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Release 4.10 tools/perf/util/mem-events.h

Directory: tools/perf/util


#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include "stat.h"

struct perf_mem_event {
bool		record;
bool		supported;
const char	*tag;
const char	*name;
const char	*sysfs_name;

enum {

extern struct perf_mem_event perf_mem_events[PERF_MEM_EVENTS__MAX];
extern unsigned int perf_mem_events__loads_ldlat;

int perf_mem_events__parse(const char *str);
int perf_mem_events__init(void);

char *perf_mem_events__name(int i);

struct mem_info;
int perf_mem__tlb_scnprintf(char *out, size_t sz, struct mem_info *mem_info);
int perf_mem__lvl_scnprintf(char *out, size_t sz, struct mem_info *mem_info);
int perf_mem__snp_scnprintf(char *out, size_t sz, struct mem_info *mem_info);
int perf_mem__lck_scnprintf(char *out, size_t sz, struct mem_info *mem_info);

int perf_script__meminfo_scnprintf(char *bf, size_t size, struct mem_info *mem_info);

struct c2c_stats {
u32	nr_entries;

u32	locks;               /* count of 'lock' transactions */
u32	store;               /* count of all stores in trace */
u32	st_uncache;          /* stores to uncacheable address */
u32	st_noadrs;           /* cacheable store with no address */
u32	st_l1hit;            /* count of stores that hit L1D */
u32	st_l1miss;           /* count of stores that miss L1D */
u32	load;                /* count of all loads in trace */
u32	ld_excl;             /* exclusive loads, rmt/lcl DRAM - snp none/miss */
u32	ld_shared;           /* shared loads, rmt/lcl DRAM - snp hit */
u32	ld_uncache;          /* loads to uncacheable address */
u32	ld_io;               /* loads to io address */
u32	ld_miss;             /* loads miss */
u32	ld_noadrs;           /* cacheable load with no address */
u32	ld_fbhit;            /* count of loads hitting Fill Buffer */
u32	ld_l1hit;            /* count of loads that hit L1D */
u32	ld_l2hit;            /* count of loads that hit L2D */
u32	ld_llchit;           /* count of loads that hit LLC */
u32	lcl_hitm;            /* count of loads with local HITM  */
u32	rmt_hitm;            /* count of loads with remote HITM */
u32	tot_hitm;            /* count of loads with local and remote HITM */
u32	rmt_hit;             /* count of loads with remote hit clean; */
u32	lcl_dram;            /* count of loads miss to local DRAM */
u32	rmt_dram;            /* count of loads miss to remote DRAM */
u32	nomap;               /* count of load/stores with no phys adrs */
u32	noparse;             /* count of unparsable data sources */

struct hist_entry;
int c2c_decode_stats(struct c2c_stats *stats, struct mem_info *mi);
void c2c_add_stats(struct c2c_stats *stats, struct c2c_stats *add);

#endif /* __PERF_MEM_EVENTS_H */

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