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Release 4.10 tools/perf/builtin-report.c

Directory: tools/perf
 * builtin-report.c
 * Builtin report command: Analyze the input file,
 * look up and read DSOs and symbol information and display
 * a histogram of results, along various sorting keys.
#include "builtin.h"

#include "util/util.h"
#include "util/config.h"

#include "util/annotate.h"
#include "util/color.h"
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/rbtree.h>
#include "util/symbol.h"
#include "util/callchain.h"
#include "util/strlist.h"
#include "util/values.h"

#include "perf.h"
#include "util/debug.h"
#include "util/evlist.h"
#include "util/evsel.h"
#include "util/header.h"
#include "util/session.h"
#include "util/tool.h"

#include <subcmd/parse-options.h>
#include <subcmd/exec-cmd.h>
#include "util/parse-events.h"

#include "util/thread.h"
#include "util/sort.h"
#include "util/hist.h"
#include "util/data.h"
#include "arch/common.h"
#include "util/time-utils.h"
#include "util/auxtrace.h"

#include <dlfcn.h>
#include <linux/bitmap.h>
#include <linux/stringify.h>

struct report {
struct perf_tool	tool;
struct perf_session	*session;

bool			use_tui, use_gtk, use_stdio;
bool			show_full_info;
bool			show_threads;
bool			inverted_callchain;
bool			mem_mode;
bool			header;
bool			header_only;
bool			nonany_branch_mode;
int			max_stack;
struct perf_read_values	show_threads_values;
const char		*pretty_printing_style;
const char		*cpu_list;
const char		*symbol_filter_str;
const char		*time_str;
struct perf_time_interval ptime;
float			min_percent;
u64			nr_entries;
u64			queue_size;
int			socket_filter;

static int report__config(const char *var, const char *value, void *cb) { struct report *rep = cb; if (!strcmp(var, "")) { symbol_conf.event_group = perf_config_bool(var, value); return 0; } if (!strcmp(var, "report.percent-limit")) { double pcnt = strtof(value, NULL); rep->min_percent = pcnt; callchain_param.min_percent = pcnt; return 0; } if (!strcmp(var, "report.children")) { symbol_conf.cumulate_callchain = perf_config_bool(var, value); return 0; } if (!strcmp(var, "report.queue-size")) { rep->queue_size = perf_config_u64(var, value); return 0; } if (!strcmp(var, "report.sort_order")) { default_sort_order = strdup(value); return 0; } return 0; }


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static int hist_iter__report_callback(struct hist_entry_iter *iter, struct addr_location *al, bool single, void *arg) { int err = 0; struct report *rep = arg; struct hist_entry *he = iter->he; struct perf_evsel *evsel = iter->evsel; struct mem_info *mi; struct branch_info *bi; if (!ui__has_annotation()) return 0; hist__account_cycles(iter->sample->branch_stack, al, iter->sample, rep->nonany_branch_mode); if (sort__mode == SORT_MODE__BRANCH) { bi = he->branch_info; err = addr_map_symbol__inc_samples(&bi->from, evsel->idx); if (err) goto out; err = addr_map_symbol__inc_samples(&bi->to, evsel->idx); } else if (rep->mem_mode) { mi = he->mem_info; err = addr_map_symbol__inc_samples(&mi->daddr, evsel->idx); if (err) goto out; err = hist_entry__inc_addr_samples(he, evsel->idx, al->addr); } else if (symbol_conf.cumulate_callchain) { if (single) err = hist_entry__inc_addr_samples(he, evsel->idx, al->addr); } else { err = hist_entry__inc_addr_samples(he, evsel->idx, al->addr); } out: return err; }


