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Release 4.12 include/linux/sound.h

Directory: include/linux
#ifndef _LINUX_SOUND_H

#define _LINUX_SOUND_H

#include <uapi/linux/sound.h>

 *      Sound core interface functions
struct device;
extern int register_sound_special(const struct file_operations *fops, int unit);
extern int register_sound_special_device(const struct file_operations *fops, int unit, struct device *dev);
extern int register_sound_mixer(const struct file_operations *fops, int dev);
extern int register_sound_midi(const struct file_operations *fops, int dev);
extern int register_sound_dsp(const struct file_operations *fops, int dev);

extern void unregister_sound_special(int unit);
extern void unregister_sound_mixer(int unit);
extern void unregister_sound_midi(int unit);
extern void unregister_sound_dsp(int unit);
#endif /* _LINUX_SOUND_H */

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Directory: include/linux
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