cregit-Linux how code gets into the kernel

Release 4.10 fs/nls/nls_euc-jp.c

Directory: fs/nls
 * linux/fs/nls/nls_euc-jp.c
 * Added `OSF/JVC Recommended Code Set Conversion Specification
 * between Japanese EUC and Shift-JIS' support: <>
 * (

#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/string.h>
#include <linux/nls.h>
#include <linux/errno.h>

static struct nls_table *p_nls;

#define IS_SJIS_LOW_BYTE(l)	((0x40 <= (l)) && ((l) <= 0xFC) && ((l) != 0x7F))
/* JIS X 0208 (include NEC spesial characters) */

#define IS_SJIS_JISX0208(h, l)	((((0x81 <= (h)) && ((h) <= 0x9F))      \
                                 || ((0xE0 <= (h)) && ((h) <= 0xEA)))   \
                                 && IS_SJIS_LOW_BYTE(l))

#define IS_SJIS_JISX0201KANA(c)	((0xA1 <= (c)) && ((c) <= 0xDF))

#define IS_SJIS_UDC_LOW(h, l)	(((0xF0 <= (h)) && ((h) <= 0xF4))       \
                                 && IS_SJIS_LOW_BYTE(l))

#define IS_SJIS_UDC_HI(h, l)	(((0xF5 <= (h)) && ((h) <= 0xF9))       \
                                 && IS_SJIS_LOW_BYTE(l))

#define IS_SJIS_IBM(h, l)	(((0xFA <= (h)) && ((h) <= 0xFC))       \
                                 && IS_SJIS_LOW_BYTE(l))

#define IS_SJIS_NECIBM(h, l)	(((0xED <= (h)) && ((h) <= 0xEE))       \
                                 && IS_SJIS_LOW_BYTE(l))

#define MAP_SJIS2EUC(sjis_hi, sjis_lo, sjis_p, euc_hi, euc_lo, euc_p) {               \
        if ((sjis_lo) >= 0x9F) {                                                \
                (euc_hi) = (sjis_hi) * 2 - (((sjis_p) * 2 - (euc_p)) - 1);      \
                (euc_lo) = (sjis_lo) + 2;                                       \
        } else {                                                                \
                (euc_hi) = (sjis_hi) * 2 - ((sjis_p) * 2 - (euc_p));            \
                (euc_lo) = (sjis_lo) + ((sjis_lo) >= 0x7F ? 0x60 : 0x61);       \
        }                                                                       \
} while(0)

#define SS2		(0x8E)		
/* Single Shift 2 */

#define SS3		(0x8F)		
/* Single Shift 3 */

#define IS_EUC_BYTE(c)		((0xA1 <= (c)) && ((c) <= 0xFE))

#define IS_EUC_JISX0208(h, l)	(IS_EUC_BYTE(h) && IS_EUC_BYTE(l))

#define IS_EUC_JISX0201KANA(h, l)	(((h) == SS2) && (0xA1 <= (l) && (l) <= 0xDF))

#define IS_EUC_UDC_LOW(h, l)	(((0xF5 <= (h)) && ((h) <= 0xFE))       \
                                 && IS_EUC_BYTE(l))

#define IS_EUC_UDC_HI(h, l)	IS_EUC_UDC_LOW(h, l) 
/* G3 block */

#define MAP_EUC2SJIS(euc_hi, euc_lo, euc_p, sjis_hi, sjis_lo, sjis_p) {               \
        if ((euc_hi) & 1) {                                                     \
                (sjis_hi) = (euc_hi) / 2 + ((sjis_p) - (euc_p) / 2);            \
                (sjis_lo) = (euc_lo) - ((euc_lo) >= 0xE0 ? 0x60 : 0x61);        \
        } else {                                                                \
                (sjis_hi) = (euc_hi) / 2 + (((sjis_p) - (euc_p) / 2) - 1);      \
                (sjis_lo) = (euc_lo) - 2;                                       \
        }                                                                       \
} while(0)

