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Release 4.12 include/net/if_inet6.h

Directory: include/net
 *      inet6 interface/address list definitions
 *      Linux INET6 implementation 
 *      Authors:
 *      Pedro Roque             <>     
 *      This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *      modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 *      as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
 *      2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

#ifndef _NET_IF_INET6_H

#define _NET_IF_INET6_H

#include <net/snmp.h>
#include <linux/ipv6.h>

/* inet6_dev.if_flags */

#define IF_RA_OTHERCONF	0x80

#define IF_RA_MANAGED	0x40

#define IF_RA_RCVD	0x20

#define IF_RS_SENT	0x10

#define IF_READY	0x80000000

/* prefix flags */

#define IF_PREFIX_ONLINK	0x01


enum {

struct inet6_ifaddr {
struct in6_addr		addr;
__u32			prefix_len;

	/* In seconds, relative to tstamp. Expiry is at tstamp + HZ * lft. */
__u32			valid_lft;
__u32			prefered_lft;
atomic_t		refcnt;
spinlock_t		lock;

int			state;

__u32			flags;
__u8			dad_probes;
__u8			stable_privacy_retry;

__u16			scope;
__u64			dad_nonce;

unsigned long		cstamp;	/* created timestamp */
unsigned long		tstamp; /* updated timestamp */

struct delayed_work	dad_work;

struct inet6_dev	*idev;
struct rt6_info		*rt;

struct hlist_node	addr_lst;
struct list_head	if_list;

struct list_head	tmp_list;
struct inet6_ifaddr	*ifpub;
int			regen_count;

bool			tokenized;

struct rcu_head		rcu;
struct in6_addr		peer_addr;

struct ip6_sf_socklist {
unsigned int		sl_max;
unsigned int		sl_count;
struct in6_addr		sl_addr[0];

#define IP6_SFLSIZE(count)	(sizeof(struct ip6_sf_socklist) + \
        (count) * sizeof(struct in6_addr))

#define IP6_SFBLOCK	10	
/* allocate this many at once */

struct ipv6_mc_socklist {
struct in6_addr		addr;
int			ifindex;
struct ipv6_mc_socklist __rcu *next;
rwlock_t		sflock;
unsigned int		sfmode;		/* MCAST_{INCLUDE,EXCLUDE} */
struct ip6_sf_socklist	*sflist;
struct rcu_head		rcu;

struct ip6_sf_list {
struct ip6_sf_list	*sf_next;
struct in6_addr		sf_addr;
unsigned long		sf_count[2];	/* include/exclude counts */
unsigned char		sf_gsresp;	/* include in g & s response? */
unsigned char		sf_oldin;	/* change state */
unsigned char		sf_crcount;	/* retrans. left to send */

#define MAF_TIMER_RUNNING	0x01

#define MAF_LAST_REPORTER	0x02

#define MAF_LOADED		0x04

#define MAF_NOREPORT		0x08

#define MAF_GSQUERY		0x10

struct ifmcaddr6 {
struct in6_addr		mca_addr;
struct inet6_dev	*idev;
struct ifmcaddr6	*next;
struct ip6_sf_list	*mca_sources;
struct ip6_sf_list	*mca_tomb;
unsigned int		mca_sfmode;
unsigned char		mca_crcount;
unsigned long		mca_sfcount[2];
struct timer_list	mca_timer;
unsigned int		mca_flags;
int			mca_users;
atomic_t		mca_refcnt;
spinlock_t		mca_lock;
unsigned long		mca_cstamp;
unsigned long		mca_tstamp;

/* Anycast stuff */

struct ipv6_ac_socklist {
struct in6_addr		acl_addr;
int			acl_ifindex;
struct ipv6_ac_socklist *acl_next;

struct ifacaddr6 {
struct in6_addr		aca_addr;
struct inet6_dev	*aca_idev;
struct rt6_info		*aca_rt;
struct ifacaddr6	*aca_next;
int			aca_users;
atomic_t		aca_refcnt;
unsigned long		aca_cstamp;
unsigned long		aca_tstamp;




struct ipv6_devstat {
struct proc_dir_entry	*proc_dir_entry;
	DEFINE_SNMP_STAT(struct ipstats_mib, ipv6);
	DEFINE_SNMP_STAT_ATOMIC(struct icmpv6_mib_device, icmpv6dev);
	DEFINE_SNMP_STAT_ATOMIC(struct icmpv6msg_mib_device, icmpv6msgdev);

