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 * (C) Copyright David Gibson <>, IBM Corporation.  2005.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
 * License, or (at your option) any later version.
 *  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *  General Public License for more details.
 *  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 *  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307
 *                                                                   USA

#include <sys/stat.h>

#include "dtc.h"
#include "srcpos.h"

 * Command line options

int quiet;		
/* Level of quietness */

int reservenum;		
/* Number of memory reservation slots */

int minsize;		
/* Minimum blob size */

int padsize;		
/* Additional padding to blob */

int phandle_format = PHANDLE_BOTH;	
/* Use linux,phandle or phandle properties */

static void fill_fullpaths(struct node *tree, const char *prefix) { struct node *child; const char *unit; tree->fullpath = join_path(prefix, tree->name); unit = strchr(tree->name, '@'); if (unit) tree->basenamelen = unit - tree->name; else tree->basenamelen = strlen(tree->name); for_each_child(tree, child) fill_fullpaths(child, tree->fullpath); }


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/* Usage related data. */ #define FDT_VERSION(version) _FDT_VERSION(version) #define _FDT_VERSION(version) #version static const char usage_synopsis[] = "dtc [options] <input file>"; static const char usage_short_opts[] = "qI:O:o:V:d:R:S:p:fb:i:H:sW:E:hv"; static struct option const usage_long_opts[] = { {"quiet", no_argument, NULL, 'q'}, {"in-format", a_argument, NULL, 'I'}, {"out", a_argument, NULL, 'o'}, {"out-format", a_argument, NULL, 'O'}, {"out-version", a_argument, NULL, 'V'}, {"out-dependency", a_argument, NULL, 'd'}, {"reserve", a_argument, NULL, 'R'}, {"space", a_argument, NULL, 'S'}, {"pad", a_argument, NULL, 'p'}, {"boot-cpu", a_argument, NULL, 'b'}, {"force", no_argument, NULL, 'f'}, {"include", a_argument, NULL, 'i'}, {"sort", no_argument, NULL, 's'}, {"phandle", a_argument, NULL, 'H'}, {"warning", a_argument, NULL, 'W'}, {"error", a_argument, NULL, 'E'}, {"help", no_argument, NULL, 'h'}, {"version", no_argument, NULL, 'v'}, {NULL, no_argument, NULL, 0x0}, }; static const char * const usage_opts_help[] = { "\n\tQuiet: -q suppress warnings, -qq errors, -qqq all", "\n\tInput formats are:\n" "\t\tdts - device tree source text\n" "\t\tdtb - device tree blob\n" "\t\tfs - /proc/device-tree style directory", "\n\tOutput file", "\n\tOutput formats are:\n" "\t\tdts - device tree source text\n" "\t\tdtb - device tree blob\n" "\t\tasm - assembler source", "\n\tBlob version to produce, defaults to "FDT_VERSION(DEFAULT_FDT_VERSION)" (for dtb and asm output)", "\n\tOutput dependency file", "\n\tMake space for <number> reserve map entries (for dtb and asm output)", "\n\tMake the blob at least <bytes> long (extra space)", "\n\tAdd padding to the blob of <bytes> long (extra space)", "\n\tSet the physical boot cpu", "\n\tTry to produce output even if the input tree has errors", "\n\tAdd a path to search for include files", "\n\tSort nodes and properties before outputting (useful for comparing trees)", "\n\tValid phandle formats are:\n" "\t\tlegacy - \"linux,phandle\" properties only\n" "\t\tepapr - \"phandle\" properties only\n" "\t\tboth - Both \"linux,phandle\" and \"phandle\" properties", "\n\tEnable/disable warnings (prefix with \"no-\")", "\n\tEnable/disable errors (prefix with \"no-\")", "\n\tPrint this help and exit", "\n\tPrint version and exit", NULL, };
static const char *guess_type_by_name(const char *fname, const char *fallback) { const char *s; s = strrchr(fname, '.'); if (s == NULL) return fallback; if (!strcasecmp(s, ".dts")) return "dts"; if (!strcasecmp(s, ".dtb")) return "dtb"; return fallback; }


