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Release 4.10 tools/perf/util/probe-finder.h

Directory: tools/perf/util


#include <stdbool.h>
#include "util.h"
#include "intlist.h"
#include "probe-event.h"

#define MAX_PROBE_BUFFER	1024

#define MAX_PROBES		 128

#define MAX_PROBE_ARGS		 128

#define PROBE_ARG_VARS		"$vars"

#define PROBE_ARG_PARAMS	"$params"

static inline int is_c_varname(const char *name) { /* TODO */ return isalpha(name[0]) || name[0] == '_'; }


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#ifdef HAVE_DWARF_SUPPORT #include "dwarf-aux.h" /* TODO: export debuginfo data structure even if no dwarf support */ /* debug information structure */ struct debuginfo { Dwarf *dbg; Dwfl_Module *mod; Dwfl *dwfl; Dwarf_Addr bias; }; /* This also tries to open distro debuginfo */ struct debuginfo *debuginfo__new(const char *path); void debuginfo__delete(struct debuginfo *dbg); /* Find probe_trace_events specified by perf_probe_event from debuginfo */ int debuginfo__find_trace_events(struct debuginfo *dbg, struct perf_probe_event *pev, struct probe_trace_event **tevs); /* Find a perf_probe_point from debuginfo */ int debuginfo__find_probe_point(struct debuginfo *dbg, unsigned long addr, struct perf_probe_point *ppt); int debuginfo__get_text_offset(struct debuginfo *dbg, Dwarf_Addr *offs, bool adjust_offset); /* Find a line range */ int debuginfo__find_line_range(struct debuginfo *dbg, struct line_range *lr); /* Find available variables */ int debuginfo__find_available_vars_at(struct debuginfo *dbg, struct perf_probe_event *pev, struct variable_list **vls); /* Find a src file from a DWARF tag path */ int get_real_path(const char *raw_path, const char *comp_dir, char **new_path); struct probe_finder { struct perf_probe_event *pev; /* Target probe event */ /* Callback when a probe point is found */ int (*callback)(Dwarf_Die *sc_die, struct probe_finder *pf); /* For function searching */ int lno; /* Line number */ Dwarf_Addr addr; /* Address */ const char *fname; /* Real file name */ Dwarf_Die cu_die; /* Current CU */ Dwarf_Die sp_die; struct intlist *lcache; /* Line cache for lazy match */ /* For variable searching */ #if _ELFUTILS_PREREQ(0, 142) /* Call Frame Information from .eh_frame */ Dwarf_CFI *cfi_eh; /* Call Frame Information from .debug_frame */ Dwarf_CFI *cfi_dbg; #endif Dwarf_Op *fb_ops; /* Frame base attribute */ unsigned int machine; /* Target machine arch */ struct perf_probe_arg *pvar; /* Current target variable */ struct probe_trace_arg *tvar; /* Current result variable */ }; struct trace_event_finder { struct probe_finder pf; Dwfl_Module *mod; /* For solving symbols */ struct probe_trace_event *tevs; /* Found trace events */ int ntevs; /* Number of trace events */ int max_tevs; /* Max number of trace events */ }; struct available_var_finder { struct probe_finder pf; Dwfl_Module *mod; /* For solving symbols */ struct variable_list *vls; /* Found variable lists */ int nvls; /* Number of variable lists */ int max_vls; /* Max no. of variable lists */ bool child; /* Search child scopes */ }; struct line_finder { struct line_range *lr; /* Target line range */ const char *fname; /* File name */ int lno_s; /* Start line number */ int lno_e; /* End line number */ Dwarf_Die cu_die; /* Current CU */ Dwarf_Die sp_die; int found; }; #endif /* HAVE_DWARF_SUPPORT */ #endif /*_PROBE_FINDER_H */

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