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Release 4.12 include/net/route.h

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 * INET         An implementation of the TCP/IP protocol suite for the LINUX
 *              operating system.  INET  is implemented using the  BSD Socket
 *              interface as the means of communication with the user level.
 *              Definitions for the IP router.
 * Version:     @(#)route.h     1.0.4   05/27/93
 * Authors:     Ross Biro
 *              Fred N. van Kempen, <waltje@uWalt.NL.Mugnet.ORG>
 * Fixes:
 *              Alan Cox        :       Reformatted. Added ip_rt_local()
 *              Alan Cox        :       Support for TCP parameters.
 *              Alexey Kuznetsov:       Major changes for new routing code.
 *              Mike McLagan    :       Routing by source
 *              Robert Olsson   :       Added rt_cache statistics
 *              This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *              modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 *              as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
 *              2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
#ifndef _ROUTE_H

#define _ROUTE_H

#include <net/dst.h>
#include <net/inetpeer.h>
#include <net/flow.h>
#include <net/inet_sock.h>
#include <net/ip_fib.h>
#include <linux/in_route.h>
#include <linux/rtnetlink.h>
#include <linux/rcupdate.h>
#include <linux/route.h>
#include <linux/ip.h>
#include <linux/cache.h>
#include <linux/security.h>

/* IPv4 datagram length is stored into 16bit field (tot_len) */

#define IP_MAX_MTU	0xFFFFU

#define RTO_ONLINK	0x01

#define RT_CONN_FLAGS(sk)   (RT_TOS(inet_sk(sk)->tos) | sock_flag(sk, SOCK_LOCALROUTE))

#define RT_CONN_FLAGS_TOS(sk,tos)   (RT_TOS(tos) | sock_flag(sk, SOCK_LOCALROUTE))

struct fib_nh;
struct fib_info;
struct uncached_list;

struct rtable {
struct dst_entry	dst;

int			rt_genid;
unsigned int		rt_flags;
__u16			rt_type;
__u8			rt_is_input;
__u8			rt_uses_gateway;

int			rt_iif;

	/* Info on neighbour */
__be32			rt_gateway;

	/* Miscellaneous cached information */
u32			rt_pmtu;

u32			rt_table_id;

struct list_head	rt_uncached;
struct uncached_list	*rt_uncached_list;

static inline bool rt_is_input_route(const struct rtable *rt) { return rt->rt_is_input != 0; }


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Steffen Klassert15.00%133.33%

static inline bool rt_is_output_route(const struct rtable *rt) { return rt->rt_is_input == 0; }


David S. Miller1995.00%266.67%
Steffen Klassert15.00%133.33%

static inline __be32 rt_nexthop(const struct rtable *rt, __be32 daddr) { if (rt->rt_gateway) return rt->rt_gateway; return daddr; }


David S. Miller30100.00%1100.00%

struct ip_rt_acct { __u32 o_bytes; __u32 o_packets; __u32 i_bytes; __u32 i_packets; }; struct rt_cache_stat { unsigned int in_slow_tot; unsigned int in_slow_mc; unsigned int in_no_route; unsigned int in_brd; unsigned int in_martian_dst; unsigned int in_martian_src; unsigned int out_slow_tot; unsigned int out_slow_mc; }; extern struct ip_rt_acct __percpu *ip_rt_acct; struct in_device; int ip_rt_init(void); void rt_cache_flush(struct net *net); void rt_flush_dev(struct net_device *dev); struct rtable *__ip_route_output_key_hash(struct net *net, struct flowi4 *flp, const struct sk_buff *skb);
static inline struct rtable *__ip_route_output_key(struct net *net, struct flowi4 *flp) { return __ip_route_output_key_hash(net, flp, NULL); }


