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Release 4.10 tools/perf/util/env.h

Directory: tools/perf/util
#ifndef __PERF_ENV_H

#define __PERF_ENV_H

#include <linux/types.h>
#include "cpumap.h"

struct cpu_topology_map {
int	socket_id;
int	core_id;

struct cpu_cache_level {
u32	level;
u32	line_size;
u32	sets;
u32	ways;
char	*type;
char	*size;
char	*map;

struct numa_node {
u32		 node;
u64		 mem_total;
u64		 mem_free;
struct cpu_map	*map;

struct perf_env {
char			*hostname;
char			*os_release;
char			*version;
char			*arch;
int			nr_cpus_online;
int			nr_cpus_avail;
char			*cpu_desc;
char			*cpuid;
unsigned long long	total_mem;
unsigned int		msr_pmu_type;

int			nr_cmdline;
int			nr_sibling_cores;
int			nr_sibling_threads;
int			nr_numa_nodes;
int			nr_pmu_mappings;
int			nr_groups;
char			*cmdline;
const char		**cmdline_argv;
char			*sibling_cores;
char			*sibling_threads;
char			*pmu_mappings;
struct cpu_topology_map	*cpu;
struct cpu_cache_level	*caches;
int			 caches_cnt;
struct numa_node	*numa_nodes;

extern struct perf_env perf_env;

void perf_env__exit(struct perf_env *env);

int perf_env__set_cmdline(struct perf_env *env, int argc, const char *argv[]);

int perf_env__read_cpu_topology_map(struct perf_env *env);

void cpu_cache_level__free(struct cpu_cache_level *cache);
#endif /* __PERF_ENV_H */

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Directory: tools/perf/util
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