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Release 4.10 fs/nfsd/stats.h

Directory: fs/nfsd
 * Statistics for NFS server.
 * Copyright (C) 1995, 1996 Olaf Kirch <>
#ifndef _NFSD_STATS_H

#define _NFSD_STATS_H

#include <uapi/linux/nfsd/stats.h>

struct nfsd_stats {
unsigned int	rchits;		/* repcache hits */
unsigned int	rcmisses;	/* repcache hits */
unsigned int	rcnocache;	/* uncached reqs */
unsigned int	fh_stale;	/* FH stale error */
unsigned int	fh_lookup;	/* dentry cached */
unsigned int	fh_anon;	/* anon file dentry returned */
unsigned int	fh_nocache_dir;	/* filehandle not found in dcache */
unsigned int	fh_nocache_nondir;	/* filehandle not found in dcache */
unsigned int	io_read;	/* bytes returned to read requests */
unsigned int	io_write;	/* bytes passed in write requests */
unsigned int	th_cnt;		/* number of available threads */
unsigned int	th_usage[10];	/* number of ticks during which n perdeciles
                                         * of available threads were in use */
unsigned int	th_fullcnt;	/* number of times last free thread was used */
unsigned int	ra_size;	/* size of ra cache */
unsigned int	ra_depth[11];	/* number of times ra entry was found that deep
                                         * in the cache (10percentiles). [10] = not found */
unsigned int	nfs4_opcount[LAST_NFS4_OP + 1];	/* count of individual nfsv4 operations */


extern struct nfsd_stats	nfsdstats;
extern struct svc_stat		nfsd_svcstats;

void	nfsd_stat_init(void);
void	nfsd_stat_shutdown(void);

#endif /* _NFSD_STATS_H */

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