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 * Definitions for talking to the PMU.  The PMU is a microcontroller
 * which controls battery charging and system power on PowerBook 3400
 * and 2400 models as well as the RTC and various other things.
 * Copyright (C) 1998 Paul Mackerras.
#ifndef _LINUX_PMU_H

#define _LINUX_PMU_H

#include <uapi/linux/pmu.h>

extern int find_via_pmu(void);

extern int pmu_request(struct adb_request *req,
		void (*done)(struct adb_request *), int nbytes, ...);
extern int pmu_queue_request(struct adb_request *req);
extern void pmu_poll(void);
extern void pmu_poll_adb(void); /* For use by xmon */
extern void pmu_wait_complete(struct adb_request *req);

/* For use before switching interrupts off for a long time;
 * warning: not stackable
#if defined(CONFIG_ADB_PMU)
extern void pmu_suspend(void);
extern void pmu_resume(void);

static inline void pmu_suspend(void) {}


Tony Breeds8100.00%1100.00%

static inline void pmu_resume(void) {}


Tony Breeds8100.00%1100.00%

#endif extern void pmu_enable_irled(int on); extern void pmu_restart(void); extern void pmu_shutdown(void); extern void pmu_unlock(void); extern int pmu_present(void); extern int pmu_get_model(void); extern void pmu_backlight_set_sleep(int sleep); #define PMU_MAX_BATTERIES 2 /* values for pmu_power_flags */ #define PMU_PWR_AC_PRESENT 0x00000001 /* values for pmu_battery_info.flags */ #define PMU_BATT_PRESENT 0x00000001 #define PMU_BATT_CHARGING 0x00000002 #define PMU_BATT_TYPE_MASK 0x000000f0 #define PMU_BATT_TYPE_SMART 0x00000010 /* Smart battery */ #define PMU_BATT_TYPE_HOOPER 0x00000020 /* 3400/3500 */ #define PMU_BATT_TYPE_COMET 0x00000030 /* 2400 */ struct pmu_battery_info { unsigned int flags; unsigned int charge; /* current charge */ unsigned int max_charge; /* maximum charge */ signed int amperage; /* current, positive if charging */ unsigned int voltage; /* voltage */ unsigned int time_remaining; /* remaining time */ }; extern int pmu_battery_count; extern struct pmu_battery_info pmu_batteries[PMU_MAX_BATTERIES]; extern unsigned int pmu_power_flags; /* Backlight */ extern void pmu_backlight_init(void); /* some code needs to know if the PMU was suspended for hibernation */ #if defined(CONFIG_SUSPEND) && defined(CONFIG_PPC32) extern int pmu_sys_suspended; #else /* if power management is not configured it can't be suspended */ #define pmu_sys_suspended 0 #endif #endif /* _LINUX_PMU_H */

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