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Release 4.12 include/linux/nfs.h

Directory: include/linux
 * NFS protocol definitions
 * This file contains constants mostly for Version 2 of the protocol,
 * but also has a couple of NFSv3 bits in (notably the error codes).
#ifndef _LINUX_NFS_H

#define _LINUX_NFS_H

#include <linux/sunrpc/msg_prot.h>
#include <linux/string.h>
#include <uapi/linux/nfs.h>

 * This is the kernel NFS client file handle representation

#define NFS_MAXFHSIZE		128

struct nfs_fh {
unsigned short		size;
unsigned char		data[NFS_MAXFHSIZE];

 * Returns a zero iff the size and data fields match.
 * Checks only "size" bytes in the data field.

static inline int nfs_compare_fh(const struct nfs_fh *a, const struct nfs_fh *b) { return a->size != b->size || memcmp(a->data, b->data, a->size) != 0; }


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static inline void nfs_copy_fh(struct nfs_fh *target, const struct nfs_fh *source) { target->size = source->size; memcpy(target->data, source->data, source->size); }


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/* * This is really a general kernel constant, but since nothing like * this is defined in the kernel headers, I have to do it here. */ #define NFS_OFFSET_MAX ((__s64)((~(__u64)0) >> 1)) enum nfs3_stable_how { NFS_UNSTABLE = 0, NFS_DATA_SYNC = 1, NFS_FILE_SYNC = 2, /* used by direct.c to mark verf as invalid */ NFS_INVALID_STABLE_HOW = -1 }; #endif /* _LINUX_NFS_H */

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