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#include <linux/types.h>
#include <asm/statfs.h>

struct kstatfs {
long f_type;
long f_bsize;
u64 f_blocks;
u64 f_bfree;
u64 f_bavail;
u64 f_files;
u64 f_ffree;
__kernel_fsid_t f_fsid;
long f_namelen;
long f_frsize;
long f_flags;
long f_spare[4];

 * Definitions for the flag in f_flag.
 * Generally these flags are equivalent to the MS_ flags used in the mount
 * ABI.  The exception is ST_VALID which has the same value as MS_REMOUNT
 * which doesn't make any sense for statfs.

#define ST_RDONLY	0x0001	
/* mount read-only */

#define ST_NOSUID	0x0002	
/* ignore suid and sgid bits */

#define ST_NODEV	0x0004	
/* disallow access to device special files */

#define ST_NOEXEC	0x0008	
/* disallow program execution */

#define ST_SYNCHRONOUS	0x0010	
/* writes are synced at once */

#define ST_VALID	0x0020	
/* f_flags support is implemented */

#define ST_MANDLOCK	0x0040	
/* allow mandatory locks on an FS */
/* 0x0080 used for ST_WRITE in glibc */
/* 0x0100 used for ST_APPEND in glibc */
/* 0x0200 used for ST_IMMUTABLE in glibc */

#define ST_NOATIME	0x0400	
/* do not update access times */

#define ST_NODIRATIME	0x0800	
/* do not update directory access times */

#define ST_RELATIME	0x1000	
/* update atime relative to mtime/ctime */


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