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Nikolay Aleksandrov13.45%150.00%

struct rtable *ip_route_output_flow(struct net *, struct flowi4 *flp, const struct sock *sk); struct dst_entry *ipv4_blackhole_route(struct net *net, struct dst_entry *dst_orig);
static inline struct rtable *ip_route_output_key(struct net *net, struct flowi4 *flp) { return ip_route_output_flow(net, flp, NULL); }


David S. Miller29100.00%3100.00%

static inline struct rtable *ip_route_output(struct net *net, __be32 daddr, __be32 saddr, u8 tos, int oif) { struct flowi4 fl4 = { .flowi4_oif = oif, .flowi4_tos = tos, .daddr = daddr, .saddr = saddr, }; return ip_route_output_key(net, &fl4); }


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Roland Dreier58.20%133.33%

static inline struct rtable *ip_route_output_ports(struct net *net, struct flowi4 *fl4, struct sock *sk, __be32 daddr, __be32 saddr, __be16 dport, __be16 sport, __u8 proto, __u8 tos, int oif) { flowi4_init_output(fl4, oif, sk ? sk->sk_mark : 0, tos, RT_SCOPE_UNIVERSE, proto, sk ? inet_sk_flowi_flags(sk) : 0, daddr, saddr, dport, sport, sock_net_uid(net, sk)); if (sk) security_sk_classify_flow(sk, flowi4_to_flowi(fl4)); return ip_route_output_flow(net, fl4, sk); }


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Lorenzo Colitti76.14%120.00%

static inline struct rtable *ip_route_output_gre(struct net *net, struct flowi4 *fl4, __be32 daddr, __be32 saddr, __be32 gre_key, __u8 tos, int oif) { memset(fl4, 0, sizeof(*fl4)); fl4->flowi4_oif = oif; fl4->daddr = daddr; fl4->saddr = saddr; fl4->flowi4_tos = tos; fl4->flowi4_proto = IPPROTO_GRE; fl4->fl4_gre_key = gre_key; return ip_route_output_key(net, fl4); }


David S. Miller91100.00%4100.00%

int ip_route_input_noref(struct sk_buff *skb, __be32 dst, __be32 src, u8 tos, struct net_device *devin);
static inline int ip_route_input(struct sk_buff *skb, __be32 dst, __be32 src, u8 tos, struct net_device *devin) { int err; rcu_read_lock(); err = ip_route_input_noref(skb, dst, src, tos, devin); if (!err) skb_dst_force(skb); rcu_read_unlock(); return err; }


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void ipv4_update_pmtu(struct sk_buff *skb, struct net *net, u32 mtu, int oif, u32 mark, u8 protocol, int flow_flags); void ipv4_sk_update_pmtu(struct sk_buff *skb, struct sock *sk, u32 mtu); void ipv4_redirect(struct sk_buff *skb, struct net *net, int oif, u32 mark, u8 protocol, int flow_flags); void ipv4_sk_redirect(struct sk_buff *skb, struct sock *sk); void ip_rt_send_redirect(struct sk_buff *skb); unsigned int inet_addr_type(struct net *net, __be32 addr); unsigned int inet_addr_type_table(struct net *net, __be32 addr, u32 tb_id); unsigned int inet_dev_addr_type(struct net *net, const struct net_device *dev, __be32 addr); unsigned int inet_addr_type_dev_table(struct net *net, const struct net_device *dev, __be32 addr); void ip_rt_multicast_event(struct in_device *); int ip_rt_ioctl(struct net *, unsigned int cmd, void __user *arg); void ip_rt_get_source(u8 *src, struct sk_buff *skb, struct rtable *rt); struct rtable *rt_dst_alloc(struct net_device *dev, unsigned int flags, u16 type, bool nopolicy, bool noxfrm, bool will_cache); struct in_ifaddr; void fib_add_ifaddr(struct in_ifaddr *); void fib_del_ifaddr(struct in_ifaddr *, struct in_ifaddr *);
static inline void ip_rt_put(struct rtable *rt) { /* dst_release() accepts a NULL parameter. * We rely on dst being first structure in struct rtable */ BUILD_BUG_ON(offsetof(struct rtable, dst) != 0); dst_release(&rt->dst); }


