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/* zconf.h -- configuration of the zlib compression library
 * Copyright (C) 1995-1998 Jean-loup Gailly.
 * For conditions of distribution and use, see copyright notice in zlib.h 

/* @(#) $Id$ */

#ifndef _ZCONF_H

#define _ZCONF_H

/* The memory requirements for deflate are (in bytes):
            (1 << (windowBits+2)) +  (1 << (memLevel+9))
 that is: 128K for windowBits=15  +  128K for memLevel = 8  (default values)
 plus a few kilobytes for small objects. For example, if you want to reduce
 the default memory requirements from 256K to 128K, compile with
 Of course this will generally degrade compression (there's no free lunch).

   The memory requirements for inflate are (in bytes) 1 << windowBits
 that is, 32K for windowBits=15 (default value) plus a few kilobytes
 for small objects.

/* Maximum value for memLevel in deflateInit2 */

#  define MAX_MEM_LEVEL 8

/* Maximum value for windowBits in deflateInit2 and inflateInit2.
 * WARNING: reducing MAX_WBITS makes minigzip unable to extract .gz files
 * created by gzip. (Files created by minigzip can still be extracted by
 * gzip.)
#ifndef MAX_WBITS

#  define MAX_WBITS   15 
/* 32K LZ77 window */

/* default windowBits for decompression. MAX_WBITS is for compression only */
#ifndef DEF_WBITS


/* default memLevel */
#if MAX_MEM_LEVEL >= 8

#  define DEF_MEM_LEVEL 8


                        /* Type declarations */

typedef unsigned char  Byte;  
/* 8 bits */

typedef unsigned int   uInt;  
/* 16 bits or more */

typedef unsigned long  uLong; 
/* 32 bits or more */

typedef void     *voidp;

#endif /* _ZCONF_H */

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