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Release 4.12 block/partitions/osf.c

Directory: block/partitions
 *  fs/partitions/osf.c
 *  Code extracted from drivers/block/genhd.c
 *  Copyright (C) 1991-1998  Linus Torvalds
 *  Re-organised Feb 1998 Russell King

#include "check.h"
#include "osf.h"


int osf_partition(struct parsed_partitions *state) { int i; int slot = 1; unsigned int npartitions; Sector sect; unsigned char *data; struct disklabel { __le32 d_magic; __le16 d_type,d_subtype; u8 d_typename[16]; u8 d_packname[16]; __le32 d_secsize; __le32 d_nsectors; __le32 d_ntracks; __le32 d_ncylinders; __le32 d_secpercyl; __le32 d_secprtunit; __le16 d_sparespertrack; __le16 d_sparespercyl; __le32 d_acylinders; __le16 d_rpm, d_interleave, d_trackskew, d_cylskew; __le32 d_headswitch, d_trkseek, d_flags; __le32 d_drivedata[5]; __le32 d_spare[5]; __le32 d_magic2; __le16 d_checksum; __le16 d_npartitions; __le32 d_bbsize, d_sbsize; struct d_partition { __le32 p_size; __le32 p_offset; __le32 p_fsize; u8 p_fstype; u8 p_frag; __le16 p_cpg; } d_partitions[MAX_OSF_PARTITIONS]; } * label; struct d_partition * partition; data = read_part_sector(state, 0, &sect); if (!data) return -1; label = (struct disklabel *) (data+64); partition = label->d_partitions; if (le32_to_cpu(label->d_magic) != DISKLABELMAGIC) { put_dev_sector(sect); return 0; } if (le32_to_cpu(label->d_magic2) != DISKLABELMAGIC) { put_dev_sector(sect); return 0; } npartitions = le16_to_cpu(label->d_npartitions); if (npartitions > MAX_OSF_PARTITIONS) { put_dev_sector(sect); return 0; } for (i = 0 ; i < npartitions; i++, partition++) { if (slot == state->limit) break; if (le32_to_cpu(partition->p_size)) put_partition(state, slot, le32_to_cpu(partition->p_offset), le32_to_cpu(partition->p_size)); slot++; } strlcat(state->pp_buf, "\n", PAGE_SIZE); put_dev_sector(sect); return 1; }


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Directory: block/partitions
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