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Release 4.12 include/linux/dqblk_qtree.h

Directory: include/linux
 *      Definitions of structures and functions for quota formats using trie



#include <linux/types.h>

/* Numbers of blocks needed for updates - we count with the smallest
 * possible block size (1024) */





struct dquot;
struct kqid;

/* Operations */

struct qtree_fmt_operations {
void (*mem2disk_dqblk)(void *disk, struct dquot *dquot);	/* Convert given entry from in memory format to disk one */
void (*disk2mem_dqblk)(struct dquot *dquot, void *disk);	/* Convert given entry from disk format to in memory one */
int (*is_id)(void *disk, struct dquot *dquot);	/* Is this structure for given id? */

/* Inmemory copy of version specific information */

struct qtree_mem_dqinfo {
struct super_block *dqi_sb;	/* Sb quota is on */
int dqi_type;			/* Quota type */
unsigned int dqi_blocks;	/* # of blocks in quota file */
unsigned int dqi_free_blk;	/* First block in list of free blocks */
unsigned int dqi_free_entry;	/* First block with free entry */
unsigned int dqi_blocksize_bits;	/* Block size of quota file */
unsigned int dqi_entry_size;	/* Size of quota entry in quota file */
unsigned int dqi_usable_bs;	/* Space usable in block for quota data */
unsigned int dqi_qtree_depth;	/* Precomputed depth of quota tree */
const struct qtree_fmt_operations *dqi_ops; /* Operations for entry manipulation */

int qtree_write_dquot(struct qtree_mem_dqinfo *info, struct dquot *dquot);
int qtree_read_dquot(struct qtree_mem_dqinfo *info, struct dquot *dquot);
int qtree_delete_dquot(struct qtree_mem_dqinfo *info, struct dquot *dquot);
int qtree_release_dquot(struct qtree_mem_dqinfo *info, struct dquot *dquot);
int qtree_entry_unused(struct qtree_mem_dqinfo *info, char *disk);

static inline int qtree_depth(struct qtree_mem_dqinfo *info) { unsigned int epb = info->dqi_usable_bs >> 2; unsigned long long entries = epb; int i; for (i = 1; entries < (1ULL << 32); i++) entries *= epb; return i; }


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int qtree_get_next_id(struct qtree_mem_dqinfo *info, struct kqid *qid); #endif /* _LINUX_DQBLK_QTREE_H */

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