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Release 4.12 include/crypto/mcryptd.h

Directory: include/crypto
 * Software async multibuffer crypto daemon headers
 *    Author:
 *             Tim Chen <>
 *    Copyright (c) 2014, Intel Corporation.



#include <linux/crypto.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <crypto/hash.h>

struct mcryptd_ahash {
struct crypto_ahash base;

static inline struct mcryptd_ahash *__mcryptd_ahash_cast( struct crypto_ahash *tfm) { return (struct mcryptd_ahash *)tfm; }


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struct mcryptd_cpu_queue { struct crypto_queue queue; struct work_struct work; }; struct mcryptd_queue { struct mcryptd_cpu_queue __percpu *cpu_queue; }; struct mcryptd_instance_ctx { struct crypto_spawn spawn; struct mcryptd_queue *queue; }; struct mcryptd_hash_ctx { struct crypto_ahash *child; struct mcryptd_alg_state *alg_state; }; struct mcryptd_tag { /* seq number of request */ unsigned seq_num; /* arrival time of request */ unsigned long arrival; unsigned long expire; int cpu; }; struct mcryptd_hash_request_ctx { struct list_head waiter; crypto_completion_t complete; struct mcryptd_tag tag; struct crypto_hash_walk walk; u8 *out; int flag; struct ahash_request areq; }; struct mcryptd_ahash *mcryptd_alloc_ahash(const char *alg_name, u32 type, u32 mask); struct crypto_ahash *mcryptd_ahash_child(struct mcryptd_ahash *tfm); struct ahash_request *mcryptd_ahash_desc(struct ahash_request *req); void mcryptd_free_ahash(struct mcryptd_ahash *tfm); void mcryptd_flusher(struct work_struct *work); enum mcryptd_req_type { MCRYPTD_NONE, MCRYPTD_UPDATE, MCRYPTD_FINUP, MCRYPTD_DIGEST, MCRYPTD_FINAL }; struct mcryptd_alg_cstate { unsigned long next_flush; unsigned next_seq_num; bool flusher_engaged; struct delayed_work flush; int cpu; struct mcryptd_alg_state *alg_state; void *mgr; spinlock_t work_lock; struct list_head work_list; struct list_head flush_list; }; struct mcryptd_alg_state { struct mcryptd_alg_cstate __percpu *alg_cstate; unsigned long (*flusher)(struct mcryptd_alg_cstate *cstate); }; /* return delay in jiffies from current time */
static inline unsigned long get_delay(unsigned long t) { long delay; delay = (long) t - (long) jiffies; if (delay <= 0) return 0; else return (unsigned long) delay; }


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void mcryptd_arm_flusher(struct mcryptd_alg_cstate *cstate, unsigned long delay); #endif

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