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#ifndef _NET_GARP_H

#define _NET_GARP_H

#include <net/stp.h>

#define GARP_PROTOCOL_ID	0x1

#define GARP_END_MARK		0x0

struct garp_pdu_hdr {
__be16	protocol;

struct garp_msg_hdr {
u8	attrtype;

enum garp_attr_event {

struct garp_attr_hdr {
u8	len;
u8	event;
u8	data[];

struct garp_skb_cb {
u8	cur_type;

static inline struct garp_skb_cb *garp_cb(struct sk_buff *skb) { BUILD_BUG_ON(sizeof(struct garp_skb_cb) > FIELD_SIZEOF(struct sk_buff, cb)); return (struct garp_skb_cb *)skb->cb; }


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enum garp_applicant_state { GARP_APPLICANT_INVALID, GARP_APPLICANT_VA, GARP_APPLICANT_AA, GARP_APPLICANT_QA, GARP_APPLICANT_LA, GARP_APPLICANT_VP, GARP_APPLICANT_AP, GARP_APPLICANT_QP, GARP_APPLICANT_VO, GARP_APPLICANT_AO, GARP_APPLICANT_QO, __GARP_APPLICANT_MAX }; #define GARP_APPLICANT_MAX (__GARP_APPLICANT_MAX - 1) enum garp_event { GARP_EVENT_REQ_JOIN, GARP_EVENT_REQ_LEAVE, GARP_EVENT_R_JOIN_IN, GARP_EVENT_R_JOIN_EMPTY, GARP_EVENT_R_EMPTY, GARP_EVENT_R_LEAVE_IN, GARP_EVENT_R_LEAVE_EMPTY, GARP_EVENT_TRANSMIT_PDU, __GARP_EVENT_MAX }; #define GARP_EVENT_MAX (__GARP_EVENT_MAX - 1) enum garp_action { GARP_ACTION_NONE, GARP_ACTION_S_JOIN_IN, GARP_ACTION_S_LEAVE_EMPTY, }; struct garp_attr { struct rb_node node; enum garp_applicant_state state; u8 type; u8 dlen; unsigned char data[]; }; enum garp_applications { GARP_APPLICATION_GVRP, __GARP_APPLICATION_MAX }; #define GARP_APPLICATION_MAX (__GARP_APPLICATION_MAX - 1) struct garp_application { enum garp_applications type; unsigned int maxattr; struct stp_proto proto; }; struct garp_applicant { struct garp_application *app; struct net_device *dev; struct timer_list join_timer; spinlock_t lock; struct sk_buff_head queue; struct sk_buff *pdu; struct rb_root gid; struct rcu_head rcu; }; struct garp_port { struct garp_applicant __rcu *applicants[GARP_APPLICATION_MAX + 1]; struct rcu_head rcu; }; int garp_register_application(struct garp_application *app); void garp_unregister_application(struct garp_application *app); int garp_init_applicant(struct net_device *dev, struct garp_application *app); void garp_uninit_applicant(struct net_device *dev, struct garp_application *app); int garp_request_join(const struct net_device *dev, const struct garp_application *app, const void *data, u8 len, u8 type); void garp_request_leave(const struct net_device *dev, const struct garp_application *app, const void *data, u8 len, u8 type); #endif /* _NET_GARP_H */

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