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Release 4.12 include/linux/msg.h

Directory: include/linux
#ifndef _LINUX_MSG_H

#define _LINUX_MSG_H

#include <linux/list.h>
#include <uapi/linux/msg.h>

/* one msg_msg structure for each message */

struct msg_msg {
struct list_head m_list;
long m_type;
size_t m_ts;		/* message text size */
struct msg_msgseg *next;
void *security;
	/* the actual message follows immediately */

/* one msq_queue structure for each present queue on the system */

struct msg_queue {
struct kern_ipc_perm q_perm;
time_t q_stime;			/* last msgsnd time */
time_t q_rtime;			/* last msgrcv time */
time_t q_ctime;			/* last change time */
unsigned long q_cbytes;		/* current number of bytes on queue */
unsigned long q_qnum;		/* number of messages in queue */
unsigned long q_qbytes;		/* max number of bytes on queue */
pid_t q_lspid;			/* pid of last msgsnd */
pid_t q_lrpid;			/* last receive pid */

struct list_head q_messages;
struct list_head q_receivers;
struct list_head q_senders;

/* Helper routines for sys_msgsnd and sys_msgrcv */
extern long do_msgsnd(int msqid, long mtype, void __user *mtext,
			size_t msgsz, int msgflg);
extern long do_msgrcv(int msqid, void __user *buf, size_t bufsz, long msgtyp,
		      int msgflg,
		      long (*msg_fill)(void __user *, struct msg_msg *,

#endif /* _LINUX_MSG_H */

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