/* SJIS IBM extended characters to EUC map */

static const unsigned char sjisibm2euc_map[][2] = {
	{0xF3, 0xF3}, {0xF3, 0xF4}, {0xF3, 0xF5}, {0xF3, 0xF6}, {0xF3, 0xF7},
	{0xF3, 0xF8}, {0xF3, 0xF9}, {0xF3, 0xFA}, {0xF3, 0xFB}, {0xF3, 0xFC},
	{0xF3, 0xFD}, {0xF3, 0xFE}, {0xF4, 0xA1}, {0xF4, 0xA2}, {0xF4, 0xA3},
	{0xF4, 0xA4}, {0xF4, 0xA5}, {0xF4, 0xA6}, {0xF4, 0xA7}, {0xF4, 0xA8},
	{0xA2, 0xCC}, {0xA2, 0xC3}, {0xF4, 0xA9}, {0xF4, 0xAA}, {0xF4, 0xAB},
	{0xF4, 0xAC}, {0xF4, 0xAD}, {0xA2, 0xE8}, {0xD4, 0xE3}, {0xDC, 0xDF},
	{0xE4, 0xE9}, {0xE3, 0xF8}, {0xD9, 0xA1}, {0xB1, 0xBB}, {0xF4, 0xAE},
	{0xC2, 0xAD}, {0xC3, 0xFC}, {0xE4, 0xD0}, {0xC2, 0xBF}, {0xBC, 0xF4},
	{0xB0, 0xA9}, {0xB0, 0xC8}, {0xF4, 0xAF}, {0xB0, 0xD2}, {0xB0, 0xD4},
	{0xB0, 0xE3}, {0xB0, 0xEE}, {0xB1, 0xA7}, {0xB1, 0xA3}, {0xB1, 0xAC},
	{0xB1, 0xA9}, {0xB1, 0xBE}, {0xB1, 0xDF}, {0xB1, 0xD8}, {0xB1, 0xC8},
	{0xB1, 0xD7}, {0xB1, 0xE3}, {0xB1, 0xF4}, {0xB1, 0xE1}, {0xB2, 0xA3},
	{0xF4, 0xB0}, {0xB2, 0xBB}, {0xB2, 0xE6}, {0x00, 0x00}, {0xB2, 0xED},
	{0xB2, 0xF5}, {0xB2, 0xFC}, {0xF4, 0xB1}, {0xB3, 0xB5}, {0xB3, 0xD8},
	{0xB3, 0xDB}, {0xB3, 0xE5}, {0xB3, 0xEE}, {0xB3, 0xFB}, {0xF4, 0xB2},
	{0xF4, 0xB3}, {0xB4, 0xC0}, {0xB4, 0xC7}, {0xB4, 0xD0}, {0xB4, 0xDE},
	{0xF4, 0xB4}, {0xB5, 0xAA}, {0xF4, 0xB5}, {0xB5, 0xAF}, {0xB5, 0xC4},
	{0xB5, 0xE8}, {0xF4, 0xB6}, {0xB7, 0xC2}, {0xB7, 0xE4}, {0xB7, 0xE8},
	{0xB7, 0xE7}, {0xF4, 0xB7}, {0xF4, 0xB8}, {0xF4, 0xB9}, {0xB8, 0xCE},
	{0xB8, 0xE1}, {0xB8, 0xF5}, {0xB8, 0xF7}, {0xB8, 0xF8}, {0xB8, 0xFC},
	{0xB9, 0xAF}, {0xB9, 0xB7}, {0xBA, 0xBE}, {0xBA, 0xDB}, {0xCD, 0xAA},
	{0xBA, 0xE1}, {0xF4, 0xBA}, {0xBA, 0xEB}, {0xBB, 0xB3}, {0xBB, 0xB8},
	{0xF4, 0xBB}, {0xBB, 0xCA}, {0xF4, 0xBC}, {0xF4, 0xBD}, {0xBB, 0xD0},
	{0xBB, 0xDE}, {0xBB, 0xF4}, {0xBB, 0xF5}, {0xBB, 0xF9}, {0xBC, 0xE4},
	{0xBC, 0xED}, {0xBC, 0xFE}, {0xF4, 0xBE}, {0xBD, 0xC2}, {0xBD, 0xE7},