struct inet6_dev {
struct net_device	*dev;

struct list_head	addr_list;

struct ifmcaddr6	*mc_list;
struct ifmcaddr6	*mc_tomb;
spinlock_t		mc_lock;

unsigned char		mc_qrv;		/* Query Robustness Variable */
unsigned char		mc_gq_running;
unsigned char		mc_ifc_count;
unsigned char		mc_dad_count;

unsigned long		mc_v1_seen;	/* Max time we stay in MLDv1 mode */
unsigned long		mc_qi;		/* Query Interval */
unsigned long		mc_qri;		/* Query Response Interval */
unsigned long		mc_maxdelay;

struct timer_list	mc_gq_timer;	/* general query timer */
struct timer_list	mc_ifc_timer;	/* interface change timer */
struct timer_list	mc_dad_timer;	/* dad complete mc timer */

struct ifacaddr6	*ac_list;
rwlock_t		lock;
atomic_t		refcnt;
__u32			if_flags;
int			dead;

u32			desync_factor;
u8			rndid[8];
struct list_head	tempaddr_list;

struct in6_addr		token;

struct neigh_parms	*nd_parms;
struct ipv6_devconf	cnf;
struct ipv6_devstat	stats;

struct timer_list	rs_timer;
__s32			rs_interval;	/* in jiffies */
__u8			rs_probes;

unsigned long		tstamp; /* ipv6InterfaceTable update timestamp */
struct rcu_head		rcu;

static inline void ipv6_eth_mc_map(const struct in6_addr *addr, char *buf) { /* * +-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ * | 33 | 33 | DST13 | DST14 | DST15 | DST16 | * +-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ */ buf[0]= 0x33; buf[1]= 0x33; memcpy(buf + 2, &addr->s6_addr32[3], sizeof(__u32)); }


Linus Torvalds (pre-git)5198.08%375.00%
Eric Dumazet11.92%125.00%

static inline void ipv6_arcnet_mc_map(const struct in6_addr *addr, char *buf) { buf[0] = 0x00; }


Hideaki Yoshifuji / 吉藤英明24100.00%1100.00%

static inline void ipv6_ib_mc_map(const struct in6_addr *addr, const unsigned char *broadcast, char *buf) { unsigned char scope = broadcast[5] & 0xF; buf[0] = 0; /* Reserved */ buf[1] = 0xff; /* Multicast QPN */ buf[2] = 0xff; buf[3] = 0xff; buf[4] = 0xff; buf[5] = 0x10 | scope; /* scope from broadcast address */ buf[6] = 0x60; /* IPv6 signature */ buf[7] = 0x1b; buf[8] = broadcast[8]; /* P_Key */ buf[9] = broadcast[9]; memcpy(buf + 10, addr->s6_addr + 6, 10); }


Roland Dreier10277.27%150.00%
Rolf Manderscheid3022.73%150.00%

static inline int ipv6_ipgre_mc_map(const struct in6_addr *addr, const unsigned char *broadcast, char *buf) { if ((broadcast[0] | broadcast[1] | broadcast[2] | broadcast[3]) != 0) { memcpy(buf, broadcast, 4); } else { /* v4mapped? */ if ((addr->s6_addr32[0] | addr->s6_addr32[1] | (addr->s6_addr32[2] ^ htonl(0x0000ffff))) != 0) return -EINVAL; memcpy(buf, &addr->s6_addr32[3], 4); } return 0; }


Timo Teräs120100.00%1100.00%


Overall Contributors

Linus Torvalds (pre-git)22324.13%916.67%
David L Stevens19320.89%47.41%
Timo Teräs12012.99%11.85%
Roland Dreier10211.04%11.85%
Hideaki Yoshifuji / 吉藤英明828.87%712.96%
Rolf Manderscheid303.25%11.85%
Shirley Ma303.25%35.56%
Hannes Frederic Sowa262.81%47.41%
Daniel Borkmann192.06%35.56%
Eric Dumazet131.41%47.41%
Stephen Hemminger131.41%59.26%
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Krishna Kumar121.30%11.85%
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