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Release 4.10 tools/perf/util/llvm-utils.h

Directory: tools/perf/util
 * Copyright (C) 2015, Wang Nan <>
 * Copyright (C) 2015, Huawei Inc.
#ifndef __LLVM_UTILS_H

#define __LLVM_UTILS_H

#include "debug.h"

struct llvm_param {
	/* Path of clang executable */
const char *clang_path;
         * Template of clang bpf compiling. 5 env variables
         * can be used:
         *   $CLANG_EXEC:               Path to clang.
         *   $CLANG_OPTIONS:            Extra options to clang.
         *   $KERNEL_INC_OPTIONS:       Kernel include directories.
         *   $WORKING_DIR:              Kernel source directory.
         *   $CLANG_SOURCE:             Source file to be compiled.
const char *clang_bpf_cmd_template;
	/* Will be filled in $CLANG_OPTIONS */
const char *clang_opt;
	/* Where to find kbuild system */
const char *kbuild_dir;
         * Arguments passed to make, like 'ARCH=arm' if doing cross
         * compiling. Should not be used for dynamic compiling.
const char *kbuild_opts;
         * Default is false. If set to true, write compiling result
         * to object file.
bool dump_obj;
         * Default is false. If one of the above fields is set by user
         * explicitly then user_set_llvm is set to true. This is used
         * for perf test. If user doesn't set anything in .perfconfig
         * and clang is not found, don't trigger llvm test.
bool user_set_param;

extern struct llvm_param llvm_param;
int perf_llvm_config(const char *var, const char *value);

int llvm__compile_bpf(const char *path, void **p_obj_buf, size_t *p_obj_buf_sz);

/* This function is for test__llvm() use only */
int llvm__search_clang(void);

/* Following functions are reused by builtin clang support */
void llvm__get_kbuild_opts(char **kbuild_dir, char **kbuild_include_opts);
int llvm__get_nr_cpus(void);

void llvm__dump_obj(const char *path, void *obj_buf, size_t size);

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