	{0xF4, 0xBF}, {0xBD, 0xF0}, {0xBE, 0xB0}, {0xBE, 0xAC}, {0xF4, 0xC0},
	{0xBE, 0xB3}, {0xBE, 0xBD}, {0xBE, 0xCD}, {0xBE, 0xC9}, {0xBE, 0xE4},
	{0xBF, 0xA8}, {0xBF, 0xC9}, {0xC0, 0xC4}, {0xC0, 0xE4}, {0xC0, 0xF4},
	{0xC1, 0xA6}, {0xF4, 0xC1}, {0xC1, 0xF5}, {0xC1, 0xFC}, {0xF4, 0xC2},
	{0xC1, 0xF8}, {0xC2, 0xAB}, {0xC2, 0xA1}, {0xC2, 0xA5}, {0xF4, 0xC3},
	{0xC2, 0xB8}, {0xC2, 0xBA}, {0xF4, 0xC4}, {0xC2, 0xC4}, {0xC2, 0xD2},
	{0xC2, 0xD7}, {0xC2, 0xDB}, {0xC2, 0xDE}, {0xC2, 0xED}, {0xC2, 0xF0},
	{0xF4, 0xC5}, {0xC3, 0xA1}, {0xC3, 0xB5}, {0xC3, 0xC9}, {0xC3, 0xB9},
	{0xF4, 0xC6}, {0xC3, 0xD8}, {0xC3, 0xFE}, {0xF4, 0xC7}, {0xC4, 0xCC},
	{0xF4, 0xC8}, {0xC4, 0xD9}, {0xC4, 0xEA}, {0xC4, 0xFD}, {0xF4, 0xC9},
	{0xC5, 0xA7}, {0xC5, 0xB5}, {0xC5, 0xB6}, {0xF4, 0xCA}, {0xC5, 0xD5},
	{0xC6, 0xB8}, {0xC6, 0xD7}, {0xC6, 0xE0}, {0xC6, 0xEA}, {0xC6, 0xE3},
	{0xC7, 0xA1}, {0xC7, 0xAB}, {0xC7, 0xC7}, {0xC7, 0xC3}, {0xC7, 0xCB},
	{0xC7, 0xCF}, {0xC7, 0xD9}, {0xF4, 0xCB}, {0xF4, 0xCC}, {0xC7, 0xE6},
	{0xC7, 0xEE}, {0xC7, 0xFC}, {0xC7, 0xEB}, {0xC7, 0xF0}, {0xC8, 0xB1},
	{0xC8, 0xE5}, {0xC8, 0xF8}, {0xC9, 0xA6}, {0xC9, 0xAB}, {0xC9, 0xAD},
	{0xF4, 0xCD}, {0xC9, 0xCA}, {0xC9, 0xD3}, {0xC9, 0xE9}, {0xC9, 0xE3},
	{0xC9, 0xFC}, {0xC9, 0xF4}, {0xC9, 0xF5}, {0xF4, 0xCE}, {0xCA, 0xB3},
	{0xCA, 0xBD}, {0xCA, 0xEF}, {0xCA, 0xF1}, {0xCB, 0xAE}, {0xF4, 0xCF},
	{0xCB, 0xCA}, {0xCB, 0xE6}, {0xCB, 0xEA}, {0xCB, 0xF0}, {0xCB, 0xF4},
	{0xCB, 0xEE}, {0xCC, 0xA5}, {0xCB, 0xF9}, {0xCC, 0xAB}, {0xCC, 0xAE},
	{0xCC, 0xAD}, {0xCC, 0xB2}, {0xCC, 0xC2}, {0xCC, 0xD0}, {0xCC, 0xD9},
	{0xF4, 0xD0}, {0xCD, 0xBB}, {0xF4, 0xD1}, {0xCE, 0xBB}, {0xF4, 0xD2},
	{0xCE, 0xBA}, {0xCE, 0xC3}, {0xF4, 0xD3}, {0xCE, 0xF2}, {0xB3, 0xDD},
	{0xCF, 0xD5}, {0xCF, 0xE2}, {0xCF, 0xE9}, {0xCF, 0xED}, {0xF4, 0xD4},
	{0xF4, 0xD5}, {0xF4, 0xD6}, {0x00, 0x00}, {0xF4, 0xD7}, {0xD0, 0xE5},
	{0xF4, 0xD8}, {0xD0, 0xE9}, {0xD1, 0xE8}, {0xF4, 0xD9}, {0xF4, 0xDA},
