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Release 4.12 include/linux/dtlk.h

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#define DTLK_MINOR	0

#define DTLK_IO_EXTENT	0x02

	/* ioctl's use magic number of 0xa3 */

#define DTLK_INTERROGATE 0xa390	
/* get settings from the DoubleTalk */

#define DTLK_STATUS 0xa391	
/* get status from the DoubleTalk */

#define DTLK_CLEAR 0x18		
/* stops speech */

#define DTLK_MAX_RETRIES (loops_per_jiffy/(10000/HZ))

	/* TTS Port Status Flags */

#define TTS_READABLE     0x80	
/* mask for bit which is nonzero if a
                                   byte can be read from the TTS port */

#define TTS_SPEAKING     0x40	
/* mask for SYNC bit, which is nonzero
                                   while DoubleTalk is producing
                                   output with TTS, PCM or CVSD
                                   synthesizers or tone generators
                                   (that is, all but LPC) */

#define TTS_SPEAKING2    0x20	
/* mask for SYNC2 bit,
                                   which falls to zero up to 0.4 sec
                                   before speech stops */

#define TTS_WRITABLE     0x10	
/* mask for RDY bit, which when set to
                                   1, indicates the TTS port is ready
                                   to accept a byte of data.  The RDY
                                   bit goes zero 2-3 usec after
                                   writing, and goes 1 again 180-190
                                   usec later. */

#define TTS_ALMOST_FULL  0x08	
/* mask for AF bit: When set to 1,
                                   indicates that less than 300 free
                                   bytes are available in the TTS
                                   input buffer. AF is always 0 in the
                                   PCM, TGN and CVSD modes. */

#define TTS_ALMOST_EMPTY 0x04	
/* mask for AE bit: When set to 1,
                                   indicates that less than 300 bytes
                                   of data remain in DoubleTalk's
                                   input (TTS or PCM) buffer. AE is
                                   always 1 in the TGN and CVSD
                                   modes. */

	/* LPC speak commands */

#define LPC_5220_NORMAL 0x60	
/* 5220 format decoding table, normal rate */

#define LPC_5220_FAST 0x64	
/* 5220 format decoding table, fast rate */

#define LPC_D6_NORMAL 0x20	
/* D6 format decoding table, normal rate */

#define LPC_D6_FAST 0x24	
/* D6 format decoding table, fast rate */

	/* LPC Port Status Flags (valid only after one of the LPC
           speak commands) */

#define LPC_SPEAKING     0x80	
/* mask for TS bit: When set to 1,
                                   indicates the LPC synthesizer is
                                   producing speech.*/

#define LPC_BUFFER_LOW   0x40	
/* mask for BL bit: When set to 1,
                                   indicates that the hardware LPC
                                   data buffer has less than 30 bytes
                                   remaining. (Total internal buffer
                                   size = 4096 bytes.) */

#define LPC_BUFFER_EMPTY 0x20	
/* mask for BE bit: When set to 1,
                                   indicates that the LPC data buffer
                                   ran out of data (error condition if
                                   TS is also 1).  */

				/* data returned by Interrogate command */

struct dtlk_settings
unsigned short serial_number;	/* 0-7Fh:0-7Fh */
unsigned char rom_version[24]; /* null terminated string */
unsigned char mode;		/* 0=Character; 1=Phoneme; 2=Text */
unsigned char punc_level;	/* nB; 0-7 */
unsigned char formant_freq;	/* nF; 0-9 */
unsigned char pitch;		/* nP; 0-99 */
unsigned char speed;		/* nS; 0-9 */
unsigned char volume;		/* nV; 0-9 */
unsigned char tone;		/* nX; 0-2 */
unsigned char expression;	/* nE; 0-9 */
unsigned char ext_dict_loaded; /* 1=exception dictionary loaded */
unsigned char ext_dict_status; /* 1=exception dictionary enabled */
unsigned char free_ram;	/* # pages (truncated) remaining for
                                   text buffer */
unsigned char articulation;	/* nA; 0-9 */
unsigned char reverb;		/* nR; 0-9 */
unsigned char eob;		/* 7Fh value indicating end of
                                   parameter block */
unsigned char has_indexing;	/* nonzero if indexing is implemented */

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