct nfsd4_close *);

 * functions to consume current state id
extern void nfsd4_get_opendowngradestateid(struct nfsd4_compound_state *cstate, struct nfsd4_open_downgrade *);
extern void nfsd4_get_delegreturnstateid(struct nfsd4_compound_state *, struct nfsd4_delegreturn *);
extern void nfsd4_get_freestateid(struct nfsd4_compound_state *, struct nfsd4_free_stateid *);
extern void nfsd4_get_setattrstateid(struct nfsd4_compound_state *, struct nfsd4_setattr *);
extern void nfsd4_get_closestateid(struct nfsd4_compound_state *, struct nfsd4_close *);
extern void nfsd4_get_lockustateid(struct nfsd4_compound_state *, struct nfsd4_locku *);
extern void nfsd4_get_readstateid(struct nfsd4_compound_state *, struct nfsd4_read *);
extern void nfsd4_get_writestateid(struct nfsd4_compound_state *, struct nfsd4_write *);

#endif   /* _NFSD4_CURRENT_STATE_H */

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