	{0xD1, 0xEC}, {0xD2, 0xBB}, {0xF4, 0xDB}, {0xD3, 0xE1}, {0xD3, 0xE8},
	{0xD4, 0xA7}, {0xF4, 0xDC}, {0xF4, 0xDD}, {0xD4, 0xD4}, {0xD4, 0xF2},
	{0xD5, 0xAE}, {0xF4, 0xDE}, {0xD7, 0xDE}, {0xF4, 0xDF}, {0xD8, 0xA2},
	{0xD8, 0xB7}, {0xD8, 0xC1}, {0xD8, 0xD1}, {0xD8, 0xF4}, {0xD9, 0xC6},
	{0xD9, 0xC8}, {0xD9, 0xD1}, {0xF4, 0xE0}, {0xF4, 0xE1}, {0xF4, 0xE2},
	{0xF4, 0xE3}, {0xF4, 0xE4}, {0xDC, 0xD3}, {0xDD, 0xC8}, {0xDD, 0xD4},
	{0xDD, 0xEA}, {0xDD, 0xFA}, {0xDE, 0xA4}, {0xDE, 0xB0}, {0xF4, 0xE5},
	{0xDE, 0xB5}, {0xDE, 0xCB}, {0xF4, 0xE6}, {0xDF, 0xB9}, {0xF4, 0xE7},
	{0xDF, 0xC3}, {0xF4, 0xE8}, {0xF4, 0xE9}, {0xE0, 0xD9}, {0xF4, 0xEA},
	{0xF4, 0xEB}, {0xE1, 0xE2}, {0xF4, 0xEC}, {0xF4, 0xED}, {0xF4, 0xEE},
	{0xE2, 0xC7}, {0xE3, 0xA8}, {0xE3, 0xA6}, {0xE3, 0xA9}, {0xE3, 0xAF},
	{0xE3, 0xB0}, {0xE3, 0xAA}, {0xE3, 0xAB}, {0xE3, 0xBC}, {0xE3, 0xC1},
	{0xE3, 0xBF}, {0xE3, 0xD5}, {0xE3, 0xD8}, {0xE3, 0xD6}, {0xE3, 0xDF},
	{0xE3, 0xE3}, {0xE3, 0xE1}, {0xE3, 0xD4}, {0xE3, 0xE9}, {0xE4, 0xA6},
	{0xE3, 0xF1}, {0xE3, 0xF2}, {0xE4, 0xCB}, {0xE4, 0xC1}, {0xE4, 0xC3},
	{0xE4, 0xBE}, {0xF4, 0xEF}, {0xE4, 0xC0}, {0xE4, 0xC7}, {0xE4, 0xBF},
	{0xE4, 0xE0}, {0xE4, 0xDE}, {0xE4, 0xD1}, {0xF4, 0xF0}, {0xE4, 0xDC},
	{0xE4, 0xD2}, {0xE4, 0xDB}, {0xE4, 0xD4}, {0xE4, 0xFA}, {0xE4, 0xEF},
	{0xE5, 0xB3}, {0xE5, 0xBF}, {0xE5, 0xC9}, {0xE5, 0xD0}, {0xE5, 0xE2},
	{0xE5, 0xEA}, {0xE5, 0xEB}, {0xF4, 0xF1}, {0xF4, 0xF2}, {0xF4, 0xF3},
	{0xE6, 0xE8}, {0xE6, 0xEF}, {0xE7, 0xAC}, {0xF4, 0xF4}, {0xE7, 0xAE},
	{0xF4, 0xF5}, {0xE7, 0xB1}, {0xF4, 0xF6}, {0xE7, 0xB2}, {0xE8, 0xB1},
	{0xE8, 0xB6}, {0xF4, 0xF7}, {0xF4, 0xF8}, {0xE8, 0xDD}, {0xF4, 0xF9},
	{0xF4, 0xFA}, {0xE9, 0xD1}, {0xF4, 0xFB}, {0xE9, 0xED}, {0xEA, 0xCD},
	{0xF4, 0xFC}, {0xEA, 0xDB}, {0xEA, 0xE6}, {0xEA, 0xEA}, {0xEB, 0xA5},
	{0xEB, 0xFB}, {0xEB, 0xFA}, {0xF4, 0xFD}, {0xEC, 0xD6}, {0xF4, 0xFE},