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static int process_sample_event(struct perf_tool *tool, union perf_event *event, struct perf_sample *sample, struct perf_evsel *evsel, struct machine *machine) { struct report *rep = container_of(tool, struct report, tool); struct addr_location al; struct hist_entry_iter iter = { .evsel = evsel, .sample = sample, .hide_unresolved = symbol_conf.hide_unresolved, .add_entry_cb = hist_iter__report_callback, }; int ret = 0; if (perf_time__skip_sample(&rep->ptime, sample->time)) return 0; if (machine__resolve(machine, &al, sample) < 0) { pr_debug("problem processing %d event, skipping it.\n", event->header.type); return -1; } if (symbol_conf.hide_unresolved && al.sym == NULL) goto out_put; if (rep->cpu_list && !test_bit(sample->cpu, rep->cpu_bitmap)) goto out_put; if (sort__mode == SORT_MODE__BRANCH) { /* * A non-synthesized event might not have a branch stack if * branch stacks have been synthesized (using itrace options). */ if (!sample->branch_stack) goto out_put; iter.ops = &hist_iter_branch; } else if (rep->mem_mode) { iter.ops = &hist_iter_mem; } else if (symbol_conf.cumulate_callchain) { iter.ops = &hist_iter_cumulative; } else { iter.ops = &hist_iter_normal; } if ( != NULL)>dso->hit = 1; ret = hist_entry_iter__add(&iter, &al, rep->max_stack, rep); if (ret < 0) pr_debug("problem adding hist entry, skipping event\n"); out_put: addr_location__put(&al); return ret; }


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static int process_read_event(struct perf_tool *tool, union perf_event *event, struct perf_sample *sample __maybe_unused, struct perf_evsel *evsel, struct machine *machine __maybe_unused) { struct report *rep = container_of(tool, struct report, tool); if (rep->show_threads) { const char *name = evsel ? perf_evsel__name(evsel) : "unknown"; int err = perf_read_values_add_value(&rep->show_threads_values, event->, event->read.tid, event->, name, event->read.value); if (err) return err; } dump_printf(": %d %d %s %" PRIu64 "\n", event->, event->read.tid, evsel ? perf_evsel__name(evsel) : "FAIL", event->read.value); return 0; }


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/* For pipe mode, sample_type is not currently set */
static int report__setup_sample_type(struct report *rep) { struct perf_session *session = rep->session; u64 sample_type = perf_evlist__combined_sample_type(session->evlist); bool is_pipe = perf_data_file__is_pipe(session->file); if (session->itrace_synth_opts->callchain || (!is_pipe && perf_header__has_feat(&session->header, HEADER_AUXTRACE) && !session->itrace_synth_opts->set)) sample_type |= PERF_SAMPLE_CALLCHAIN; if (session->itrace_synth_opts->last_branch) sample_type |= PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH_STACK; if (!is_pipe && !(sample_type & PERF_SAMPLE_CALLCHAIN)) { if (perf_hpp_list.parent) { ui__error("Selected --sort parent, but no " "callchain data. Did you call " "'perf record' without -g?\n"); return -EINVAL; } if (symbol_conf.use_callchain) { ui__error("Selected -g or --branch-history but no " "callchain data. Did\n" "you call 'perf record' without -g?\n"); return -1; } } else if (!callchain_param.enabled && callchain_param.mode != CHAIN_NONE && !symbol_conf.use_callchain) { symbol_conf.use_callchain = true; if (callchain_register_param(&callchain_param) < 0) { ui__error("Can't register callchain params.\n"); return -EINVAL; } } if (symbol_conf.cumulate_callchain) { /* Silently ignore if callchain is missing */ if (!(sample_type & PERF_SAMPLE_CALLCHAIN)) { symbol_conf.cumulate_callchain = false; perf_hpp__cancel_cumulate(); } } if (sort__mode == SORT_MODE__BRANCH) { if (!is_pipe && !(sample_type & PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH_STACK)) { ui__error("Selected -b but no branch data. " "Did you call perf record without -b?\n"); return -1; } } if (symbol_conf.use_callchain || symbol_conf.cumulate_callchain) { if ((sample_type & PERF_SAMPLE_REGS_USER) && (sample_type & PERF_SAMPLE_STACK_USER)) callchain_param.record_mode = CALLCHAIN_DWARF; else if (sample_type & PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH_STACK) callchain_param.record_mode = CALLCHAIN_LBR; else callchain_param.record_mode = CALLCHAIN_FP; } /* ??? handle more cases than just ANY? */ if (!(perf_evlist__combined_branch_type(session->evlist) & PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH_ANY)) rep->nonany_branch_mode = true; return 0; }


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static void sig_handler(int sig __maybe_unused) { session_done = 1; }


