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Release 4.12 include/linux/isa.h

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 * ISA bus.

#ifndef __LINUX_ISA_H

#define __LINUX_ISA_H

#include <linux/device.h>
#include <linux/errno.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>

struct isa_driver {
int (*match)(struct device *, unsigned int);
int (*probe)(struct device *, unsigned int);
int (*remove)(struct device *, unsigned int);
void (*shutdown)(struct device *, unsigned int);
int (*suspend)(struct device *, unsigned int, pm_message_t);
int (*resume)(struct device *, unsigned int);

struct device_driver driver;
struct device *devices;

#define to_isa_driver(x) container_of((x), struct isa_driver, driver)

int isa_register_driver(struct isa_driver *, unsigned int);
void isa_unregister_driver(struct isa_driver *);

static inline int isa_register_driver(struct isa_driver *d, unsigned int i) { return -ENODEV; }


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static inline void isa_unregister_driver(struct isa_driver *d) { }


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#endif /** * module_isa_driver() - Helper macro for registering a ISA driver * @__isa_driver: isa_driver struct * @__num_isa_dev: number of devices to register * * Helper macro for ISA drivers which do not do anything special in module * init/exit. This eliminates a lot of boilerplate code. Each module may only * use this macro once, and calling it replaces module_init and module_exit. */ #define module_isa_driver(__isa_driver, __num_isa_dev) \ static int __init __isa_driver##_init(void) \ { \ return isa_register_driver(&(__isa_driver), __num_isa_dev); \ } \ module_init(__isa_driver##_init); \ static void __exit __isa_driver##_exit(void) \ { \ isa_unregister_driver(&(__isa_driver)); \ } \ module_exit(__isa_driver##_exit); /** * max_num_isa_dev() - Maximum possible number registered of an ISA device * @__ida_dev_ext: ISA device address extent * * The highest base address possible for an ISA device is 0x3FF; this results in * 1024 possible base addresses. Dividing the number of possible base addresses * by the address extent taken by each device results in the maximum number of * devices on a system. */ #define max_num_isa_dev(__isa_dev_ext) (1024 / __isa_dev_ext) #endif /* __LINUX_ISA_H */

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