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Release 4.12 include/scsi/scsi_devinfo.h

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 * Flags for SCSI devices that need special treatment

#define BLIST_NOLUN     	0x001	
/* Only scan LUN 0 */

#define BLIST_FORCELUN  	0x002	
/* Known to have LUNs, force scanning,
                                           deprecated: Use max_luns=N */

#define BLIST_BORKEN    	0x004	
/* Flag for broken handshaking */

#define BLIST_KEY       	0x008	
/* unlock by special command */

#define BLIST_SINGLELUN 	0x010	
/* Do not use LUNs in parallel */

#define BLIST_NOTQ		0x020	
/* Buggy Tagged Command Queuing */

#define BLIST_SPARSELUN 	0x040	
/* Non consecutive LUN numbering */

#define BLIST_MAX5LUN		0x080	
/* Avoid LUNS >= 5 */

#define BLIST_ISROM     	0x100	
/* Treat as (removable) CD-ROM */

#define BLIST_LARGELUN		0x200	
/* LUNs past 7 on a SCSI-2 device */

#define BLIST_INQUIRY_36	0x400	
/* override additional length field */

#define BLIST_INQUIRY_58	0x800	
/* ... for broken inquiry responses */

#define BLIST_NOSTARTONADD	0x1000	
/* do not do automatic start on add */

#define BLIST_MS_SKIP_PAGE_08	0x2000	
/* do not send ms page 0x08 */

#define BLIST_MS_SKIP_PAGE_3F	0x4000	
/* do not send ms page 0x3f */

#define BLIST_USE_10_BYTE_MS	0x8000	
/* use 10 byte ms before 6 byte ms */

#define BLIST_MS_192_BYTES_FOR_3F	0x10000	
/*  192 byte ms page 0x3f request */

#define BLIST_REPORTLUN2	0x20000	
/* try REPORT_LUNS even for SCSI-2 devs
                                           (if HBA supports more than 8 LUNs) */

#define BLIST_NOREPORTLUN	0x40000	
/* don't try REPORT_LUNS scan (SCSI-3 devs) */

#define BLIST_NOT_LOCKABLE	0x80000	
/* don't use PREVENT-ALLOW commands */

#define BLIST_NO_ULD_ATTACH	0x100000 
/* device is actually for RAID config */

#define BLIST_SELECT_NO_ATN	0x200000 
/* select without ATN */

#define BLIST_RETRY_HWERROR	0x400000 
/* retry HARDWARE_ERROR */

#define BLIST_MAX_512		0x800000 
/* maximum 512 sector cdb length */

#define BLIST_ATTACH_PQ3	0x1000000 
/* Scan: Attach to PQ3 devices */

#define BLIST_NO_DIF		0x2000000 
/* Disable T10 PI (DIF) */

#define BLIST_SKIP_VPD_PAGES	0x4000000 
/* Ignore SBC-3 VPD pages */

#define BLIST_SCSI3LUN		0x8000000 
/* Scan more than 256 LUNs
                                             for sequential scan */

#define BLIST_TRY_VPD_PAGES	0x10000000 
/* Attempt to read VPD pages */

#define BLIST_NO_RSOC		0x20000000 
/* don't try to issue RSOC */

#define BLIST_MAX_1024		0x40000000 
/* maximum 1024 sector cdb length */

#define BLIST_SYNC_ALUA		0x80000000 
/* Synchronous ALUA commands */


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