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Release 4.12 include/linux/kobj_map.h

Directory: include/linux
 * kobj_map.h

#ifndef _KOBJ_MAP_H_

#define _KOBJ_MAP_H_

#include <linux/mutex.h>

typedef struct kobject *kobj_probe_t(dev_t, int *, void *);
struct kobj_map;

int kobj_map(struct kobj_map *, dev_t, unsigned long, struct module *,
	     kobj_probe_t *, int (*)(dev_t, void *), void *);
void kobj_unmap(struct kobj_map *, dev_t, unsigned long);
struct kobject *kobj_lookup(struct kobj_map *, dev_t, int *);
struct kobj_map *kobj_map_init(kobj_probe_t *, struct mutex *);

#endif /* _KOBJ_MAP_H_ */

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Directory: include/linux
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