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Release 4.10 fs/nfsd/vfs.h

Directory: fs/nfsd
 * Copyright (C) 1995-1997 Olaf Kirch <>



#include "nfsfh.h"
#include "nfsd.h"

 * Flags for nfsd_permission

#define NFSD_MAY_NOP			0

#define NFSD_MAY_EXEC			0x001 
/* == MAY_EXEC */

#define NFSD_MAY_WRITE			0x002 
/* == MAY_WRITE */

#define NFSD_MAY_READ			0x004 
/* == MAY_READ */

#define NFSD_MAY_SATTR			0x008

#define NFSD_MAY_TRUNC			0x010

#define NFSD_MAY_LOCK			0x020

#define NFSD_MAY_MASK			0x03f

/* extra hints to permission and open routines: */


#define NFSD_MAY_LOCAL_ACCESS		0x080 
/* for device special files */



#define NFSD_MAY_BYPASS_GSS		0x400

#define NFSD_MAY_READ_IF_EXEC		0x800

#define NFSD_MAY_64BIT_COOKIE		0x1000 
/* 64 bit readdir cookies for >= NFSv3 */



 * Callback function for readdir

typedef int (*nfsd_filldir_t)(void *, const char *, int, loff_t, u64, unsigned);

/* nfsd/vfs.c */
int		nfsd_racache_init(int);
void		nfsd_racache_shutdown(void);
int		nfsd_cross_mnt(struct svc_rqst *rqstp, struct dentry **dpp,
		                struct svc_export **expp);
__be32		nfsd_lookup(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
				const char *, unsigned int, struct svc_fh *);
__be32		 nfsd_lookup_dentry(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
				const char *, unsigned int,
				struct svc_export **, struct dentry **);
__be32		nfsd_setattr(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
				struct iattr *, int, time_t);
int nfsd_mountpoint(struct dentry *, struct svc_export *);
__be32          nfsd4_set_nfs4_label(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
		    struct xdr_netobj *);
__be32		nfsd4_vfs_fallocate(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
				    struct file *, loff_t, loff_t, int);
__be32		nfsd4_clone_file_range(struct file *, u64, struct file *,
			u64, u64);
#endif /* CONFIG_NFSD_V4 */
__be32		nfsd_create_locked(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
				char *name, int len, struct iattr *attrs,
				int type, dev_t rdev, struct svc_fh *res);
__be32		nfsd_create(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
				char *name, int len, struct iattr *attrs,
				int type, dev_t rdev, struct svc_fh *res);
__be32		nfsd_access(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *, u32 *, u32 *);
__be32		do_nfsd_create(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
				char *name, int len, struct iattr *attrs,
				struct svc_fh *res, int createmode,
				u32 *verifier, bool *truncp, bool *created);
__be32		nfsd_commit(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
				loff_t, unsigned long);
#endif /* CONFIG_NFSD_V3 */
__be32		nfsd_open(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *, umode_t,
				int, struct file **);
struct raparms;
__be32		nfsd_splice_read(struct svc_rqst *,
				struct file *, loff_t, unsigned long *);
__be32		nfsd_readv(struct file *, loff_t, struct kvec *, int,
				unsigned long *);
__be32 		nfsd_read(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
				loff_t, struct kvec *, int, unsigned long *);
__be32 		nfsd_write(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,struct file *,
				loff_t, struct kvec *,int, unsigned long *, int *);
__be32		nfsd_vfs_write(struct svc_rqst *rqstp, struct svc_fh *fhp,
				struct file *file, loff_t offset,
				struct kvec *vec, int vlen, unsigned long *cnt,
				int *stablep);
__be32		nfsd_readlink(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
				char *, int *);
__be32		nfsd_symlink(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
				char *name, int len, char *path,
				struct svc_fh *res);
__be32		nfsd_link(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
				char *, int, struct svc_fh *);
ssize_t		nfsd_copy_file_range(struct file *, u64,
				     struct file *, u64, u64);
__be32		nfsd_rename(struct svc_rqst *,
				struct svc_fh *, char *, int,
				struct svc_fh *, char *, int);
__be32		nfsd_unlink(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *, int type,
				char *name, int len);
__be32		nfsd_readdir(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
			     loff_t *, struct readdir_cd *, nfsd_filldir_t);
__be32		nfsd_statfs(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_fh *,
				struct kstatfs *, int access);

__be32		nfsd_permission(struct svc_rqst *, struct svc_export *,
				struct dentry *, int);

struct raparms *nfsd_init_raparms(struct file *file);
void		nfsd_put_raparams(struct file *file, struct raparms *ra);

static inline int fh_want_write(struct svc_fh *fh) { int ret = mnt_want_write(fh->fh_export->ex_path.mnt); if (!ret) fh->fh_want_write = true; return ret; }


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static inline void fh_drop_write(struct svc_fh *fh) { if (fh->fh_want_write) { fh->fh_want_write = false; mnt_drop_write(fh->fh_export->ex_path.mnt); } }


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static inline __be32 fh_getattr(struct svc_fh *fh, struct kstat *stat) { struct path p = {.mnt = fh->fh_export->ex_path.mnt, .dentry = fh->fh_dentry}; return nfserrno(vfs_getattr(&p, stat)); }


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static inline int nfsd_create_is_exclusive(int createmode) { return createmode == NFS3_CREATE_EXCLUSIVE || createmode == NFS4_CREATE_EXCLUSIVE4_1; }


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static inline bool nfsd_eof_on_read(long requested, long read, loff_t offset, loff_t size) { /* We assume a short read means eof: */ if (requested > read) return true; /* * A non-short read might also reach end of file. The spec * still requires us to set eof in that case. * * Further operations may have modified the file size since * the read, so the following check is not atomic with the read. * We've only seen that cause a problem for a client in the case * where the read returned a count of 0 without setting eof. * That case was fixed by the addition of the above check. */ return (offset + read >= size); }


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#endif /* LINUX_NFSD_VFS_H */

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