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 *  linux/include/linux/console.h
 *  Copyright (C) 1993        Hamish Macdonald
 * This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
 * License.  See the file COPYING in the main directory of this archive
 * for more details.
 * Changed:
 * 10-Mar-94: Arno Griffioen: Conversion for vt100 emulator port from PC LINUX


#define _LINUX_CONSOLE_H_ 1

#include <linux/types.h>

struct vc_data;
struct console_font_op;
struct console_font;
struct module;
struct tty_struct;

 * this is what the terminal answers to a ESC-Z or csi0c query.

#define VT100ID "\033[?1;2c"

#define VT102ID "\033[?6c"

enum con_scroll {

 * struct consw - callbacks for consoles
 * @con_scroll: move lines from @top to @bottom in direction @dir by @lines.
 *              Return true if no generic handling should be done.
 *              Invoked by csi_M and printing to the console.
 * @con_set_palette: sets the palette of the console to @table (optional)
 * @con_scrolldelta: the contents of the console should be scrolled by @lines.
 *                   Invoked by user. (optional)

struct consw {
struct module *owner;
const char *(*con_startup)(void);
void	(*con_init)(struct vc_data *, int);
void	(*con_deinit)(struct vc_data *);
void	(*con_clear)(struct vc_data *, int, int, int, int);
void	(*con_putc)(struct vc_data *, int, int, int);
void	(*con_putcs)(struct vc_data *, const unsigned short *, int, int, int);
void	(*con_cursor)(struct vc_data *, int);
bool	(*con_scroll)(struct vc_data *, unsigned int top,
			unsigned int bottom, enum con_scroll dir,
			unsigned int lines);
int	(*con_switch)(struct vc_data *);
int	(*con_blank)(struct vc_data *, int, int);
int	(*con_font_set)(struct vc_data *, struct console_font *, unsigned);
int	(*con_font_get)(struct vc_data *, struct console_font *);
int	(*con_font_default)(struct vc_data *, struct console_font *, char *);
int	(*con_font_copy)(struct vc_data *, int);
int     (*con_resize)(struct vc_data *, unsigned int, unsigned int,
			       unsigned int);
void	(*con_set_palette)(struct vc_data *,
			const unsigned char *table);
void	(*con_scrolldelta)(struct vc_data *, int lines);
int	(*con_set_origin)(struct vc_data *);
void	(*con_save_screen)(struct vc_data *);
u8	(*con_build_attr)(struct vc_data *, u8, u8, u8, u8, u8, u8);
void	(*con_invert_region)(struct vc_data *, u16 *, int);
u16    *(*con_screen_pos)(struct vc_data *, int);
unsigned long (*con_getxy)(struct vc_data *, unsigned long, int *, int *);
         * Flush the video console driver's scrollback buffer
void	(*con_flush_scrollback)(struct vc_data *);
         * Prepare the console for the debugger.  This includes, but is not
         * limited to, unblanking the console, loading an appropriate
         * palette, and allowing debugger generated output.
int	(*con_debug_enter)(struct vc_data *);
         * Restore the console to its pre-debug state as closely as possible.
int	(*con_debug_leave)(struct vc_data *);

extern const struct consw *conswitchp;

extern const struct consw dummy_con;	/* dummy console buffer */
extern const struct consw vga_con;	/* VGA text console */
extern const struct consw newport_con;	/* SGI Newport console  */
extern const struct consw prom_con;	/* SPARC PROM console */

int con_is_bound(const struct consw *csw);
int do_unregister_con_driver(const struct consw *csw);
int do_take_over_console(const struct consw *sw, int first, int last, int deflt);
void give_up_console(const struct consw *sw);
int con_debug_enter(struct vc_data *vc);
int con_debug_leave(void);

static inline int con_debug_enter(struct vc_data *vc) { return 0; }


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Jason Wessel426.67%150.00%

static inline int con_debug_leave(void) { return 0; }


Arnd Bergmann1191.67%150.00%
Jason Wessel18.33%150.00%

#endif /* cursor */ #define CM_DRAW (1) #define CM_ERASE (2) #define CM_MOVE (3) /* * The interface for a console, or any other device that wants to capture * console messages (printer driver?) * * If a console driver is marked CON_BOOT then it will be auto-unregistered * when the first real console is registered. This is for early-printk drivers. */ #define CON_PRINTBUFFER (1) #define CON_CONSDEV (2) /* Last on the command line */ #define CON_ENABLED (4) #define CON_BOOT (8) #define CON_ANYTIME (16) /* Safe to call when cpu is offline */ #define CON_BRL (32) /* Used for a braille device */ #define CON_EXTENDED (64) /* Use the extended output format a la /dev/kmsg */ struct console { char name[16]; void (*write)(struct console *, const char *, unsigned); int (*read)(struct console *, char *, unsigned); struct tty_driver *(*device)(struct console *, int *); void (*unblank)(void); int (*setup)(struct console *, char *); int (*match)(struct console *, char *name, int idx, char *options); short flags; short index; int cflag; void *data; struct console *next; }; /* * for_each_console() allows you to iterate on each console */ #define for_each_console(con) \ for (con = console_drivers; con != NULL; con = con->next) extern int console_set_on_cmdline; extern struct console *early_console; extern int add_preferred_console(char *name, int idx, char *options); extern void register_console(struct console *); extern int unregister_console(struct console *); extern struct console *console_drivers; extern void console_lock(void); extern int console_trylock(void); extern void console_unlock(void); extern void console_conditional_schedule(void); extern void console_unblank(void); extern void console_flush_on_panic(void); extern struct tty_driver *console_device(int *); extern void console_stop(struct console *); extern void console_start(struct console *); extern int is_console_locked(void); extern int braille_register_console(struct console *, int index, char *console_options, char *braille_options); extern int braille_unregister_console(struct console *); #ifdef CONFIG_TTY extern void console_sysfs_notify(void); #else
static inline void console_sysfs_notify(void) { }


Joe Millenbach8100.00%1100.00%

#endif extern bool console_suspend_enabled; /* Suspend and resume console messages over PM events */ extern void suspend_console(void); extern void resume_console(void); int mda_console_init(void); void prom_con_init(void); void vcs_make_sysfs(int index); void vcs_remove_sysfs(int index); /* Some debug stub to catch some of the obvious races in the VT code */ #if 1 #define WARN_CONSOLE_UNLOCKED() WARN_ON(!is_console_locked() && !oops_in_progress) #else #define WARN_CONSOLE_UNLOCKED() #endif /* VESA Blanking Levels */ #define VESA_NO_BLANKING 0 #define VESA_VSYNC_SUSPEND 1 #define VESA_HSYNC_SUSPEND 2 #define VESA_POWERDOWN 3 #ifdef CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE extern bool vgacon_text_force(void); #else
static inline bool vgacon_text_force(void) { return false; }


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#endif extern void console_init(void); #endif /* _LINUX_CONSOLE_H */

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