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Release 4.10 tools/perf/util/comm.h

Directory: tools/perf/util
#ifndef __PERF_COMM_H

#define __PERF_COMM_H

#include "../perf.h"
#include <linux/rbtree.h>
#include <linux/list.h>

struct comm_str;

struct comm {
struct comm_str *comm_str;
u64 start;
struct list_head list;
bool exec;
	union { /* Tool specific area */
void	*priv;
u64	db_id;

void comm__free(struct comm *comm);
struct comm *comm__new(const char *str, u64 timestamp, bool exec);
const char *comm__str(const struct comm *comm);
int comm__override(struct comm *comm, const char *str, u64 timestamp,
		   bool exec);

#endif  /* __PERF_COMM_H */

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Directory: tools/perf/util
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