#define IS_EUC_IBM2JISX0208(h, l) \
		(((h) == 0xA2 && (l) == 0xCC) || ((h) == 0xA2 && (l) == 0xE8))

/* EUC to SJIS IBM extended characters map (G3 JIS X 0212 block) */
static struct {
unsigned short euc;
unsigned char sjis[2];
euc2sjisibm_jisx0212_map[] = {
	{0xA2C3, {0xFA, 0x55}}, {0xB0A9, {0xFA, 0x68}}, {0xB0C8, {0xFA, 0x69}},
	{0xB0D2, {0xFA, 0x6B}}, {0xB0D4, {0xFA, 0x6C}}, {0xB0E3, {0xFA, 0x6D}},
	{0xB0EE, {0xFA, 0x6E}}, {0xB1A3, {0xFA, 0x70}}, {0xB1A7, {0xFA, 0x6F}},
	{0xB1A9, {0xFA, 0x72}}, {0xB1AC, {0xFA, 0x71}}, {0xB1BB, {0xFA, 0x61}},
	{0xB1BE, {0xFA, 0x73}}, {0xB1C8, {0xFA, 0x76}}, {0xB1D7, {0xFA, 0x77}},
	{0xB1D8, {0xFA, 0x75}}, {0xB1DF, {0xFA, 0x74}}, {0xB1E1, {0xFA, 0x7A}},
	{0xB1E3, {0xFA, 0x78}}, {0xB1F4, {0xFA, 0x79}}, {0xB2A3, {0xFA, 0x7B}},
	{0xB2BB, {0xFA, 0x7D}}, {0xB2E6, {0xFA, 0x7E}}, {0xB2ED, {0xFA, 0x80}},
	{0xB2F5, {0xFA, 0x81}}, {0xB2FC, {0xFA, 0x82}}, {0xB3B5, {0xFA, 0x84}},
	{0xB3D8, {0xFA, 0x85}}, {0xB3DB, {0xFA, 0x86}}, {0xB3DD, {0xFB, 0x77}},
	{0xB3E5, {0xFA, 0x87}}, {0xB3EE, {0xFA, 0x88}}, {0xB3FB, {0xFA, 0x89}},
	{0xB4C0, {0xFA, 0x8C}}, {0xB4C7, {0xFA, 0x8D}}, {0xB4D0, {0xFA, 0x8E}},
	{0xB4DE, {0xFA, 0x8F}}, {0xB5AA, {0xFA, 0x91}}, {0xB5AF, {0xFA, 0x93}},
	{0xB5C4, {0xFA, 0x94}}, {0xB5E8, {0xFA, 0x95}}, {0xB7C2, {0xFA, 0x97}},
	{0xB7E4, {0xFA, 0x98}}, {0xB7E7, {0xFA, 0x9A}}, {0xB7E8, {0xFA, 0x99}},
	{0xB8CE, {0xFA, 0x9E}}, {0xB8E1, {0xFA, 0x9F}}, {0xB8F5, {0xFA, 0xA0}},
	{0xB8F7, {0xFA, 0xA1}}, {0xB8F8, {0xFA, 0xA2}}, {0xB8FC, {0xFA, 0xA3}},
	{0xB9AF, {0xFA, 0xA4}}, {0xB9B7, {0xFA, 0xA5}}, {0xBABE, {0xFA, 0xA6}},
	{0xBADB, {0xFA, 0xA7}}, {0xBAE1, {0xFA, 0xA9}}, {0xBAEB, {0xFA, 0xAB}},
	{0xBBB3, {0xFA, 0xAC}}, {0xBBB8, {0xFA, 0xAD}}, {0xBBCA, {0xFA, 0xAF}},
	{0xBBD0, {0xFA, 0xB2}}, {0xBBDE, {0xFA, 0xB3}}, {0xBBF4, {0xFA, 0xB4}},
	{0xBBF5, {0xFA, 0xB5}}, {0xBBF9, {0xFA, 0xB6}}, {0xBCE4, {0xFA, 0xB7}},
	{0xBCED, {0xFA, 0xB8}}, {0xBCF4, {