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Release 4.12 include/net/x25.h

Directory: include/net
 *      Declarations of X.25 Packet Layer type objects.
 *      History
 *      nov/17/96       Jonathan Naylor   Initial version.              
 *      mar/20/00       Daniela Squassoni Disabling/enabling of facilities 
 *                                        negotiation.

#ifndef _X25_H

#define _X25_H 
#include <linux/x25.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <net/sock.h>

#define	X25_ADDR_LEN			16

#define	X25_MAX_L2_LEN			18	
/* 802.2 LLC */

#define	X25_STD_MIN_LEN			3

#define	X25_EXT_MIN_LEN			4

#define	X25_GFI_SEQ_MASK		0x30

#define	X25_GFI_STDSEQ			0x10

#define	X25_GFI_EXTSEQ			0x20

#define	X25_Q_BIT			0x80

#define	X25_D_BIT			0x40

#define	X25_STD_M_BIT			0x10

#define	X25_EXT_M_BIT			0x01

#define	X25_CALL_REQUEST		0x0B

#define	X25_CALL_ACCEPTED		0x0F

#define	X25_CLEAR_REQUEST		0x13

#define	X25_CLEAR_CONFIRMATION		0x17

#define	X25_DATA			0x00

#define	X25_INTERRUPT			0x23


#define	X25_RR				0x01

#define	X25_RNR				0x05

#define	X25_REJ				0x09

#define	X25_RESET_REQUEST		0x1B






#define	X25_DIAGNOSTIC			0xF1

#define	X25_ILLEGAL			0xFD

/* Define the various conditions that may exist */

#define	X25_COND_ACK_PENDING	0x01

#define	X25_COND_OWN_RX_BUSY	0x02

#define	X25_COND_PEER_RX_BUSY	0x04

/* Define Link State constants. */
enum {
X25_STATE_0,		/* Ready */
X25_STATE_1,		/* Awaiting Call Accepted */
X25_STATE_2,		/* Awaiting Clear Confirmation */
X25_STATE_3,		/* Data Transfer */
X25_STATE_4		/* Awaiting Reset Confirmation */

enum {

#define X25_DEFAULT_T20		(180 * HZ)		
/* Default T20 value */

#define X25_DEFAULT_T21		(200 * HZ)		
/* Default T21 value */

#define X25_DEFAULT_T22		(180 * HZ)		
/* Default T22 value */

#define	X25_DEFAULT_T23		(180 * HZ)		
/* Default T23 value */

#define	X25_DEFAULT_T2		(3   * HZ)		
/* Default ack holdback value */

#define	X25_DEFAULT_WINDOW_SIZE	2			
/* Default Window Size  */

#define	X25_DEFAULT_PACKET_SIZE	X25_PS128		
/* Default Packet Size */

#define	X25_DEFAULT_THROUGHPUT	0x0A			
/* Deafult Throughput */

#define	X25_DEFAULT_REVERSE	0x00			
/* Default Reverse Charging */

#define X25_SMODULUS 		8

#define	X25_EMODULUS		128

 *      X.25 Facilities constants.

#define	X25_FAC_CLASS_MASK	0xC0

#define	X25_FAC_CLASS_A		0x00

#define	X25_FAC_CLASS_B		0x40

#define	X25_FAC_CLASS_C		0x80

#define	X25_FAC_CLASS_D		0xC0

#define	X25_FAC_REVERSE		0x01			
/* also fast select */

#define	X25_FAC_THROUGHPUT	0x02

#define	X25_FAC_PACKET_SIZE	0x42

#define	X25_FAC_WINDOW_SIZE	0x43

#define X25_MAX_FAC_LEN 	60

#define	X25_MAX_CUD_LEN		128

#define X25_FAC_CALLING_AE 	0xCB

#define X25_FAC_CALLED_AE 	0xC9

#define X25_MARKER 		0x00

#define X25_DTE_SERVICES 	0x0F

#define X25_MAX_AE_LEN 		40			
/* Max num of semi-octets in AE - OSI Nw */

#define X25_MAX_DTE_FACIL_LEN	21			
/* Max length of DTE facility params */

/* Bitset in x25_sock->flags for misc flags */

#define X25_Q_BIT_FLAG		0

#define X25_INTERRUPT_FLAG	1

#define X25_ACCPT_APPRV_FLAG	2

 *      struct x25_route - x25 routing entry
 *      @node - entry in x25_list_lock
 *      @address - Start of address range
 *      @sigdigits - Number of sig digits
 *      @dev - More than one for MLP
 *      @refcnt - reference counter

