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Release 4.12 include/linux/pwm_backlight.h

Directory: include/linux
 * Generic PWM backlight driver data - see drivers/video/backlight/pwm_bl.c


#include <linux/backlight.h>

struct platform_pwm_backlight_data {
int pwm_id;
unsigned int max_brightness;
unsigned int dft_brightness;
unsigned int lth_brightness;
unsigned int pwm_period_ns;
unsigned int *levels;
	/* TODO remove once all users are switched to gpiod_* API */
int enable_gpio;
int (*init)(struct device *dev);
int (*notify)(struct device *dev, int brightness);
void (*notify_after)(struct device *dev, int brightness);
void (*exit)(struct device *dev);
int (*check_fb)(struct device *dev, struct fb_info *info);


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Directory: include/linux
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