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 * The full GNU General Public License is included in this distribution in the
 * file called COPYING.
#ifndef DCA_H

#define DCA_H

#include <linux/pci.h>

/* DCA Provider API */

/* DCA Notifier Interface */
void dca_register_notify(struct notifier_block *nb);
void dca_unregister_notify(struct notifier_block *nb);

#define DCA_PROVIDER_ADD     0x0001

#define DCA_PROVIDER_REMOVE  0x0002

struct dca_provider {
struct list_head	node;
const struct dca_ops	*ops;
struct device 		*cd;
int			 id;

struct dca_domain {
struct list_head	node;
struct list_head	dca_providers;
struct pci_bus		*pci_rc;

struct dca_ops {
int	(*add_requester)    (struct dca_provider *, struct device *);
int	(*remove_requester) (struct dca_provider *, struct device *);
u8	(*get_tag)	    (struct dca_provider *, struct device *,
				     int cpu);
int	(*dev_managed)      (struct dca_provider *, struct device *);

struct dca_provider *alloc_dca_provider(const struct dca_ops *ops,
					int priv_size);
void free_dca_provider(struct dca_provider *dca);
int register_dca_provider(struct dca_provider *dca, struct device *dev);
void unregister_dca_provider(struct dca_provider *dca, struct device *dev);

static inline void *dca_priv(struct dca_provider *dca) { return (void *)dca + sizeof(struct dca_provider); }


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/* Requester API */ #define DCA_GET_TAG_TWO_ARGS int dca_add_requester(struct device *dev); int dca_remove_requester(struct device *dev); u8 dca_get_tag(int cpu); u8 dca3_get_tag(struct device *dev, int cpu); /* internal stuff */ int __init dca_sysfs_init(void); void __exit dca_sysfs_exit(void); int dca_sysfs_add_provider(struct dca_provider *dca, struct device *dev); void dca_sysfs_remove_provider(struct dca_provider *dca); int dca_sysfs_add_req(struct dca_provider *dca, struct device *dev, int slot); void dca_sysfs_remove_req(struct dca_provider *dca, int slot); #endif /* DCA_H */

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