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Release 4.12 include/linux/if_tap.h

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#ifndef _LINUX_IF_TAP_H_

#define _LINUX_IF_TAP_H_

struct socket *tap_get_socket(struct file *);
#include <linux/err.h>
#include <linux/errno.h>
struct file;
struct socket;

static inline struct socket *tap_get_socket(struct file *f) { return ERR_PTR(-EINVAL); }


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#endif /* CONFIG_TAP */ #include <net/sock.h> #include <linux/skb_array.h> #define MAX_TAP_QUEUES 256 struct tap_queue; struct tap_dev { struct net_device *dev; u16 flags; /* This array tracks active taps. */ struct tap_queue __rcu *taps[MAX_TAP_QUEUES]; /* This list tracks all taps (both enabled and disabled) */ struct list_head queue_list; int numvtaps; int numqueues; netdev_features_t tap_features; int minor; void (*update_features)(struct tap_dev *tap, netdev_features_t features); void (*count_tx_dropped)(struct tap_dev *tap); void (*count_rx_dropped)(struct tap_dev *tap); }; /* * A tap queue is the central object of tap module, it connects * an open character device to virtual interface. There can be * multiple queues on one interface, which map back to queues * implemented in hardware on the underlying device. * * tap_proto is used to allocate queues through the sock allocation * mechanism. * */ struct tap_queue { struct sock sk; struct socket sock; struct socket_wq wq; int vnet_hdr_sz; struct tap_dev __rcu *tap; struct file *file; unsigned int flags; u16 queue_index; bool enabled; struct list_head next; struct skb_array skb_array; }; rx_handler_result_t tap_handle_frame(struct sk_buff **pskb); void tap_del_queues(struct tap_dev *tap); int tap_get_minor(dev_t major, struct tap_dev *tap); void tap_free_minor(dev_t major, struct tap_dev *tap); int tap_queue_resize(struct tap_dev *tap); int tap_create_cdev(struct cdev *tap_cdev, dev_t *tap_major, const char *device_name); void tap_destroy_cdev(dev_t major, struct cdev *tap_cdev); #endif /*_LINUX_IF_TAP_H_*/

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