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Release 4.11 fs/exofs/ore_raid.h

Directory: fs/exofs
 * Copyright (C) from 2011
 * Boaz Harrosh <>
 * This file is part of the objects raid engine (ore).
 * It is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published
 * by the Free Software Foundation.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with "ore". If not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc:
 *      "Free Software Foundation <>"

#include <scsi/osd_ore.h>

#define ORE_ERR(fmt, a...) printk(KERN_ERR "ore: " fmt, ##a)


#define ORE_DBGMSG(fmt, a...) \
	printk(KERN_NOTICE "ore @%s:%d: " fmt, __func__, __LINE__, ##a)

#define ORE_DBGMSG(fmt, a...) \
	do { if (0) printk(fmt, ##a); } while (0)

/* u64 has problems with printk this will cast it to unsigned long long */

#define _LLU(x) (unsigned long long)(x)

#define ORE_DBGMSG2(M...) do {} while (0)
/* #define ORE_DBGMSG2 ORE_DBGMSG */

/* ios_raid.c stuff needed by ios.c */
int _ore_post_alloc_raid_stuff(struct ore_io_state *ios);
void _ore_free_raid_stuff(struct ore_io_state *ios);

void _ore_add_sg_seg(struct ore_per_dev_state *per_dev, unsigned cur_len,
		 bool not_last);
int _ore_add_parity_unit(struct ore_io_state *ios, struct ore_striping_info *si,
		     struct ore_per_dev_state *per_dev, unsigned cur_len,
		     bool do_xor);
void _ore_add_stripe_page(struct __stripe_pages_2d *sp2d,
		       struct ore_striping_info *si, struct page *page);

static inline void _add_stripe_page(struct __stripe_pages_2d *sp2d, struct ore_striping_info *si, struct page *page) { if (!sp2d) /* Inline the fast path */ return; /* Hay no raid stuff */ _ore_add_stripe_page(sp2d, si, page); }


Boaz Harrosh39100.00%1100.00%

/* ios.c stuff needed by ios_raid.c */ int _ore_get_io_state(struct ore_layout *layout, struct ore_components *oc, unsigned numdevs, unsigned sgs_per_dev, unsigned num_par_pages, struct ore_io_state **pios); int _ore_add_stripe_unit(struct ore_io_state *ios, unsigned *cur_pg, unsigned pgbase, struct page **pages, struct ore_per_dev_state *per_dev, int cur_len); int _ore_read_mirror(struct ore_io_state *ios, unsigned cur_comp); int ore_io_execute(struct ore_io_state *ios);

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Directory: fs/exofs
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