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Release 4.10 scripts/kconfig/qconf.h

Directory: scripts/kconfig
 * Copyright (C) 2002 Roman Zippel <>
 * Released under the terms of the GNU GPL v2.0.

#include <QTextBrowser>
#include <QTreeWidget>
#include <QMainWindow>
#include <QHeaderView>
#include <qsettings.h>
#include <QPushButton>
#include <QSettings>
#include <QLineEdit>
#include <QSplitter>
#include <QCheckBox>
#include <QDialog>
#include "expr.h"

class ConfigView;

class ConfigList;

class ConfigItem;

class ConfigLineEdit;

class ConfigMainWindow;

class ConfigSettings : public QSettings {
	QList<int> readSizes(const QString& key, bool *ok);
	bool writeSizes(const QString& key, const QList<int>& value);

enum colIdx {

promptColIdx, nameColIdx, noColIdx, modColIdx, yesColIdx, dataColIdx, colNr

enum listMode {

singleMode, menuMode, symbolMode, fullMode, listMode

enum optionMode {

normalOpt = 0, allOpt, promptOpt

class ConfigList : public QTreeWidget {
	typedef class QTreeWidget Parent;
	ConfigList(ConfigView* p, const char *name = 0);
	void reinit(void);
	ConfigView* parent(void) const
		return (ConfigView*)Parent::parent();
	ConfigItem* findConfigItem(struct menu *);

	void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *e);
	void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *e);
	void mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent *e);
	void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *e);
	void mouseDoubleClickEvent(QMouseEvent *e);
	void focusInEvent(QFocusEvent *e);
	void contextMenuEvent(QContextMenuEvent *e);

public slots:
	void setRootMenu(struct menu *menu);

	void updateList(ConfigItem *item);
	void setValue(ConfigItem* item, tristate val);
	void changeValue(ConfigItem* item);
	void updateSelection(void);
	void saveSettings(void);
	void menuChanged(struct menu *menu);
	void menuSelected(struct menu *menu);
	void parentSelected(void);
	void gotFocus(struct menu *);

void updateListAll(void) { updateAll = true; updateList(NULL); updateAll = false; }


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ConfigList* listView() { return this; }


boris barbulovskiboris barbulovski9100.00%1100.00%

ConfigItem* firstChild() const { return (ConfigItem *)children().first(); }
void addColumn(colIdx idx) { showColumn(idx); }


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void removeColumn(colIdx idx) { hideColumn(idx); }


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void setAllOpen(bool open); void setParentMenu(void); bool menuSkip(struct menu *); void updateMenuList(ConfigItem *parent, struct menu*); void updateMenuList(ConfigList *parent, struct menu*); bool updateAll; QPixmap symbolYesPix, symbolModPix, symbolNoPix; QPixmap choiceYesPix, choiceNoPix; QPixmap menuPix, menuInvPix, menuBackPix, voidPix; bool showName, showRange, showData; enum listMode mode; enum optionMode optMode; struct menu *rootEntry; QPalette disabledColorGroup; QPalette inactivedColorGroup; QMenu* headerPopup; }; class ConfigItem : public QTreeWidgetItem { typedef class QTreeWidgetItem Parent; public: ConfigItem(ConfigList *parent, ConfigItem *after, struct menu *m, bool v) : Parent(parent, after), nextItem(0), menu(m), visible(v), goParent(false) { init(); } ConfigItem(ConfigItem *parent, ConfigItem *after, struct menu *m, bool v) : Parent(parent, after), nextItem(0), menu(m), visible(v), goParent(false) { init(); } ConfigItem(ConfigList *parent, ConfigItem *after, bool v) : Parent(parent, after), nextItem(0), menu(0), visible(v), goParent(true) { init(); } ~ConfigItem(void); void init(void); void okRename(int col); void updateMenu(void); void testUpdateMenu(bool v); ConfigList* listView() const { return (ConfigList*)Parent::treeWidget(); } ConfigItem* firstChild() const { return (ConfigItem *)Parent::child(0); }
ConfigItem* nextSibling() { ConfigItem *ret = NULL; ConfigItem *_parent = (ConfigItem *)parent(); if(_parent) { ret = (ConfigItem *)_parent->child(_parent->indexOfChild(this)+1); } else { QTreeWidget *_treeWidget = treeWidget(); ret = (ConfigItem *)_treeWidget->topLevelItem(_treeWidget->indexOfTopLevelItem(this)+1); } return ret; }


