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Release 4.10 tools/perf/util/lzma.c

Directory: tools/perf/util
#include <lzma.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <linux/compiler.h>
#include "util.h"
#include "debug.h"

#define BUFSIZE 8192

static const char *lzma_strerror(lzma_ret ret) { switch ((int) ret) { case LZMA_MEM_ERROR: return "Memory allocation failed"; case LZMA_OPTIONS_ERROR: return "Unsupported decompressor flags"; case LZMA_FORMAT_ERROR: return "The input is not in the .xz format"; case LZMA_DATA_ERROR: return "Compressed file is corrupt"; case LZMA_BUF_ERROR: return "Compressed file is truncated or otherwise corrupt"; default: return "Unknown error, possibly a bug"; } }


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int lzma_decompress_to_file(const char *input, int output_fd) { lzma_action action = LZMA_RUN; lzma_stream strm = LZMA_STREAM_INIT; lzma_ret ret; int err = -1; u8 buf_in[BUFSIZE]; u8 buf_out[BUFSIZE]; FILE *infile; infile = fopen(input, "rb"); if (!infile) { pr_err("lzma: fopen failed on %s: '%s'\n", input, strerror(errno)); return -1; } ret = lzma_stream_decoder(&strm, UINT64_MAX, LZMA_CONCATENATED); if (ret != LZMA_OK) { pr_err("lzma: lzma_stream_decoder failed %s (%d)\n", lzma_strerror(ret), ret); goto err_fclose; } strm.next_in = NULL; strm.avail_in = 0; strm.next_out = buf_out; strm.avail_out = sizeof(buf_out); while (1) { if (strm.avail_in == 0 && !feof(infile)) { strm.next_in = buf_in; strm.avail_in = fread(buf_in, 1, sizeof(buf_in), infile); if (ferror(infile)) { pr_err("lzma: read error: %s\n", strerror(errno)); goto err_fclose; } if (feof(infile)) action = LZMA_FINISH; } ret = lzma_code(&strm, action); if (strm.avail_out == 0 || ret == LZMA_STREAM_END) { ssize_t write_size = sizeof(buf_out) - strm.avail_out; if (writen(output_fd, buf_out, write_size) != write_size) { pr_err("lzma: write error: %s\n", strerror(errno)); goto err_fclose; } strm.next_out = buf_out; strm.avail_out = sizeof(buf_out); } if (ret != LZMA_OK) { if (ret == LZMA_STREAM_END) break; pr_err("lzma: failed %s\n", lzma_strerror(ret)); goto err_fclose; } } err = 0; err_fclose: fclose(infile); return err; }


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Directory: tools/perf/util
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