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 * SLUB : A Slab allocator without object queues.
 * (C) 2007 SGI, Christoph Lameter
#include <linux/kobject.h>

enum stat_item {
ALLOC_FASTPATH,		/* Allocation from cpu slab */
ALLOC_SLOWPATH,		/* Allocation by getting a new cpu slab */
FREE_FASTPATH,		/* Free to cpu slab */
FREE_SLOWPATH,		/* Freeing not to cpu slab */
FREE_FROZEN,		/* Freeing to frozen slab */
FREE_ADD_PARTIAL,	/* Freeing moves slab to partial list */
FREE_REMOVE_PARTIAL,	/* Freeing removes last object */
ALLOC_FROM_PARTIAL,	/* Cpu slab acquired from node partial list */
ALLOC_SLAB,		/* Cpu slab acquired from page allocator */
ALLOC_REFILL,		/* Refill cpu slab from slab freelist */
ALLOC_NODE_MISMATCH,	/* Switching cpu slab */
FREE_SLAB,		/* Slab freed to the page allocator */
CPUSLAB_FLUSH,		/* Abandoning of the cpu slab */
DEACTIVATE_FULL,	/* Cpu slab was full when deactivated */
DEACTIVATE_EMPTY,	/* Cpu slab was empty when deactivated */
DEACTIVATE_TO_HEAD,	/* Cpu slab was moved to the head of partials */
DEACTIVATE_TO_TAIL,	/* Cpu slab was moved to the tail of partials */
DEACTIVATE_REMOTE_FREES,/* Slab contained remotely freed objects */
DEACTIVATE_BYPASS,	/* Implicit deactivation */
ORDER_FALLBACK,		/* Number of times fallback was necessary */
CMPXCHG_DOUBLE_CPU_FAIL,/* Failure of this_cpu_cmpxchg_double */
CMPXCHG_DOUBLE_FAIL,	/* Number of times that cmpxchg double did not match */
CPU_PARTIAL_ALLOC,	/* Used cpu partial on alloc */
CPU_PARTIAL_FREE,	/* Refill cpu partial on free */
CPU_PARTIAL_NODE,	/* Refill cpu partial from node partial */
CPU_PARTIAL_DRAIN,	/* Drain cpu partial to node partial */

struct kmem_cache_cpu {
void **freelist;	/* Pointer to next available object */
unsigned long tid;	/* Globally unique transaction id */
struct page *page;	/* The slab from which we are allocating */
struct page *partial;	/* Partially allocated frozen slabs */
unsigned stat[NR_SLUB_STAT_ITEMS];

 * Word size structure that can be atomically updated or read and that
 * contains both the order and the number of objects that a slab of the
 * given order would contain.

struct kmem_cache_order_objects {
unsigned long x;

 * Slab cache management.

struct kmem_cache {
struct kmem_cache_cpu __percpu *cpu_slab;
	/* Used for retriving partial slabs etc */
unsigned long flags;
unsigned long min_partial;
int size;		/* The size of an object including meta data */
int object_size;	/* The size of an object without meta data */
int offset;		/* Free pointer offset. */
int cpu_partial;	/* Number of per cpu partial objects to keep around */
struct kmem_cache_order_objects oo;

	/* Allocation and freeing of slabs */
struct kmem_cache_order_objects max;
struct kmem_cache_order_objects min;
gfp_t allocflags;	/* gfp flags to use on each alloc */
int refcount;		/* Refcount for slab cache destroy */
void (*ctor)(void *);
int inuse;		/* Offset to metadata */
int align;		/* Alignment */
int reserved;		/* Reserved bytes at the end of slabs */
const char *name;	/* Name (only for display!) */
struct list_head list;	/* List of slab caches */
int red_left_pad;	/* Left redzone padding size */
struct kobject kobj;	/* For sysfs */
struct work_struct kobj_remove_work;
struct memcg_cache_params memcg_params;
int max_attr_size; /* for propagation, maximum size of a stored attr */
struct kset *memcg_kset;

         * Defragmentation by allocating from a remote node.
int remote_node_defrag_ratio;

unsigned int *random_seq;

struct kasan_cache kasan_info;

struct kmem_cache_node *node[MAX_NUMNODES];


void sysfs_slab_release(struct kmem_cache *);

static inline void sysfs_slab_release(struct kmem_cache *s) { }


Christoph Lameter1090.91%150.00%
Tejun Heo19.09%150.00%

#endif void object_err(struct kmem_cache *s, struct page *page, u8 *object, char *reason); void *fixup_red_left(struct kmem_cache *s, void *p);
static inline void *nearest_obj(struct kmem_cache *cache, struct page *page, void *x) { void *object = x - (x - page_address(page)) % cache->size; void *last_object = page_address(page) + (page->objects - 1) * cache->size; void *result = (unlikely(object > last_object)) ? last_object : object; result = fixup_red_left(cache, result); return result; }


Alexander Potapenko91100.00%2100.00%

#endif /* _LINUX_SLUB_DEF_H */

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