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Release 4.10 tools/perf/util/trace-event.h

Directory: tools/perf/util


#include <traceevent/event-parse.h>
#include "parse-events.h"

struct machine;
struct perf_sample;
union perf_event;
struct perf_tool;
struct thread;
struct plugin_list;

struct trace_event {
struct pevent		*pevent;
struct plugin_list	*plugin_list;

int trace_event__init(struct trace_event *t);
void trace_event__cleanup(struct trace_event *t);
int trace_event__register_resolver(struct machine *machine,
				   pevent_func_resolver_t *func);
struct event_format*
trace_event__tp_format(const char *sys, const char *name);

struct event_format *trace_event__tp_format_id(int id);

int bigendian(void);

void event_format__fprintf(struct event_format *event,
			   int cpu, void *data, int size, FILE *fp);

void event_format__print(struct event_format *event,
			 int cpu, void *data, int size);

int parse_ftrace_file(struct pevent *pevent, char *buf, unsigned long size);
int parse_event_file(struct pevent *pevent,
		     char *buf, unsigned long size, char *sys);

unsigned long long
raw_field_value(struct event_format *event, const char *name, void *data);

void parse_proc_kallsyms(struct pevent *pevent, char *file, unsigned int size);
void parse_ftrace_printk(struct pevent *pevent, char *file, unsigned int size);

ssize_t trace_report(int fd, struct trace_event *tevent, bool repipe);

struct event_format *trace_find_next_event(struct pevent *pevent,
					   struct event_format *event);
unsigned long long read_size(struct event_format *event, void *ptr, int size);
unsigned long long eval_flag(const char *flag);

int read_tracing_data(int fd, struct list_head *pattrs);

struct tracing_data {
	/* size is only valid if temp is 'true' */
ssize_t size;
bool temp;
char temp_file[50];

struct tracing_data *tracing_data_get(struct list_head *pattrs,
				      int fd, bool temp);
int tracing_data_put(struct tracing_data *tdata);

struct addr_location;

struct perf_session;
struct perf_stat_config;

struct scripting_ops {
const char *name;
int (*start_script) (const char *script, int argc, const char **argv);
int (*flush_script) (void);
int (*stop_script) (void);
void (*process_event) (union perf_event *event,
			       struct perf_sample *sample,
			       struct perf_evsel *evsel,
			       struct addr_location *al);
void (*process_stat)(struct perf_stat_config *config,
			     struct perf_evsel *evsel, u64 tstamp);
void (*process_stat_interval)(u64 tstamp);
int (*generate_script) (struct pevent *pevent, const char *outfile);

extern unsigned int scripting_max_stack;

int script_spec_register(const char *spec, struct scripting_ops *ops);

void setup_perl_scripting(void);
void setup_python_scripting(void);

struct scripting_context {
struct pevent *pevent;
void *event_data;

int common_pc(struct scripting_context *context);
int common_flags(struct scripting_context *context);
int common_lock_depth(struct scripting_context *context);


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