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Eric Dumazet1441.18%125.00%

#define IPTOS_RT_MASK (IPTOS_TOS_MASK & ~3) extern const __u8 ip_tos2prio[16];
static inline char rt_tos2priority(u8 tos) { return ip_tos2prio[IPTOS_TOS(tos)>>1]; }


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/* ip_route_connect() and ip_route_newports() work in tandem whilst * binding a socket for a new outgoing connection. * * In order to use IPSEC properly, we must, in the end, have a * route that was looked up using all available keys including source * and destination ports. * * However, if a source port needs to be allocated (the user specified * a wildcard source port) we need to obtain addressing information * in order to perform that allocation. * * So ip_route_connect() looks up a route using wildcarded source and * destination ports in the key, simply so that we can get a pair of * addresses to use for port allocation. * * Later, once the ports are allocated, ip_route_newports() will make * another route lookup if needed to make sure we catch any IPSEC * rules keyed on the port information. * * The callers allocate the flow key on their stack, and must pass in * the same flowi4 object to both the ip_route_connect() and the * ip_route_newports() calls. */
static inline void ip_route_connect_init(struct flowi4 *fl4, __be32 dst, __be32 src, u32 tos, int oif, u8 protocol, __be16 sport, __be16 dport, struct sock *sk) { __u8 flow_flags = 0; if (inet_sk(sk)->transparent) flow_flags |= FLOWI_FLAG_ANYSRC; flowi4_init_output(fl4, oif, sk->sk_mark, tos, RT_SCOPE_UNIVERSE, protocol, flow_flags, dst, src, dport, sport, sk->sk_uid); }


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Al Viro44.60%214.29%

static inline struct rtable *ip_route_connect(struct flowi4 *fl4, __be32 dst, __be32 src, u32 tos, int oif, u8 protocol, __be16 sport, __be16 dport, struct sock *sk) { struct net *net = sock_net(sk); struct rtable *rt; ip_route_connect_init(fl4, dst, src, tos, oif, protocol, sport, dport, sk); if (!dst || !src) { rt = __ip_route_output_key(net, fl4); if (IS_ERR(rt)) return rt; ip_rt_put(rt); flowi4_update_output(fl4, oif, tos, fl4->daddr, fl4->saddr); } security_sk_classify_flow(sk, flowi4_to_flowi(fl4)); return ip_route_output_flow(net, fl4, sk); }


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Venkat Yekkirala64.08%17.69%
Denis V. Lunev42.72%323.08%

static inline struct rtable *ip_route_newports(struct flowi4 *fl4, struct rtable *rt, __be16 orig_sport, __be16 orig_dport, __be16 sport, __be16 dport, struct sock *sk) { if (sport != orig_sport || dport != orig_dport) { fl4->fl4_dport = dport; fl4->fl4_sport = sport; ip_rt_put(rt); flowi4_update_output(fl4, sk->sk_bound_dev_if, RT_CONN_FLAGS(sk), fl4->daddr, fl4->saddr); security_sk_classify_flow(sk, flowi4_to_flowi(fl4)); return ip_route_output_flow(sock_net(sk), fl4, sk); } return rt; }


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Ulrich Weber10.88%16.25%

static inline int inet_iif(const struct sk_buff *skb) { struct rtable *rt = skb_rtable(skb); if (rt && rt->rt_iif) return rt->rt_iif; return skb->skb_iif; }


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static inline int ip4_dst_hoplimit(const struct dst_entry *dst) { int hoplimit = dst_metric_raw(dst, RTAX_HOPLIMIT); struct net *net = dev_net(dst->dev); if (hoplimit == 0) hoplimit = net->ipv4.sysctl_ip_default_ttl; return hoplimit; }


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#endif /* _ROUTE_H */

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