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Release 4.12 include/net/gtp.h

Directory: include/net
#ifndef _GTP_H_

#define _GTP_H_

/* General GTP protocol related definitions. */

#define GTP0_PORT	3386

#define GTP1U_PORT	2152

#define GTP_TPDU	255

struct gtp0_header {	/* According to GSM TS 09.60. */
__u8	flags;
__u8	type;
__be16	length;
__be16	seq;
__be16	flow;
__u8	number;
__u8	spare[3];
__be64	tid;
} __attribute__ ((packed));

struct gtp1_header {	/* According to 3GPP TS 29.060. */
__u8	flags;
__u8	type;
__be16	length;
__be32	tid;
} __attribute__ ((packed));

#define GTP1_F_NPDU	0x01

#define GTP1_F_SEQ	0x02

#define GTP1_F_EXTHDR	0x04

#define GTP1_F_MASK	0x07


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Directory: include/net
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