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Release 4.12 include/scsi/osd_sec.h

Directory: include/scsi
 * osd_sec.h - OSD security manager API
 * Copyright (C) 2008 Panasas Inc.  All rights reserved.
 * Authors:
 *   Boaz Harrosh <>
 *   Benny Halevy <>
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
#ifndef __OSD_SEC_H__

#define __OSD_SEC_H__

#include <scsi/osd_protocol.h>
#include <scsi/osd_types.h>

 * Contains types and constants of osd capabilities and security
 * encoding/decoding.
 * API is trying to keep security abstract so initiator of an object
 * based pNFS client knows as little as possible about security and
 * capabilities. It is the Server's osd-initiator place to know more.
 * Also can be used by osd-target.
void osd_sec_encode_caps(void *caps, ...);/* NI */
void osd_sec_init_nosec_doall_caps(void *caps,
	const struct osd_obj_id *obj, bool is_collection, const bool is_v1);

bool osd_is_sec_alldata(struct osd_security_parameters *sec_params);

/* Conditionally sign the CDB according to security setting in ocdb
 * with cap_key */
void osd_sec_sign_cdb(struct osd_cdb *ocdb, const u8 *cap_key);

/* Unconditionally sign the BIO data with cap_key.
 * Check for osd_is_sec_alldata() was done prior to calling this. */
void osd_sec_sign_data(void *data_integ, struct bio *bio, const u8 *cap_key);

/* Version independent copy of caps into the cdb */
void osd_set_caps(struct osd_cdb *cdb, const void *caps);

#endif /* ndef __OSD_SEC_H__ */

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David Howells21.87%133.33%
Directory: include/scsi
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