cregit-Linux how code gets into the kernel

Release 4.10 tools/perf/pmu-events/jevents.h

#ifndef JEVENTS_H

#define JEVENTS_H 1

int json_events(const char *fn,
		int (*func)(void *data, char *name, char *event, char *desc,
				char *long_desc),
		void *data);
char *get_cpu_str(void);

#ifndef min

#define min(x, y) ({                            \
        typeof(x) _min1 = (x);                  \
        typeof(y) _min2 = (y);                  \
        (void) (&_min1 == &_min2);              \
        _min1 < _min2 ? _min1 : _min2; })


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