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static const char *guess_input_format(const char *fname, const char *fallback) { struct stat statbuf; uint32_t magic; FILE *f; if (stat(fname, &statbuf) != 0) return fallback; if (S_ISDIR(statbuf.st_mode)) return "fs"; if (!S_ISREG(statbuf.st_mode)) return fallback; f = fopen(fname, "r"); if (f == NULL) return fallback; if (fread(&magic, 4, 1, f) != 1) { fclose(f); return fallback; } fclose(f); magic = fdt32_to_cpu(magic); if (magic == FDT_MAGIC) return "dtb"; return guess_type_by_name(fname, fallback); }


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int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { struct boot_info *bi; const char *inform = NULL; const char *outform = NULL; const char *outname = "-"; const char *depname = NULL; bool force = false, sort = false; const char *arg; int opt; FILE *outf = NULL; int outversion = DEFAULT_FDT_VERSION; long long cmdline_boot_cpuid = -1; quiet = 0; reservenum = 0; minsize = 0; padsize = 0; while ((opt = util_getopt_long()) != EOF) { switch (opt) { case 'I': inform = optarg; break; case 'O': outform = optarg; break; case 'o': outname = optarg; break; case 'V': outversion = strtol(optarg, NULL, 0); break; case 'd': depname = optarg; break; case 'R': reservenum = strtol(optarg, NULL, 0); break; case 'S': minsize = strtol(optarg, NULL, 0); break; case 'p': padsize = strtol(optarg, NULL, 0); break; case 'f': force = true; break; case 'q': quiet++; break; case 'b': cmdline_boot_cpuid = strtoll(optarg, NULL, 0); break; case 'i': srcfile_add_search_path(optarg); break; case 'v': util_version(); case 'H': if (streq(optarg, "legacy")) phandle_format = PHANDLE_LEGACY; else if (streq(optarg, "epapr")) phandle_format = PHANDLE_EPAPR; else if (streq(optarg, "both")) phandle_format = PHANDLE_BOTH; else die("Invalid argument \"%s\" to -H option\n", optarg); break; case 's': sort = true; break; case 'W': parse_checks_option(true, false, optarg); break; case 'E': parse_checks_option(false, true, optarg); break; case 'h': usage(NULL); default: usage("unknown option"); } } if (argc > (optind+1)) usage("missing files"); else if (argc < (optind+1)) arg = "-"; else arg = argv[optind]; /* minsize and padsize are mutually exclusive */ if (minsize && padsize) die("Can't set both -p and -S\n"); if (depname) { depfile = fopen(depname, "w"); if (!depfile) die("Couldn't open dependency file %s: %s\n", depname, strerror(errno)); fprintf(depfile, "%s:", outname); } if (inform == NULL) inform = guess_input_format(arg, "dts"); if (outform == NULL) { outform = guess_type_by_name(outname, NULL); if (outform == NULL) { if (streq(inform, "dts")) outform = "dtb"; else outform = "dts"; } } if (streq(inform, "dts")) bi = dt_from_source(arg); else if (streq(inform, "fs")) bi = dt_from_fs(arg); else if(streq(inform, "dtb")) bi = dt_from_blob(arg); else die("Unknown input format \"%s\"\n", inform); if (depfile) { fputc('\n', depfile); fclose(depfile); } if (cmdline_boot_cpuid != -1) bi->boot_cpuid_phys = cmdline_boot_cpuid; fill_fullpaths(bi->dt, ""); process_checks(force, bi); if (sort) sort_tree(bi); if (streq(outname, "-")) { outf = stdout; } else { outf = fopen(outname, "wb"); if (! outf) die("Couldn't open output file %s: %s\n", outname, strerror(errno)); } if (streq(outform, "dts")) { dt_to_source(outf, bi); } else if (streq(outform, "dtb")) { dt_to_blob(outf, bi, outversion); } else if (streq(outform, "asm")) { dt_to_asm(outf, bi, outversion); } else if (streq(outform, "null")) { /* do nothing */ } else { die("Unknown output format \"%s\"\n", outform); } exit(0); }


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