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void setText(colIdx idx, const QString& text) { Parent::setText(idx, text); }


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QString text(colIdx idx) const { return Parent::text(idx); }
void setPixmap(colIdx idx, const QIcon &icon) { Parent::setIcon(idx, icon); }


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const QIcon pixmap(colIdx idx) const { return icon(idx); } // TODO: Implement paintCell ConfigItem* nextItem; struct menu *menu; bool visible; bool goParent; }; class ConfigLineEdit : public QLineEdit { Q_OBJECT typedef class QLineEdit Parent; public: ConfigLineEdit(ConfigView* parent); ConfigView* parent(void) const { return (ConfigView*)Parent::parent(); } void show(ConfigItem *i); void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *e); public: ConfigItem *item; }; class ConfigView : public QWidget { Q_OBJECT typedef class QWidget Parent; public: ConfigView(QWidget* parent, const char *name = 0); ~ConfigView(void); static void updateList(ConfigItem* item); static void updateListAll(void); bool showName(void) const { return list->showName; } bool showRange(void) const { return list->showRange; } bool showData(void) const { return list->showData; } public slots: void setShowName(bool); void setShowRange(bool); void setShowData(bool); void setOptionMode(QAction *); signals: void showNameChanged(bool); void showRangeChanged(bool); void showDataChanged(bool); public: ConfigList* list; ConfigLineEdit* lineEdit; static ConfigView* viewList; ConfigView* nextView; static QAction *showNormalAction; static QAction *showAllAction; static QAction *showPromptAction; }; class ConfigInfoView : public QTextBrowser { Q_OBJECT typedef class QTextBrowser Parent; public: ConfigInfoView(QWidget* parent, const char *name = 0); bool showDebug(void) const { return _showDebug; } public slots: void setInfo(struct menu *menu); void saveSettings(void); void setShowDebug(bool); signals: void showDebugChanged(bool); void menuSelected(struct menu *); protected: void symbolInfo(void); void menuInfo(void); QString debug_info(struct symbol *sym); static QString print_filter(const QString &str); static void expr_print_help(void *data, struct symbol *sym, const char *str); QMenu *createStandardContextMenu(const QPoint & pos); void contextMenuEvent(QContextMenuEvent *e); struct symbol *sym; struct menu *_menu; bool _showDebug; }; class ConfigSearchWindow : public QDialog { Q_OBJECT typedef class QDialog Parent; public: ConfigSearchWindow(ConfigMainWindow* parent, const char *name = 0); public slots: void saveSettings(void); void search(void); protected: QLineEdit* editField; QPushButton* searchButton; QSplitter* split; ConfigView* list; ConfigInfoView* info; struct symbol **result; }; class ConfigMainWindow : public QMainWindow { Q_OBJECT static QAction *saveAction; static void conf_changed(void); public: ConfigMainWindow(void); public slots: void changeMenu(struct menu *); void setMenuLink(struct menu *); void listFocusChanged(void); void goBack(void); void loadConfig(void); bool saveConfig(void); void saveConfigAs(void); void searchConfig(void); void showSingleView(void); void showSplitView(void); void showFullView(void); void showIntro(void); void showAbout(void); void saveSettings(void); protected: void closeEvent(QCloseEvent *e); ConfigSearchWindow *searchWindow; ConfigView *menuView; ConfigList *menuList; ConfigView *configView; ConfigList *configList; ConfigInfoView *helpText; QToolBar *toolBar; QAction *backAction; QAction *singleViewAction; QAction *splitViewAction; QAction *fullViewAction; QSplitter *split1; QSplitter *split2; };

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