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Release 4.10 fs/proc/internal.h

Directory: fs/proc
/* Internal procfs definitions
 * Copyright (C) 2004 Red Hat, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
 * Written by David Howells (
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
 * 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

#include <linux/proc_fs.h>
#include <linux/proc_ns.h>
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <linux/atomic.h>
#include <linux/binfmts.h>

struct ctl_table_header;
struct mempolicy;

 * This is not completely implemented yet. The idea is to
 * create an in-memory tree (like the actual /proc filesystem
 * tree) of these proc_dir_entries, so that we can dynamically
 * add new files to /proc.
 * parent/subdir are used for the directory structure (every /proc file has a
 * parent, but "subdir" is empty for all non-directory entries).
 * subdir_node is used to build the rb tree "subdir" of the parent.

struct proc_dir_entry {
unsigned int low_ino;
umode_t mode;
nlink_t nlink;
kuid_t uid;
kgid_t gid;
loff_t size;
const struct inode_operations *proc_iops;
const struct file_operations *proc_fops;
struct proc_dir_entry *parent;
struct rb_root subdir;
struct rb_node subdir_node;
void *data;
atomic_t count;		/* use count */
atomic_t in_use;	/* number of callers into module in progress; */
			/* negative -> it's going away RSN */
struct completion *pde_unload_completion;
struct list_head pde_openers;	/* who did ->open, but not ->release */
spinlock_t pde_unload_lock; /* proc_fops checks and pde_users bumps */
u8 namelen;
char name[];

union proc_op {
int (*proc_get_link)(struct dentry *, struct path *);
int (*proc_show)(struct seq_file *m,
		struct pid_namespace *ns, struct pid *pid,
		struct task_struct *task);

struct proc_inode {
struct pid *pid;
unsigned int fd;
union proc_op op;
struct proc_dir_entry *pde;
struct ctl_table_header *sysctl;
struct ctl_table *sysctl_entry;
const struct proc_ns_operations *ns_ops;
struct inode vfs_inode;

 * General functions

static inline struct proc_inode *PROC_I(const struct inode *inode) { return container_of(inode, struct proc_inode, vfs_inode); }


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static inline struct proc_dir_entry *PDE(const struct inode *inode) { return PROC_I(inode)->pde; }


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static inline void *__PDE_DATA(const struct inode *inode) { return PDE(inode)->data; }


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static inline struct pid *proc_pid(struct inode *inode) { return PROC_I(inode)->pid; }


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static inline struct task_struct *get_proc_task(struct inode *inode) { return get_pid_task(proc_pid(inode), PIDTYPE_PID); }


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david howellsdavid howells28.00%133.33%

static inline int task_dumpable(struct task_struct *task) { int dumpable = 0; struct mm_struct *mm; task_lock(task); mm = task->mm; if (mm) dumpable = get_dumpable(mm); task_unlock(task); if (dumpable == SUID_DUMP_USER) return 1; return 0; }


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static inline unsigned name_to_int(const struct qstr *qstr) { const char *name = qstr->name; int len = qstr->len; unsigned n = 0; if (len > 1 && *name == '0') goto out; while (len-- > 0) { unsigned c = *name++ - '0'; if (c > 9) goto out; if (n >= (~0U-9)/10) goto out; n *= 10; n += c; } return n; out: return ~0U; }


