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Release 4.10 tools/perf/util/build-id.h

Directory: tools/perf/util
#ifndef PERF_BUILD_ID_H_

#define PERF_BUILD_ID_H_ 1

#define BUILD_ID_SIZE	20

#define SBUILD_ID_SIZE	(BUILD_ID_SIZE * 2 + 1)

#include "tool.h"
#include "strlist.h"
#include <linux/types.h>

extern struct perf_tool build_id__mark_dso_hit_ops;
struct dso;

int build_id__sprintf(const u8 *build_id, int len, char *bf);
int sysfs__sprintf_build_id(const char *root_dir, char *sbuild_id);
int filename__sprintf_build_id(const char *pathname, char *sbuild_id);
char *build_id_cache__kallsyms_path(const char *sbuild_id, char *bf,
				    size_t size);

char *dso__build_id_filename(const struct dso *dso, char *bf, size_t size);
bool dso__build_id_is_kmod(const struct dso *dso, char *bf, size_t size);

int build_id__mark_dso_hit(struct perf_tool *tool, union perf_event *event,
			   struct perf_sample *sample, struct perf_evsel *evsel,
			   struct machine *machine);

int dsos__hit_all(struct perf_session *session);

bool perf_session__read_build_ids(struct perf_session *session, bool with_hits);
int perf_session__write_buildid_table(struct perf_session *session, int fd);
int perf_session__cache_build_ids(struct perf_session *session);

char *build_id_cache__origname(const char *sbuild_id);
char *build_id_cache__linkname(const char *sbuild_id, char *bf, size_t size);
char *build_id_cache__cachedir(const char *sbuild_id, const char *name,
			       bool is_kallsyms, bool is_vdso);
struct strlist *build_id_cache__list_all(bool validonly);
char *build_id_cache__complement(const char *incomplete_sbuild_id);
int build_id_cache__list_build_ids(const char *pathname,
				   struct strlist **result);
bool build_id_cache__cached(const char *sbuild_id);
int build_id_cache__add_s(const char *sbuild_id,
			  const char *name, bool is_kallsyms, bool is_vdso);
int build_id_cache__remove_s(const char *sbuild_id);
void disable_buildid_cache(void);


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