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Release 4.12 include/linux/tty_flip.h

Directory: include/linux


extern int tty_buffer_set_limit(struct tty_port *port, int limit);
extern int tty_buffer_space_avail(struct tty_port *port);
extern int tty_buffer_request_room(struct tty_port *port, size_t size);
extern int tty_insert_flip_string_flags(struct tty_port *port,
		const unsigned char *chars, const char *flags, size_t size);
extern int tty_insert_flip_string_fixed_flag(struct tty_port *port,
		const unsigned char *chars, char flag, size_t size);
extern int tty_prepare_flip_string(struct tty_port *port,
		unsigned char **chars, size_t size);
extern void tty_flip_buffer_push(struct tty_port *port);
void tty_schedule_flip(struct tty_port *port);

static inline int tty_insert_flip_char(struct tty_port *port, unsigned char ch, char flag) { struct tty_buffer *tb = port->buf.tail; int change; change = (tb->flags & TTYB_NORMAL) && (flag != TTY_NORMAL); if (!change && tb->used < tb->size) { if (~tb->flags & TTYB_NORMAL) *flag_buf_ptr(tb, tb->used) = flag; *char_buf_ptr(tb, tb->used++) = ch; return 1; } return tty_insert_flip_string_flags(port, &ch, &flag, 1); }


Alan Cox4034.78%111.11%
Peter Hurley4034.78%222.22%
Linus Torvalds (pre-git)2824.35%222.22%
Jiri Slaby54.35%333.33%
Adrian Bunk21.74%111.11%

static inline int tty_insert_flip_string(struct tty_port *port, const unsigned char *chars, size_t size) { return tty_insert_flip_string_fixed_flag(port, chars, TTY_NORMAL, size); }


Alan Cox3090.91%133.33%
Jiri Slaby39.09%266.67%

extern void tty_buffer_lock_exclusive(struct tty_port *port); extern void tty_buffer_unlock_exclusive(struct tty_port *port); #endif /* _LINUX_TTY_FLIP_H */

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Alan Cox13946.80%210.53%
Peter Hurley8327.95%526.32%
Linus Torvalds (pre-git)3712.46%210.53%
Jiri Slaby279.09%736.84%
Andrew Morton72.36%15.26%
Thomas Koeller20.67%15.26%
Adrian Bunk20.67%15.26%
Directory: include/linux
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