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static size_t hists__fprintf_nr_sample_events(struct hists *hists, struct report *rep, const char *evname, FILE *fp) { size_t ret; char unit; unsigned long nr_samples = hists->stats.nr_events[PERF_RECORD_SAMPLE]; u64 nr_events = hists->stats.total_period; struct perf_evsel *evsel = hists_to_evsel(hists); char buf[512]; size_t size = sizeof(buf); int socked_id = hists->socket_filter; if (symbol_conf.filter_relative) { nr_samples = hists->stats.nr_non_filtered_samples; nr_events = hists->stats.total_non_filtered_period; } if (perf_evsel__is_group_event(evsel)) { struct perf_evsel *pos; perf_evsel__group_desc(evsel, buf, size); evname = buf; for_each_group_member(pos, evsel) { const struct hists *pos_hists = evsel__hists(pos); if (symbol_conf.filter_relative) { nr_samples += pos_hists->stats.nr_non_filtered_samples; nr_events += pos_hists->stats.total_non_filtered_period; } else { nr_samples += pos_hists->stats.nr_events[PERF_RECORD_SAMPLE]; nr_events += pos_hists->stats.total_period; } } } nr_samples = convert_unit(nr_samples, &unit); ret = fprintf(fp, "# Samples: %lu%c", nr_samples, unit); if (evname != NULL) ret += fprintf(fp, " of event '%s'", evname); if (symbol_conf.show_ref_callgraph && strstr(evname, "call-graph=no")) { ret += fprintf(fp, ", show reference callgraph"); } if (rep->mem_mode) { ret += fprintf(fp, "\n# Total weight : %" PRIu64, nr_events); ret += fprintf(fp, "\n# Sort order : %s", sort_order ? : default_mem_sort_order); } else ret += fprintf(fp, "\n# Event count (approx.): %" PRIu64, nr_events); if (socked_id > -1) ret += fprintf(fp, "\n# Processor Socket: %d", socked_id); return ret + fprintf(fp, "\n#\n"); }


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static int perf_evlist__tty_browse_hists(struct perf_evlist *evlist, struct report *rep, const char *help) { struct perf_evsel *pos; fprintf(stdout, "#\n# Total Lost Samples: %" PRIu64 "\n#\n", evlist->stats.total_lost_samples); evlist__for_each_entry(evlist, pos) { struct hists *hists = evsel__hists(pos); const char *evname = perf_evsel__name(pos); if (symbol_conf.event_group && !perf_evsel__is_group_leader(pos)) continue; hists__fprintf_nr_sample_events(hists, rep, evname, stdout); hists__fprintf(hists, true, 0, 0, rep->min_percent, stdout, symbol_conf.use_callchain); fprintf(stdout, "\n\n"); } if (sort_order == NULL && parent_pattern == default_parent_pattern) fprintf(stdout, "#\n# (%s)\n#\n", help); if (rep->show_threads) { bool style = !strcmp(rep->pretty_printing_style, "raw"); perf_read_values_display(stdout, &rep->show_threads_values, style); perf_read_values_destroy(&rep->show_threads_values); } return 0; }


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static void report__warn_kptr_restrict(const struct report *rep) { struct map *kernel_map = machine__kernel_map(&rep->session->; struct kmap *kernel_kmap = kernel_map ? map__kmap(kernel_map) : NULL; if (kernel_map == NULL || (kernel_map->dso->hit && (kernel_kmap->ref_reloc_sym == NULL || kernel_kmap->ref_reloc_sym->addr == 0))) { const char *desc = "As no suitable kallsyms nor vmlinux was found, kernel samples\n" "can't be resolved."; if (kernel_map) { const struct dso *kdso = kernel_map->dso; if (!RB_EMPTY_ROOT(&kdso->symbols[MAP__FUNCTION])) { desc = "If some relocation was applied (e.g. " "kexec) symbols may be misresolved."; } } ui__warning( "Kernel address maps (/proc/{kallsyms,modules}) were restricted.\n\n" "Check /proc/sys/kernel/kptr_restrict before running 'perf record'.\n\n%s\n\n" "Samples in kernel modules can't be resolved as well.\n\n", desc); } }