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/* * Offset of the first process in the /proc root directory.. */ #define FIRST_PROCESS_ENTRY 256 /* Worst case buffer size needed for holding an integer. */ #define PROC_NUMBUF 13 /* * array.c */ extern const struct file_operations proc_tid_children_operations; extern int proc_tid_stat(struct seq_file *, struct pid_namespace *, struct pid *, struct task_struct *); extern int proc_tgid_stat(struct seq_file *, struct pid_namespace *, struct pid *, struct task_struct *); extern int proc_pid_status(struct seq_file *, struct pid_namespace *, struct pid *, struct task_struct *); extern int proc_pid_statm(struct seq_file *, struct pid_namespace *, struct pid *, struct task_struct *); /* * base.c */ extern const struct dentry_operations pid_dentry_operations; extern int pid_getattr(struct vfsmount *, struct dentry *, struct kstat *); extern int proc_setattr(struct dentry *, struct iattr *); extern struct inode *proc_pid_make_inode(struct super_block *, struct task_struct *, umode_t); extern int pid_revalidate(struct dentry *, unsigned int); extern int pid_delete_dentry(const struct dentry *); extern int proc_pid_readdir(struct file *, struct dir_context *); extern struct dentry *proc_pid_lookup(struct inode *, struct dentry *, unsigned int); extern loff_t mem_lseek(struct file *, loff_t, int); /* Lookups */ typedef int instantiate_t(struct inode *, struct dentry *, struct task_struct *, const void *); extern bool proc_fill_cache(struct file *, struct dir_context *, const char *, int, instantiate_t, struct task_struct *, const void *); /* * generic.c */ extern struct dentry *proc_lookup(struct inode *, struct dentry *, unsigned int); extern struct dentry *proc_lookup_de(struct proc_dir_entry *, struct inode *, struct dentry *); extern int proc_readdir(struct file *, struct dir_context *); extern int proc_readdir_de(struct proc_dir_entry *, struct file *, struct dir_context *);
static inline struct proc_dir_entry *pde_get(struct proc_dir_entry *pde) { atomic_inc(&pde->count); return pde; }


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extern void pde_put(struct proc_dir_entry *);
static inline bool is_empty_pde(const struct proc_dir_entry *pde) { return S_ISDIR(pde->mode) && !pde->proc_iops; }


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/* * inode.c */ struct pde_opener { struct file *file; struct list_head lh; bool closing; struct completion *c; }; extern const struct inode_operations proc_link_inode_operations; extern const struct inode_operations proc_pid_link_inode_operations; extern void proc_init_inodecache(void); void set_proc_pid_nlink(void); extern struct inode *proc_get_inode(struct super_block *, struct proc_dir_entry *); extern int proc_fill_super(struct super_block *, void *data, int flags); extern void proc_entry_rundown(struct proc_dir_entry *); /* * proc_namespaces.c */ extern const struct inode_operations proc_ns_dir_inode_operations; extern const struct file_operations proc_ns_dir_operations; /* * proc_net.c */ extern const struct file_operations proc_net_operations; extern const struct inode_operations proc_net_inode_operations; #ifdef CONFIG_NET extern int proc_net_init(void); #else
static inline int proc_net_init(void) { return 0; }


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#endif /* * proc_self.c */ extern int proc_setup_self(struct super_block *); /* * proc_thread_self.c */ extern int proc_setup_thread_self(struct super_block *); extern void proc_thread_self_init(void); /* * proc_sysctl.c */ #ifdef CONFIG_PROC_SYSCTL extern int proc_sys_init(void); extern void sysctl_head_put(struct ctl_table_header *); #else
static inline void proc_sys_init(void) { }


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static inline void sysctl_head_put(struct ctl_table_header *head) { }


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#endif /* * proc_tty.c */ #ifdef CONFIG_TTY extern void proc_tty_init(void); #else
static inline void proc_tty_init(void) {}


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#endif /* * root.c */ extern struct proc_dir_entry proc_root; extern int proc_parse_options(char *options, struct pid_namespace *pid); extern void proc_self_init(void); extern int proc_remount(struct super_block *, int *, char *); /* * task_[no]mmu.c */ struct proc_maps_private { struct inode *inode; struct task_struct *task; struct mm_struct *mm; #ifdef CONFIG_MMU struct vm_area_struct *tail_vma; #endif #ifdef CONFIG_NUMA struct mempolicy *task_mempolicy; #endif }; struct mm_struct *proc_mem_open(struct inode *inode, unsigned int mode); extern const struct file_operations proc_pid_maps_operations; extern const struct file_operations proc_tid_maps_operations; extern const struct file_operations proc_pid_numa_maps_operations; extern const struct file_operations proc_tid_numa_maps_operations; extern const struct file_operations proc_pid_smaps_operations; extern const struct file_operations proc_tid_smaps_operations; extern const struct file_operations proc_clear_refs_operations; extern const struct file_operations proc_pagemap_operations; extern unsigned long task_vsize(struct mm_struct *); extern unsigned long task_statm(struct mm_struct *, unsigned long *, unsigned long *, unsigned long *, unsigned long *); extern void task_mem(struct seq_file *, struct mm_struct *);

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