struct x25_route {
struct list_head	node;		
struct x25_address	address;
unsigned int		sigdigits;
struct net_device	*dev;
atomic_t		refcnt;

struct x25_neigh {
struct list_head	node;
struct net_device	*dev;
unsigned int		state;
unsigned int		extended;
struct sk_buff_head	queue;
unsigned long		t20;
struct timer_list	t20timer;
unsigned long		global_facil_mask;
atomic_t		refcnt;

struct x25_sock {
struct sock		sk;

struct x25_address	source_addr, dest_addr;
struct x25_neigh	*neighbour;

unsigned int		lci, cudmatchlength;

unsigned char		state, condition;

unsigned short		vs, vr, va, vl;

unsigned long		t2, t21, t22, t23;
unsigned short		fraglen;
unsigned long		flags;
struct sk_buff_head	ack_queue;
struct sk_buff_head	fragment_queue;
struct sk_buff_head	interrupt_in_queue;
struct sk_buff_head	interrupt_out_queue;
struct timer_list	timer;
struct x25_causediag	causediag;
struct x25_facilities	facilities;
struct x25_dte_facilities dte_facilities;
struct x25_calluserdata	calluserdata;
unsigned long 		vc_facil_mask;	/* inc_call facilities mask */

struct x25_forward {
struct list_head	node;
unsigned int		lci;
struct net_device	*dev1;
struct net_device	*dev2;
atomic_t		refcnt;

static inline struct x25_sock *x25_sk(const struct sock *sk) { return (struct x25_sock *)sk; }


Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo2086.96%150.00%
David S. Miller313.04%150.00%

/* af_x25.c */ extern int sysctl_x25_restart_request_timeout; extern int sysctl_x25_call_request_timeout; extern int sysctl_x25_reset_request_timeout; extern int sysctl_x25_clear_request_timeout; extern int sysctl_x25_ack_holdback_timeout; extern int sysctl_x25_forward; int x25_parse_address_block(struct sk_buff *skb, struct x25_address *called_addr, struct x25_address *calling_addr); int x25_addr_ntoa(unsigned char *, struct x25_address *, struct x25_address *); int x25_addr_aton(unsigned char *, struct x25_address *, struct x25_address *); struct sock *x25_find_socket(unsigned int, struct x25_neigh *); void x25_destroy_socket_from_timer(struct sock *); int x25_rx_call_request(struct sk_buff *, struct x25_neigh *, unsigned int); void x25_kill_by_neigh(struct x25_neigh *); /* x25_dev.c */ void x25_send_frame(struct sk_buff *, struct x25_neigh *); int x25_lapb_receive_frame(struct sk_buff *, struct net_device *, struct packet_type *, struct net_device *); void x25_establish_link(struct x25_neigh *); void x25_terminate_link(struct x25_neigh *); /* x25_facilities.c */ int x25_parse_facilities(struct sk_buff *, struct x25_facilities *, struct x25_dte_facilities *, unsigned long *); int x25_create_facilities(unsigned char *, struct x25_facilities *, struct x25_dte_facilities *, unsigned long); int x25_negotiate_facilities(struct sk_buff *, struct sock *, struct x25_facilities *, struct x25_dte_facilities *); void x25_limit_facilities(struct x25_facilities *, struct x25_neigh *); /* x25_forward.c */ void x25_clear_forward_by_lci(unsigned int lci); void x25_clear_forward_by_dev(struct net_device *); int x25_forward_data(int, struct x25_neigh *, struct sk_buff *); int x25_forward_call(struct x25_address *, struct x25_neigh *, struct sk_buff *, int); /* x25_in.c */ int x25_process_rx_frame(struct sock *, struct sk_buff *); int x25_backlog_rcv(struct sock *, struct sk_buff *); /* x25_link.c */ void x25_link_control(struct sk_buff *, struct x25_neigh *, unsigned short); void x25_link_device_up(struct net_device *); void x25_link_device_down(struct net_device *); void x25_link_established(struct x25_neigh *); void x25_link_terminated(struct x25_neigh *); void x25_transmit_clear_request(struct x25_neigh *, unsigned int, unsigned char); void x25_transmit_link(struct sk_buff *, struct x25_neigh *); int x25_subscr_ioctl(unsigned int, void __user *); struct x25_neigh *x25_get_neigh(struct net_device *); void x25_link_free(void); /* x25_neigh.c */
static __inline__ void x25_neigh_hold(struct x25_neigh *nb) { atomic_inc(&nb->refcnt); }


Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo20100.00%1100.00%

static __inline__ void x25_neigh_put(struct x25_neigh *nb) { if (atomic_dec_and_test(&nb->refcnt)) kfree(nb); }


Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo27100.00%1100.00%

/* x25_out.c */ int x25_output(struct sock *, struct sk_buff *); void x25_kick(struct sock *); void x25_enquiry_response(struct sock *); /* x25_route.c */ struct x25_route *x25_get_route(struct x25_address *addr); struct net_device *x25_dev_get(char *); void x25_route_device_down(struct net_device *dev); int x25_route_ioctl(unsigned int, void __user *); void x25_route_free(void);
static __inline__ void x25_route_hold(struct x25_route *rt) { atomic_inc(&rt->refcnt); }


Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo20100.00%1100.00%

static __inline__ void x25_route_put(struct x25_route *rt) { if (atomic_dec_and_test(&rt->refcnt)) kfree(rt); }


Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo27100.00%1100.00%

/* x25_subr.c */ void x25_clear_queues(struct sock *); void x25_frames_acked(struct sock *, unsigned short); void x25_requeue_frames(struct sock *); int x25_validate_nr(struct sock *, unsigned short); void x25_write_internal(struct sock *, int); int x25_decode(struct sock *, struct sk_buff *, int *, int *, int *, int *, int *); void x25_disconnect(struct sock *, int, unsigned char, unsigned char); /* x25_timer.c */ void x25_init_timers(struct sock *sk); void x25_start_heartbeat(struct sock *); void x25_start_t2timer(struct sock *); void x25_start_t21timer(struct sock *); void x25_start_t22timer(struct sock *); void x25_start_t23timer(struct sock *); void x25_stop_heartbeat(struct sock *); void x25_stop_timer(struct sock *); unsigned long x25_display_timer(struct sock *); void x25_check_rbuf(struct sock *); /* sysctl_net_x25.c */ #ifdef CONFIG_SYSCTL int x25_register_sysctl(void); void x25_unregister_sysctl(void); #else
static inline int x25_register_sysctl(void) { return 0; }


Lin Zhang650.00%150.00%
Andrew Hendry650.00%150.00%

static inline void x25_unregister_sysctl(void) {}


Andrew Hendry8100.00%1100.00%

; #endif /* CONFIG_SYSCTL */ struct x25_skb_cb { unsigned int flags; }; #define X25_SKB_CB(s) ((struct x25_skb_cb *) ((s)->cb)) extern struct hlist_head x25_list; extern rwlock_t x25_list_lock; extern struct list_head x25_route_list; extern rwlock_t x25_route_list_lock; extern struct list_head x25_forward_list; extern rwlock_t x25_forward_list_lock; extern struct list_head x25_neigh_list; extern rwlock_t x25_neigh_list_lock; int x25_proc_init(void); void x25_proc_exit(void); #endif

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