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wang nanwang nan43.10%133.33%

static int report__gtk_browse_hists(struct report *rep, const char *help) { int (*hist_browser)(struct perf_evlist *evlist, const char *help, struct hist_browser_timer *timer, float min_pcnt); hist_browser = dlsym(perf_gtk_handle, "perf_evlist__gtk_browse_hists"); if (hist_browser == NULL) { ui__error("GTK browser not found!\n"); return -1; } return hist_browser(rep->session->evlist, help, NULL, rep->min_percent); }


arnaldo carvalho de meloarnaldo carvalho de melo85100.00%1100.00%

static int report__browse_hists(struct report *rep) { int ret; struct perf_session *session = rep->session; struct perf_evlist *evlist = session->evlist; const char *help = perf_tip(system_path(TIPDIR)); if (help == NULL) { /* fallback for people who don't install perf ;-) */ help = perf_tip(DOCDIR); if (help == NULL) help = "Cannot load tips.txt file, please install perf!"; } switch (use_browser) { case 1: ret = perf_evlist__tui_browse_hists(evlist, help, NULL, rep->min_percent, &session->header.env); /* * Usually "ret" is the last pressed key, and we only * care if the key notifies us to switch data file. */ if (ret != K_SWITCH_INPUT_DATA) ret = 0; break; case 2: ret = report__gtk_browse_hists(rep, help); break; default: ret = perf_evlist__tty_browse_hists(evlist, rep, help); break; } return ret; }


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namhyung kimnamhyung kim3323.08%266.67%

static int report__collapse_hists(struct report *rep) { struct ui_progress prog; struct perf_evsel *pos; int ret = 0; ui_progress__init(&prog, rep->nr_entries, "Merging related events..."); evlist__for_each_entry(rep->session->evlist, pos) { struct hists *hists = evsel__hists(pos); if (pos->idx == 0) hists->symbol_filter_str = rep->symbol_filter_str; hists->socket_filter = rep->socket_filter; ret = hists__collapse_resort(hists, &prog); if (ret < 0) break; /* Non-group events are considered as leader */ if (symbol_conf.event_group && !perf_evsel__is_group_leader(pos)) { struct hists *leader_hists = evsel__hists(pos->leader); hists__match(leader_hists, hists); hists__link(leader_hists, hists); } } ui_progress__finish(); return ret; }


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namhyung kimnamhyung kim2114.69%228.57%
kan liangkan liang85.59%114.29%

static void report__output_resort(struct report *rep) { struct ui_progress prog; struct perf_evsel *pos; ui_progress__init(&prog, rep->nr_entries, "Sorting events for output..."); evlist__for_each_entry(rep->session->evlist, pos) perf_evsel__output_resort(pos, &prog); ui_progress__finish(); }


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jiri olsajiri olsa12.04%133.33%
arnaldo carvalho de meloarnaldo carvalho de melo12.04%133.33%

static int __cmd_report(struct report *rep) { int ret; struct perf_session *session = rep->session; struct perf_evsel *pos; struct perf_data_file *file = session->file; signal(SIGINT, sig_handler); if (rep->cpu_list) { ret = perf_session__cpu_bitmap(session, rep->cpu_list, rep->cpu_bitmap); if (ret) { ui__error("failed to set cpu bitmap\n"); return ret; } } if (rep->show_threads) { ret = perf_read_values_init(&rep->show_threads_values); if (ret) return ret; } ret = report__setup_sample_type(rep); if (ret) { /* report__setup_sample_type() already showed error message */ return ret; } ret = perf_session__process_events(session); if (ret) { ui__error("failed to process sample\n"); return ret; } report__warn_kptr_restrict(rep); evlist__for_each_entry(session->evlist, pos) rep->nr_entries += evsel__hists(pos)->nr_entries; if (use_browser == 0) { if (verbose > 3) perf_session__fprintf(session, stdout); if (verbose > 2) perf_session__fprintf_dsos(session, stdout); if (dump_trace) { perf_session__fprintf_nr_events(session, stdout); perf_evlist__fprintf_nr_events(session->evlist, stdout); return 0; } } ret = report__collapse_hists(rep); if (ret) { ui__error("failed to process hist entry\n"); return ret; } if (session_done()) return 0; /* * recalculate number of entries after collapsing since it * might be changed during the collapse phase. */ rep->nr_entries = 0; evlist__for_each_entry(session->evlist, pos) rep->nr_entries += evsel__hists(pos)->nr_entries; if (rep->nr_entries == 0) { ui__error("The %s file has no samples!\n", file->path); return 0; } report__output_resort(rep); return report__browse_hists(rep); }


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brice goglinbrice goglin10.32%11.92%
david aherndavid ahern10.32%11.92%

static int report_parse_callchain_opt(const struct option *opt, const char *arg, int unset) { struct callchain_param *callchain = opt->value; callchain->