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Release 4.12 include/linux/gpio_keys.h

Directory: include/linux
#ifndef _GPIO_KEYS_H

#define _GPIO_KEYS_H

struct device;

 * struct gpio_keys_button - configuration parameters
 * @code:               input event code (KEY_*, SW_*)
 * @gpio:               %-1 if this key does not support gpio
 * @active_low:         %true indicates that button is considered
 *                      depressed when gpio is low
 * @desc:               label that will be attached to button's gpio
 * @type:               input event type (%EV_KEY, %EV_SW, %EV_ABS)
 * @wakeup:             configure the button as a wake-up source
 * @debounce_interval:  debounce ticks interval in msecs
 * @can_disable:        %true indicates that userspace is allowed to
 *                      disable button via sysfs
 * @value:              axis value for %EV_ABS
 * @irq:                Irq number in case of interrupt keys

struct gpio_keys_button {
unsigned int code;
int gpio;
int active_low;
const char *desc;
unsigned int type;
int wakeup;
int debounce_interval;
bool can_disable;
int value;
unsigned int irq;

 * struct gpio_keys_platform_data - platform data for gpio_keys driver
 * @buttons:            pointer to array of &gpio_keys_button structures
 *                      describing buttons attached to the device
 * @nbuttons:           number of elements in @buttons array
 * @poll_interval:      polling interval in msecs - for polling driver only
 * @rep:                enable input subsystem auto repeat
 * @enable:             platform hook for enabling the device
 * @disable:            platform hook for disabling the device
 * @name:               input device name

struct gpio_keys_platform_data {
const struct gpio_keys_button *buttons;
int nbuttons;
unsigned int poll_interval;
unsigned int rep:1;
int (*enable)(struct device *dev);
void (*disable)(struct device *dev);
const char *name;


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